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Gardens of the Moon (Malazan Book of the Fallen, #1)
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Malazan > GotM: Book Six - The City of Blue Fire

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Scott (thekeeblertree) | 1049 comments Ohhh snap! Revolution, bitches! Man, the scene with Dujek, Whiskeyjack and Paran has me all sorts of excited. Was really hoping they would get this shit going, now they just need Crokus, Kruppe, etc and we'll have the alliance of awesome!

So, not totally finished with this section but it appears that maybe Cotillion has found a new host in Rallick. That would be one hell of a development.

Empress and Lorn are in for some nasty surprises!

Very interested to see what ends up happening with Sorry (can't think of her new name)

Scott (thekeeblertree) | 1049 comments Screw the Empress indeed. Rake's the man

message 3: by Sky (last edited Feb 28, 2015 11:20PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sky | 1291 comments More good stuff! So now it looks like Kruppe's the Eel?

I am starting to read faster now, so I think I missed some stuff :| I was wondering why Rallick's wound was healed, but I chalked it up to Baruk's magic rust dust. Scott, was there a clue there that it was Cotillion that interceded? Also, the rust dust changes a man...what will Rallick become?

So looks like a storm is brewing with Pannion Seer to the South? I caught one or two references to him earlier in the book, one from I think Circle Breaker, but it confuses me how he may know about it.

I think I am #teamanomander now. Even Dujek's plans to take Darujhistan are not selfless.

Scott (thekeeblertree) | 1049 comments I think I might have been using my jump to conclusions mat but when Rallick was fading to black it said something like "he looked up and saw a pair of eyes" or something to that affect. I'll try and find the exact passage that made me think it.

Scott (thekeeblertree) | 1049 comments Ok yeah it was after he killed Ocelot in the tower. "He thought he could see beady eyes glittering down at him."

Might not be anything but after The Rope was removed from Sorry I figured he'd be looking for a new host and who better than an assassin? At this point I'm not sure if they can pick anyone or if they need to be near the person or that person has to be close to death or what.

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Sky | 1291 comments Ah ok - i took that for the eyes of the bats in the belfry. Yeah, if The Rope were to inhabit Rallick, that'd be one kick-ass assassin!!!

Scott (thekeeblertree) | 1049 comments That's probably more likely. This book makes me want to make assumptions and theories out of everything lol

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Sky | 1291 comments Totally!

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Kat | 1177 comments I got no drift of Cotilion posessing Rallick at all. When he posessed Sorry we knew the entire time for certain that she wasn't normal. But Rallick still behaves like Rallick (apart from the healing bit, which I thought was due to the powder).

and yeah, like I said all along, Rake rocks my little cotton socks.

I sort of don't like Lorn. Her musing over being attracted to Paran and what might have come of it threw me off a bit as well. When did she come up with that one? I didn't notice any romancy stuff between them at all, ever. At least none from Paran that might have encouraged her into thinking there might have been a chance of romance. Also, given that a whole, long scene in Pale was dedicated to Lorn giving up on her personal feelings (of hate towards Tattersail), and concentrating on only being Lasseen's tool, that whole "oh, Paran's cute, I wonder what would have happened" was a bit... out of nowhere. It makes her look like an idiot who is clearly nowhere as much in control as she should, or would like to be.

She's also turned out to be sort of everybody's enemy now. I hope she doesn't end up crying. That would be awkward.

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