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Please follow the rules:

-This is NOT role-play!
-Avoid sexuality scenes!
-Write it so that anyone can join in!
-Write from third person view (No 'I')
-Do not write scenes on purpose to offend anyone or any character.
-Be respectful.
-It can be as long as you want.
-If a story is left unfinished as well as abandoned and no one is posting for more than 3 weeks, the mods will delete it.

Have fun, and, also one important thing:
ANYBODY CAN CREATE A NEW TOPIC FOR A STORY! Only post new topics in 'StoryLines' folder. Please do not post new topics in any other folder except when approved by a mod.

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Sure. What part does he not get?

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Technically what u r doing is rp, steph

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It is just a story. Like a book. It can be about anything relative to Camp Half Blood.

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