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Leena (leena23) Bell woke up early, the light that tried to filter through the curtains at her window made her wince a tiny bit. She hadn't covered them all the way the night before, and the window was fairly close to her bed. The radio had awoken her though, not the light, she looked over at the clock, 7:30. Plenty of time to get up and get things done before work. She had to be there by 9, she listened to the radio announcer describe the weather for the day. It wouldn't be too bad, she would probably go with a long sleeve, skirt, leggings, and some comfy boots. She sat up and turned the radio off, scooted out of bed and wandered over to her small dresser, she put on her iPod instead, it was sitting in her iHome. Bastille blasted throughout the small studio, Bell swung her hips in rhythm with the beat as she pulled out a black, cashmere sweater, a pleated skirt, black leggings, boot cuffs and a pair of suede, black, boots. She took her things and made her way down the spiral, iron wrought, staircase, she disappeared into her bathroom so that she could take a quick shower. The shower didn't take long, she dried off and got to work at getting dressed. All in all it took about 15 minutes, but then she took another 15 minutes on her dark hair, drying it and then braiding it, letting it lay on her left shoulder. She switched off the light, left her dirty pjs and towel on the floor, and went back up the stairs to her loft like bedroom. She pulled the paisley sheets up on her bed, and then the worn, light blue, quilt. The bedding was a stark contrast to herself, or so she was told often. But the sheet set and quilt had been given to her by her grandmother, so they held a special place in her heart, she refused to get rid of them. Sure she would switch out the sheets, but she hardly ever switched out the blanket unless it was in the wash. Her kitten Styx meowed at her feet as she finished up making the bed, Bell bent over and picked up the ball of fur, Styx was so tiny and cute. "Hey girl," She cooed to the kitten, her eyes searched for Toby, her ancient cat. He was hiding somewhere, Bell made her way back downstairs and readied two bowls with catfood, and made sure there was still plenty of water out for them as well. "Okay, I have to get to work, see you later," She told Styx before kissing the top of her head and setting her down by the food bowls. She grabbed her house keys and then grabbed her bag. She slipped it on over her shoulder, laying it across her chest. Bell didn't own a car, she lived in New York after all, the mass transit was far faster, as well as cheaper. Bell locked up, went down the many stairs to the ground floor, exited the building and headed to the subway that would take her to work.

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Fleur laughed softly as they walked up to the door of the building, "I've survived because I'm a nice person. People like it when you're a sweet, kind little lady. They just like you. And plus, I have you as my enforcer. So everyone knows to not mess with me." Fleur explained, narrowing her eyes at the end to try and seem like she was some sort of mob boss, totally a fake look for her. The pizza box was starting to feel awkward in her arms, so as she walked up the quiet staircase to Bells place, she rose a brow and looked at Bell in disbelief. "What? No he's not. He's a really tough guy, he's not at my neck and call, Bell." She said, thinking that she was correct. She didn't even realize how much Ibrahim was already excited about her. Sure, he wanted to date her, but how could she have a man like him wrapped around her finger. He was too independent, too, well, Fleur just really, really liked him. And she wished that she would have him at her neck and call, it was the goal, hopefully he would like her that much.

Bell wondered what fantasy world her friend was really living in, Abe was sooooo wrapped around her finger, whether she realized it or not. Sure he was dangerous, sure she didn't approve, but it still made her happy to know that Fleur could do that to a man like him. They finally ended up on her floor and she fumbled with the keys, 30 seconds later they were in the flat and Styx was meowing like a banshee and going between their legs, of course the kitten was so cute how could one fault him for the noise? Bell put her things down on the counter and then ran a quick hand over Styx before glancing around for Toby, the old guy hadn't been out in two days, she wondered how long he would hibernate. "Fleur here," Bell offered, she took the pizza box and slipped it into her fridge, at the same time she pulled out a sprite for Fleur and a grape Fanta for herself. She couldn't have caffeine, that didn't mean she couldn't have pop. "So," Bell cracked open the can and pushed the tab to the side, "I have some stuff to tell you..." Bell actually felt nervous, she sat down on the red couch to keep herself from pacing.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur grinned as they walked into the apartment. It was cozy in there, even if the decorating didn't make it hat way. She liked that the kitten was at their feet the second they walked into the door. She bent down, even when she had the pizza still on her hands. She scratched against Styx's ears, the cat started to purr and Fleur grinned down at her "You're the cutest little thing, aren't you!?" She chirped, feeling perky. "Where's the scary one?" Fleur asked. She let Bell take the pizza box away from her, then stood up and stretched a little bit. Fleur pulled off her jacket and tossed it in her usual spot, along with her small purse. Fleur slipped her shoes off by the door, dashing around the flat to meet Bell in the kitchen. She took the soda and unscrewed the cap of it, taking a swig from the soda and licking her lips afterward. Then Bell looked nervous and worried, like something was bothering, so Fleurs brows wrinkled together "What is it?" She asked, standing close to her.

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Leena (leena23) "The scary one is MIA, Toby has been out of the loop a couple of days.." Bell was properly distracted by the mention of her 15 year old cat, she really wished she knew where he was. Bell tried to focus though, she had a bunch to tell Fleur and not a lot of time to tell it, so she might have to skip a few things. The charm making would take a lot of energy and time. "Okay," She looked Fleur in the eye, not wanting to lose her nerve, her head was tilted up so that she could look up at Fleur from her perch on the couch. "You know how I get these intuitive feelings and warnings sometimes? And how I sometimes dabble in some more darker things?" Bell chewed her lip a moment before proceeding, "I'm a witch Fleur. And I haven't told you before because I'm really not supposed to talk about it with outsiders, plus I didn't want to freak you out. I come from a long line of witches, like an ancient line dating all the way back to the middle ages." Bell had hurried through the last part so that Fleur couldn't interrupt her, "My grandmother was a witch, so is my mom, although she doesn't practice anything. My siblings didn't get the genes, so they have no clue about any of this, and you can't tell anyone Fleur. You have to swear to secrecy, it could put me in danger, as well as yourself." Bell took a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart as she kept her gaze on Fleur, Styx was winding himself around Fleur's legs and purring. "The cats, the cats give me warning of evil, or danger nearby, its part of the reason I have them, that and well ... I love cats."

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur flounced after her friend into the living room. She draped herself down on the couch, sipping her soda every now and then. She looked at bell as the poor thing tried to explain something to her, something that made her very uncomfortable. Fleur gave her a sympathetic look, trying to make sure that she felt comfortable, but she couldn't help the drop of her jaw when Bell admitted to being nothing other than a witch. "A witch?!" She asked once she finished, her eyebrows were sky high and she looked like she was in awe. "Oh my god, Bell!! Why didn't you tell me sooner??? This makes so much sense!!! It explains like, everything!" She said in an exasperated tone. Fleur stood up and hugged her friend. Obviously Fleur didn't care, she was supernatural herself. Which, she supposed it was time to admit to. Fleurs face grew dark as she looked at Bell. "I should tell you something too, I'm not exactly a regular human Bell. I, well," she stumbled on her words, trying to find out how to say it "I talk to Angels. An angel hunter. I can make them listen to me, and they help me with things. I'm not crazy, I swear to god it's real." She said in a nervous tone, nibbling on her bottom lip and waiting for Bell to respond.

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Leena (leena23) Bell rose a brow, Fleur took it much better than she could have ever expected. She was glad for her friends understanding though, because if Fleur had turned irrational and angry then Bell would of been heart broken to say the least. Her friend came over and hugged her, leaning some physical comfort as well as emotional, she laughed softly as she said it all made sense. But the the unexpected happened, Fleur divulged her big secret about being an Angel Hunter, and she seemed even more worried and anxious than Bell had been over here. Bell smiled gently at Fleur and hugged her once in return, "Oh friend. I've known about you for a bit now, but figured you needed to tell me in your own time and way. I wasn't about to push you about the whole thing. I accept you for who you are and what you do," Bell grinned, "I guess we've both come clean now. Want to put some water on? We can share, dare I say, tea?" Bells nose scrunched up with distaste. "I can't have caffeine if I'm going to use magic, so non-caffeinated for me please..." Bell stood and went towards a chest near the stairs. "I'm making you a protection charm, it will help with any outside influence, like compulsion and such, it should also give a shock to anyone that harms you." Bell had half her body in the trunk as she spoke to Fleur.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur let her lip pop out from in between her teeth. She looked up at Bell with nervousness in her eyes, watching her friends reaction. But Bell didn't look upset in the least, she actually looked understanding, like something had just dawned on her. Fleur felt arms wrap around her and started to grin, but she gasped softly as soon as Bell told her that she had already known about her speaking to Angels "You knew?? Oh my god, Bell, you're the best." She said, hugging her friend back tightly. She was about to bring up the witch thing again, she wanted to know more. She'd always known that witches existed, but she's never known too much more than just their existence. Her eyes widened "You want to have tea with me?? Yes. Yes we can make tea." She said, practically running away from the couch and going to the kitchen. She picked up the kettle and filled it with water from the tap, then placed it on the stove and turned on the burner. "A protection charm?? Wow, okay, I'll definitely wear it. Can you make it pretty though? No twigs." She said in a teasing tone, peeking over at bell. She was buried half in a huge trunk, and Fleur couldn't help but walk over and peek inside "Do you have any shrunken heads in there?" She asked, wiggling her eyes brows.

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Leena (leena23) Bell pulled out a crystal, some earth elements, a bit of witch hazel and some jasmine, as well as a tiny cross pendant that was silver on a tiny silver chain. "Twigs? I usually only use those for much-" she groaned, "you're teasing right?" Bells lips twitched when Fleur asked about shrunken heads, she was holding back laughter. The misconceptions people had about witches, she shook her head trying not to grin at Fleur. "I have many things, no voo doo heads though, I'm afraid you'll have to go to New Orleans for that sort of thing," she finally stood up with arms full, she nudged the trunk closed with her hip before going over to the old, little table in the corner of her kitchen. There was already a granite bowl there, looking all decorative, but really it was for her spells and such. "I'm going I charm this," she held the necklace up for Fleurs inspection, "it won't be too obvious and it's still a little fashionable, right?" Bell wasn't sure, maybe Fleur would hate it. She gave it to Fleur to look over , then grabbed a mortar from the counter and began grinding the jasmine petals, already she was putting pure focus into the spell. She would be useless by midnight, after the charm was complete. Spells took a lot of focus and energy, they also depleted her blood sugar, which was one of the reasons she had so much junk food in the house. She would definitely have a high sugared coffee by the end of it all.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur giggled at Bell, who seemed to worry that she was serious at first. She put on her best pout when denied the chance to see a shrunken head "Awww, I wanted to see one.." She joked. In reality, Fleur would scream, maybe even cry, of she ever encountered something like a shrunken head. Definitely not her thing. She scampered out to the kitchen when she heard the kettle start to scream, she flipped off the burner and the screaming halted, turning into a low, warm rumbling at the bottom of the object. Fleur peeked back to Bell when she held up a small cross necklace, a silver one. Fleur shrugged "You can use that, it's okay. Or you could use this one," Fleur commented, moving her hair away from her neck and un- clasping the gold chain that laid against her tan skin "I wear it everyday anyway, why not have it be protecting me, too?" She offered. She walked to Fleur and held the necklace out to her, it was simple. A gold chain with a very small pendant dangling off of it. The pendant was gold as well, and shaped like a pair of Angels wings. Fleur had gotten it from her grandmother when she was younger, and though the two didn't see eye to eye on much, Fleur was attached to the piece of jewelery. ( http://www.e-cottage.com/wp-content/u... )

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Leena (leena23) Bell glanced over at the piece that Fleur was holding up, only half paying attention really because her energy and focus was on the task at hand. The necklace was beautiful, "That'll do," She agreed with a nod of her head. Bell returned to her work, engrossed in every single detail, sweat already started forming a fine sheen against her skin. It was funny, when she was small she fully believed that spells were like that of the movies, simple, and easy. It wasn't so though, sure she could have some things ready, like fire pouches, or invisiblity(which only worked if the people around you didn't know you were there) pouches, and they could be used with some words and throwing them, but the preparing them was still a lot of work. Each and every spell, every inch of magic she used, took a toll, it was never free, ever. Bell was halfway done when she looked up at the clock, an hour and a half had passed already, she threw an apologetic look to Fleur. (Do you wanna skip to the next morning?)

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The morning sun poured through the large windows, tickling across Fleurs face. She had fallen asleep on the couch, her laying opened next to her head. She and Bell had fallen asleep in the early morning, reading and eating junk food. She was rudely awoken, though, by that very sunlight. Luckily, Fleur was very much a morning person. As soon as her eyes flicked open, she let out a light and sleepy yawn, stretching her long limbs on the couch and squeezing her eyes shut for just a moment. She sat up on the couch, stuffing a tissue into her book to mark the page before it fell softly closed on the coffee table, among a bunch of discarded coffee cups and Jasmine leaves. Fleur was already wearing her protection charm around her neck, the clasp done up so it wouldn't fall off. She didn't feel any different with it on, but as her fingers brushed over it, she remembered its purpose. This morning. Coffee. With Ibrahim. Fleur stood up quickly, looking down at herself in her pajamas. She was just a mess. "Bell!! Wake up!" She called, stretching her legs as she bounded into the kitchen.

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Leena (leena23) Bell had spent half the night before doing the spell for the charm, it had been placed on Fleur's personal necklace, which could only amplify its effects. She'd then almost collapsed, she was still a young witch after all and had lost her mentor since her grandmother had died. The coven had offered to give her a new one, but Bell just wasn't ready. Fleur had indulged her with lots of coffee and snack foods that were terrible for their health, once her strength was back they'd stayed up talking, laughing, watching chick flicks, and making rude comments about silly actors. Bell mumbled a string of unmentionable words when she heard Fleur happily chirping from below, it was still far too early. They didn't have work, why oh why were they getting up so early? "People like sleep Fleur," She hollered back, but still she sat up, with messy hair, and swollen eyes, her makeup was smudged as well. "I don't understand why we couldn't have coffee at I don't know, noon?" Bell grumbled her way into waking up, but mostly she still felt like a zombie. Until they got to said coffee shop, well she probably wouldn't be much for company... or she could pop a canister into the Keurig below and have a pick-me-up cup! That thought encouraged Bell to actually put her legs over the side of the bed, she was in a long baseball t-shirt from some ex-boyfriend, and panties. It made for a good sleeping shirt, why not? Bell made her way to her stairs and wound down them half awake.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur looked at Bell with amusement all over her face. Her friend hated mornings, and while Fleur knew that, this morning was much more important than other mornings. This was like the morning. She was so excited to go to the coffee place, to see Abe and hopefully get Bell's approval to see him even more often. She really liked him, and yeah, she'd only talked to him, like, twice. But she felt like they would be good for each other, maybe. She was sure that she was jumping the gun, but that's just how Fleur worked. She got overly excited. "I don't care, Bell. We aren't gonna miss coffee." She called through the loft, moving around the kitchen already. She pulled open the fridge and grabbed an apple, just something she could have as a makeshift breakfast. She never ate that much, anyway. Fleur padded bell on the way to the winding staircase, "Hey where are those clothes you said were still here??" She asked, right before taking a big bite from the apple, tasting the sweet, tangy juices on her tongue.

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Leena (leena23) Bell shot daggers at her friend, though Fleur probably knew it was all for show, Bell waved up toward the loft, "In the wardrobe upstairs, left side, you have half the closet it seems." She rolled her eyes before going to the counter and grabbing a French Vanilla pod from a wicker basket, she popped it into the Keurig and set a mug beneath. Now she had to wait, she put her chin in both her hands and leaned her elbows against the counter as she watched the coffee brew, damn she felt like crap. She really maybe shouldn't stay up and do a spell in the same night, and then get up early? Bell rubbed her eyes for a moment before staring back at the cup, almost there. Bell took the cup into her hands moments later, she brought it up to her lips and sipped on the hot brew before sighing with a contentment of a cat. Speaking of, Toby had pounced onto the counter and was walking her way, swishing his tail. "Hey you, I'd just about given up on you," She murmured before reaching a hand out and rubbing the cat's ears affectionately. Really the only person he let touch him anymore was Bell, poor Fleur had already experienced his claws on more than one occasion. "Hey you wanna pick me something out too?" Bell called up to the loft, hoping that she could be a bit more lazy.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur took a couple bites of the apple before tossing it into the garbage bin beside Bell's bed, she didn't really have enough of an appetite for it. She walked quickly to the armoire and opened up the doors "Yeah I can pick something out for you. Comfy or cute?" She asked, looking at "her side" of the clothing first. Last time she'd seen Ibrahim, she was wearing her purple dress with lacy tights, but today she wasn't really feeling the lace. She thumbed through the clothes, looking for one dress that she hoped was here, until finally she found it "Perfect." She muttered, pulling the dress out of the closet and holding it out to look at. It was a creamy, beige sort of color, meant to fit tightly on her body. There were tiny stripes on it, of white and sparkles, to make it look cute. Fleur grinned at it and tossed it onto the bed, pulling out a light grey suit jacket next. She wanted to wear it over the dress, it would be cute, and kind of a masculine touch to her usual feminine look. Fleur went to the mirror and used Bell's hair brush to brush out her hair, frowning as she played with the strands "Hey Bell do you have a curling iron??" She asked him.

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Leena (leena23) Bell really liked that Toby seemed to understand her, he was currently glaring up at the loft where Fleur was in her happy mood. "That's right, sleeping is better," she agreed with the cat, pretending he understood her. "Oh," she thought about it for a moment, it wasn't like the coffee date was for her right? Still... She wanted Abe to know she meant business. "Never mind in coming up, and yeah it's in the drawer by my bed," she replied as she made her way up the spiral stairs, she went straight to the wardrobe and pulled out a tight, black shirt, tight light brown pants with cargo pockets, they showed off her ass very well so she liked them, and a pair of boots. She pulled out her leather jacket at last second, if it was warm then she'd carry it over her shoulder. She quickly dressed, not caring if Fleur was in the room, she quickly peeked at herself in the mirror. The girl staring back had smudged eyes, messy hair, and a questioning expression. Her body was hugged by clothing that looked like a second skin, hell she could almost imagine she looked like a sexy body guard instead of a witch. "I'm gonna take care of this," she gestured to her face, "then we can go if you're ready?" Bell didn't wait for an answer, she practically ran down the stairs and went straight to the bathroom to get cleaned up and do her bathroom duties. Once she was clean faced, and had her dark hair in a more sexy messy state, she exited. "Ready?" She called out.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur bounced her way over to the nightstand and pulled open the drawer, rummaging around until her hand closed around a curling iron. She walked back to the mirror and plugged it into the wall, hearing it up as she turned around to get dressed. Bell was already dressed, and on her way to the bathroom to get ready. "Yeah okay." She said, pulling off her pajamas and shimmying into the dress. It was tight, but she liked the way it hugged her curves. She went to the curling iron and twirled a couple of pieces of her hair around it. Her hair was naturally curly anyway, but she thought it would be nice to make a couple of curls a little bit more defined than the rest of them. After she fluffed her curls some, Fleur sprayed in a little bit of hairspray, then got to work on her makeup. A little bit of gold eye shadow, a couple swipes of mascara, and she would be ready to go. Fleur jumped a little bit when Bell exited the bathroom "Uhm, almost." She said. Fleur stuffed some things into a clutch and pulled the jacket on over her arms, looking to Belk and nodding "Yeah, I'm ready." She said wth a big grin.

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Leena (leena23) Bell stood near the door while she slipped on her leather jacket, only adding to the dark ensemble she was portraying, it was snug against her body as well. She stuffed some cash into a pocket, not worrying about her bag, and wondered how much Fleur would complain of her chosen outfit. She knew her own mother would have laid into her for it not being 'feminine' enough, but also for being too huggable against her greater assets, she smirked, yeah well she did what she liked. Bell sighed, her head was kind of hurting, and she felt like she'd been run over by a train, but she wasn't about to let Fleur go off onto this venture by herself. "Alright lets go get this over with," Bell muttered before opening the door and heading for the stairs. The long trek down would take them a few minutes before they hit the street floor. The stairs gave her time to think though, "If I sense anything dangerous we're out," She told Fleur in a voice that didn't leave any room for argument. Bell was not going to let her guard down while they were there, and she had every intention of paying attention to every detail once they were in the presence of Mr. Badass. They reached ground level and exited onto the sidewalk, Bell turned left and headed towards 8th street, where the Starbucks was.

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ᵉˡˡᵃ | 92 comments Fleur looked at Bell and cracked a smile "Are you trying to intimidate him with all that black?? You look hot, but still. Kind of like a hot girl going to the funeral of the last man you killed." She said with a sly smile. Fleur herself would never want to look like that, she would rather seem soft and feminine. She wanted to look approachable, like someone that you could go to if you needed help or someone to chat with, that's who Fleur was. Her ballet flats slapped against the pavement once they were outside, headed towards the starbucks "Yeah, yeah. We'll leave if things get dangerous, but they're not going to. Because he's not that much of a threat, and everything is going to be fine. It'll be great." Fleur chirped, she was already convinced. And anything short of great would be devastating to the poor girl. Her purse was slung over her body as it always was, and she peeked over at Bell as they walked together "Right??" She asked in a hopeful voice, smiling cheerily at her.

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