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Scathing One Star Reviews
James  Love James Jan 31, 2015 10:06AM
I'm just wondering how many people believe the scathing one star reviews that appear on this site. Honestly, if the book is so bad I just don't see the point of even finishing it. There have been many books that I have restarted over the years that I have finally finished and have given good reviews on later by giving the author a second or third chance on. Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment is a perfect example five times I tried to read it and finally on the sixth attempt I got completely through it.

If the book is so bad that you would rather pour battery acid in your eyes than read it, why did you finish it?

Matthew (last edited Feb 01, 2015 09:55PM ) Feb 01, 2015 09:51PM   1 vote
Speaking personally, I thought this book was atrocious, and gave it a one star review. But I made a point of finishing it because I wanted to know how it ended and to be able to give it a full and complete assessment. If you don't like a book and can't bring yourself to finish it, in my opinion, you are not entitled to give it an honest review. It's as simple as that.

As for the reason I didn't like it, it was because it was poorly written, horribly contrived, the characters were all entirely one-dimensional, and the good vs. evil theme was laid on so thick that it felt like a bad movie. But worse was the pervasive sense of duty it had - as if the authors were determined to explain the origin of everything in ways that were so obvious it felt like one big exposition rather than a story.

But I think the worst aspect of it, and this goes for all the other Brian Herbert/KJA Dune books I've ever read, was the way it seemed to miss the mark entirely. Frank never elucidated on what the Butlerian entailed, but the hints he gave seemed to suggest the jihad was something complex and nuanced. Not some cliched battle between free humans and evil machines.

The fact that they tried to substitute elements of this horrible trilogy into the ending of the original series was inexcusable, in my opinion. But that's something for another discussion, I think...

I finished this book on the first read, and I did not think it was a one star book. I've read all the original Dune books, Children of Dune, if I remember right, was the worst one of them all.
I read Juhad with Dune history in mind. There are so many threads of Dune history being revealed in this one book that I had a great number of OMG moments. From the Sisterhood, Mentats, the various Houses in the infancy, Spice being discovered, it's all there in this book. As a history of Dune and a primer, it's great. I think I gave it four stars.

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