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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 7 comments Plot 1:
A guy is new at school but no one knows that he's really a body guard for a daughter of famous person. There is a group of people that want to hurt her and her father. But they stay invisible or away until the time is right. They start sending out attacks and the father notices. He hires a bodyguard for his daughter but doesn't know the guard is apart of the group just undercover. The father ends up in the hospital and she starts to slowly reveal she's hiding things she knows that the group wants. The bodyguard is asked to bond with her and try to gain her trust then kill the father and kidnap the girl. Until she runs away learning he's a traitor he goes after her making it turn into a wild goose chase. What will happen? What is the girl hiding, will she survive?

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 7 comments Plot 2:

Betrayed by my friend isn't as painful as being betrayed by my own family. Girl A's father was murdered during a huge family masquerade reunion. Girl A was framed to be the murderer though she knows the truth but no one believes her. She only had one choice but to run she ran away during school before confronted by the police. She realized the people that betrayed her were her cousin's and her uncle. Girl A keeps on running away for a long time her family coming after her. As information comes to her she realizes her family has been a line of assassins. When she meet's Guy A, Girl B, and Guy B. They decide to either to help her or turn her in like they are supposed too.

Characters: Girl A, Guy A, Girl B, and Girl B.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 7 comments Plot 3:

The FBI creates a program for young teens to join and become young undercover operative agents. So they can solve cases that older agents cannot solve. They take their newest team to a small town in florida. Girls disappear in the night and don't come back. Everyone thinks it's nothing that these girls will come back soon. But the FBI decides it to be a cult doing. They send in their young female agents in to solve the case.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 7 comments Plot 4:

When the United States is a hostage by an alien race of mutants. Only one CIA agent managed to escape. The only hope of getting America safe and sound is too fight fire with fire. The CIA Agent escapes to Africa searching for a team in a secret group working for the president. He has a choice of creating his own team choosing only three out of all them. Deciding is the hardest part as well ads staying focus when he falls in love with his team mate. Who is a mutant like the rest of the team and the enemy. They have to work together to get back to America and take care of the mutants giving freedom back.

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Janelle  (its_jt_lv) | 7 comments Plot 5:

Here it is, it's really long, old, boring:

We cannot escape the curse, a curse that binds us, it binds us to this town, it keeps us here. We cannot escape and even if we try we will be caught again anyways. They watch us they keep us here, we are not able to see them but they can see us. They follow us, stalk us, shadow us, it is so easy for them to watch us because we have lived with them following us for so long. We always thought it was normal with them behind us. Only because they are evil copies of us, they are our shadows.

Yes shadows the darkly creatures that strike us, as we so badly try to escape them. They are the rulers, the keepers, the seekers of this town. They keep us prisoner and force us to never leave to only age and grow up but to develop our abilities in us. We contain abilities that keep us protected and help us survive for ourselves. Though if your young and escape you become immortal with our abilities. Though the problem of these abilities are that they gather us, these shadows want us to become them and fight with them in a war that can't exist but does.

It is a choice to join them but it is also a sealing bond of turning from good into evil. Our only living law is that no one can join the shadows side, because if they do they will be killed. The only time they can be asked and to join is on All Hallow's eve. The darkest night and time of our lives but also the only time when we humans can try to escape the small town of Edison, Iowa. The only time that I have planned with my sister and our Friends can try to escape this dreadful prison. Before the shadows can figure out how powerful we are and before we are slaughtered, Hallow's eve is in three days time and we only have one shot of this plan working. Are you ready? Lets get started.

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