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Ella Hansing | 1 comments Book Description:
“The ceremony of the god Ashur is about to start. Outside the city begins to celebrate, but the doors of our house remain tightly shut. Our food has begun to grow scarce, yet my mother has made no motion to work. She hasn’t called me to braid her tangled hair, to trace her eyes in black or paint her lips red. Closing my eyes, I try and find what might save us, yet the silence yields my young mind nothing. There would be no point in praying to the gods. I couldn’t imagine them listening to either of us now, and doubted they ever had.”

Daughter of the most illustrious prostitute in all Arrapha, young Ishtah must find a way to endure her mother’s fame. With the ceremony of the god Ashur beginning in a few short hours, will she risk the unknown in pursuit of her own happiness, or succumb once more to acceptance of a fate of shadows and eternal shame?

ISHTAH – THE PROSTITUTE’S DAUGHTER builds suspense brick by brick while submerging readers in the beauty and dread of a forgotten empire.

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