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message 1: by Angela (new)

Angela Rohde (angelarohde) | 72 comments The movie that is based on this book is called, "The End of August," and was released in 1982. The movie stars Sally Sharp as Edna. If you would like to discuss how the book and movie relate and correspond to one another, this is a great spot to do it!

Terry ~ Huntress of Erudition | 504 comments Thanks Angela! I didn't know there was a movie - I'll have to look it up!

message 3: by Glenna (new)

Glenna | 109 comments Thanks! I will have to find the movie and watch.

message 4: by Aashimi (new)

Aashimi Bhatia (aashimii) | 23 comments Thank you. I'll find the movie and watch after I finish the reading.

Terry ~ Huntress of Erudition | 504 comments I can't find the movie on Amazon or Netflix -

message 6: by Glenna (new)

Glenna | 109 comments I couldn't find it anywhere either Terry.

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