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Angela Rohde (angelarohde) | 72 comments This thread is for discussing Chapters 17-24 in The Awakening by Kate Chopin.

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Terry ~ Huntress of Erudition | 504 comments Adele Rattignolle personified everything society thought a 19th Century woman should be. Totally devoted to her children and worshipful of her husband, happily running her household, without a serious thought of her own interests. Even her artistic talents should be primarily for decoration and entertainment of others (singing, playing the piano, drawing, painting, needlework, etc.)

Madamoiselle Reisz is the polar opposite - she lives alone and is totally devoted to her piano playing as an expression of herself, to the exclusion of society. She is perceptive and sharp witted and doesn't care how she appears to other people.

I think that Edna Pontellier is awakening to the idea that there is more to life for her than what she has now, but is troubled by the fact that she can't have both. As she becomes more and more interested in artistic expression, she becomes less interested in her standing in society and has less patience for the everyday running of her household, the care of the children and listening to her husband.
Edna is less and less satisfied with her life and the more she loves Robert, the more she attempts to draw further and further away from society.

Robert Lebrun, however, seems more satisfied with his life, the less he sees of Edna.
She may no longer care about convention, but I think that Robert would be uncomfortable living a bohemian lifestyle with Edna, disregarding her marriage and society.

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