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MxF please. Who wants to be the girl or guy

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Sure. Ideas?

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How about paranormal?

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That fine. How about a jock and outcast? Or royal and slave? Or even Boss and worker?

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Alright. Charries?

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Name: Regina
Age: 16
Looks: Google Katie Leclerc

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(You please.)

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Regina barely glances over at the guy serving the meal. But when he falls and shatters a wine glass she notices that he is quite appealing. She rushes over to help, but is stopped by Prince Damion.

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A few of her friends snicker and laugh and point at him. But Regina goes to help him as she pushes Prince Damions hand away from her. She kneels down and helps gather the broken glass.

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"It's fine, we all have our clumsy moments, even I." She says with a smile.

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As the dinner goes on Regina's mind constantly goes back to the slave that fell. She hoped that she would see him again.

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She came out with a towel wrapped around her, she jumped to hear a guys voice instead of Marianne's. "Oh!"

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"Please do, thank you." She says. She gets dressed quickly. "You may come in now."

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She looked around her room for something to do, but because Regina was a clean person and she cleaned her room herself there wasn't much to do. "Umm... To tell the truth I have no idea." She chuckles under her breath.

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"Sure, but there isn't much to talk about, everyone knows everything about me apparently." She says with a sad smile this was the curse of being a princess; no secrets. "But I hardly anything about you. Tell me your name, please."

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"Wow. I'm sorry. I know what it feels like to lose a parent, my mother died when I was young as well."

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"No, she died giving birth to me." She says sadly.

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"It is actually quite a drag."

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