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Warning spoilers --- About the last sentence of the book....

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Alex Royer So I've just finished reading this : "... the tips of my finger felt it first and I then stopped breathing...."

I just want to check if I understood it correctly because this is big... Mikki died in the end? Like that... so suddenly or is it just metaphorical?
Or... Is it just us readers who have to interpret?

A French Fan in distress...

Jettie Woodruff NOOOO, she didn't die. And if you go update it you'll see I fixed that last paragraph to make more sense. You're not the only confused one, but, there will be a second part. Midnight Rain releases March 30th. You'll see <3

Alex Royer Oh wow thanks a lot... I was so scared they went through all of that and she died in the end. Well you could have done it because you can be cruel with your characters.... Joking...
I'm really happy there's a second book... Can't wait!!
Thanks so much for your answer. xxx

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