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Elaine This is the Kirkus review of my forthcoming (in February) book Humans, Dogs, and Civilization.

A linguistics scholar looks at how dogs adapted themselves to a man-made ecological niche and how humans benefited from the relationship. Chaika…uses her scientific background, extensive research, and personal experience to examine how humans and dogs learned to communicate. …

The domestication of dogs, she writes, isn’t something that humans could have conceived of and accomplished alone, and she intelligently dismantles popularly accepted notions…Instead, dogs used their inborn herding, hunting and guarding talents…to woo us into partnerships with them. Essential to this, Chaika writes, is dogs’ natural, genetic love of pleasing humans and doing their jobs well…She then looks at the fascinating, important implications: “Private property was an outcome of dogs herding for their chosen masters. Without dogs, we’d still be hunter-gatherers.”

Throughout, Chaika includes affecting, telling reminisces of dogs she’s known in her own life. Her perspective offers some valuable insights… the author makes many of the same points several times over, but she does make them well. She also encloses a useful list of referenced works.

Often persuasive and engaging and a must-read for anyone interested in the long partnership between dogs and people.
Kirkus Reviews

Elaine This will be available as an ebook on or about February 15th. It will be distributed to all ebook vendors. The paper copy of the book will be available soon after. You can also go to my blog where I'll have a widget for you to download a copy, also on my author page on If I can figure it out, I'll have a widget on my Facebook page, Amazing Dogs--Yours and Mine.

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