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Dirt Nap Rhapsody
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Dirt Nap Rhapsody

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Jules Cassard (julescassard) | 1 comments I'm looking for reviews for my new mystery/thriller Dirt Nap Rhapsody. I can send you a private link for a free advance copy in the ebook format of your choice. The description is below, and thank you for your time.

All Tag wants to know is whether or not his beloved wife Lori is a deranged killer - is that too much to ask?

Tag and Lori are the couple on the top of the wedding cake. Everything about their relationship is perfect and they’re both deliriously happy — except for one tiny little, earth-shattering problem.

Her name is Marcie and despite the fact that Tag likes to think of himself as a pretty decent guy, he just can’t shake his desire to do some… well, some not so decent things with her. When his obsession with Marcie gets to the point that he finally breaks down and confesses his struggles to Lori, Tag is touched by her compassionate and understanding response. He breathes a sigh of relief — until the next day when Marcie turns up dead.

Could sweet, dainty, couldn’t-hurt-a-fly Lori be a… be a… Tag can’t even bring himself to think it. But could she? Detective Steiner doesn’t think so. The way he sees it, Tag is guilty as hell and it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes spilling out of him. Of course Tag knows that’s impossible because he doesn’t even know the truth himself — and he’s not sure if he wants to.

Of course the truth may come out anyway if Susan keeps poking around. Susan is Tag and Lori's recently widowed next door neighbor whose hobbies include gardening, drinking and hypochondria. She also has a thing for Tag and a poor understanding of the concept of boundaries, so there's a small chance that Lori might want to murder her too. Assuming of course that Lori is capable of something like... something like...

On second thought, Tag and Lori have more than one tiny little problem.

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Barb McKinley (36021416-barbmckinley) | 27 comments Sounds like a good whodoneit. I would like to review for this book if possible.

Email me: in a mobi format.


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