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Sierra Faith (bookaddict_98) | 190 comments Mod
Hey, Guys! Well, I am working on a book, The case of the Disappearing Dragon. And wanna know your opinion! This is the Prologue:

Prologue: Sophie

I smiled at my sister, Sophie, who was telling me about her trip to the lake. "And the big deer, who was probably a mama deer, came out. And then this littler deer came out!" She let go of my hand to show me "exactly" how little. " It was sooo cute!"
At the age of six , Sophie was incredibly smart, and loved to talk! Her and I had a bond that most brothers and sisters don't have. I had raised her from a baby ever since mom and dad has died.
"When we getting home? "Sophie inquired, as we stop to drink at the creek.
"Hopefully before… "I stopped and looked around
"Before?" I hushed her and looked around again.
"What is it, Sean? "She whispered, coming close to my side.
"I don't know – – "I was cut off by a small group of dragons. There were about three of them, already to chow down on a teenager and a young'un.
"Sophie…, " I Whispered, reaching slowly for an arrow as I raised my bow.
"What? "She ask, pressing herself against my leg.
"When I say 'run!', run as fast as you can, back to town, and don't look back, or stop. No matter what you hear, "I said. I gave her a quick hug and kissed her for head. "Now…Run!!!" I shouted, while shooting an arrow which lodged itself into the nearest dragon. It roared, shooting flames from its mouth. The sight shook Sophie and she took off like a bolt, past the dragons, and towards safety. The third and largest one took off after Sophie. "No you don't "I muttered, taking Aim, I smiled as it roared in pain.
It was the same one I had shot earlier, and it fell to the ground. The rest had flown up out of shooting range. Then one took a chance, and dove. I notched an arrow, and let it loose, right as I fell over a log. Tumbling to the ground, I hit a rock and clutched my side. The Dragon landed beside a rock in my path and turned to look at me. "Must've gotten a broken rib from that stupid rock, "I grumbled, nursing the bruise.
As I checked my surroundings I noticed that I had strayed off the path quite a way. Sophie must've stayed on the path because she was not in sight. Keeping my eye on the small dragon, I stood up, my side on fire with the pain. I limped over cautiously, bow and arrow at the ready. The Dragon walked towards me with its eyes on me, never wavering, never moving.
"It's you or me, Dragon, and it sure ain't going to be me ! "I jumped on it with an arrow in my hand. it jerked its head up, nicking me on my left leg with its horn. I focused on stabbing the arrow into the dragons soft spot, right under its head; ignoring my own pain. It roared in surprise and flipped over backwards onto the ground.
Breathing heavily, I sat there studying the dragon. It was about the size of a large dog which makes them even more deadly. It was green. An ugly moldy green. All the blood on it, both its own and mine, made it seem more fierce. I grabbed mydagger just as the Dragon attacked my leg. "No! "I sliced through it's neck and it fell dead. Moving from under it I saw Sophie a ways ahead and crawled toward her. She lay on the ground, barely breathing, a puddle of blood at her side I reached for her and stopped. "No, no!" A red arrow was sticking out of her back. My arrow. "Sean? "she whispered, so faintly I could hardly hear it. "It..hurts.."
"Don't worry, you'll be fine. "I said, laying down beside her. I pushed a blonde curl away from her face. "Dragon… Spine… Must've "
I nodded, agreeing with her, tears streaming down my face.
"I will get you to a doctor. Don't worry, you'll be fine, "I said again. She nodded and slumped over. "Sophie! "I leaned forward and saw her chest to move. "Thank the Lord!" I tore off my shirt and wrapped it around the arrow, too afraid to pull it out. "Lord, I lost my father and mother. Don't let me lose her, too. "I prayed even more fervently. She stirred and looked at me.
"Sean… I'm so cold… And it's hard to breeze."she whispered.
Blood! Blood was everywhere! Tears overflowed, as I cradled her close to me. Again, I said, "Don't worry… You'll be fine." I tried to get up but my leg was a broken, bloody mess. So, I just sat there and held her, whispering comforting things, telling her about mother and father. And what we were going to do when we got homeAnd she lifted a hand to my cheek.
"I'm going to go to sleep now, I'm so tired. I hurt… Sean… "I smiled, a weak smile, through the tears and hugged her as her hand fell from my face.
"Sophie, no! "I screamed as her eyes closed and her chest stopped moving. She was gone! I buried my face in her hair and cried. My leg was on fire with the pain as I stood up. "I deserve to suffer!"I yelled into the woods. No answer. I looked at my baby sister. So little, delicate, but tough. Sophie, the angel everybody loved. Dead! By my arrow!
I saw my bow on the ground. Anger filled me. "I killed her! Why did it happen?" I shouted, and stomped over toward my bow, ignoring the pain in my leg, my heart.
My legs gave way but I was close enough to reach the bow, the bow that was still " alive," still whole. Still as smooth and clean as when this started. I took both ends and, "snap! "The bow broke in two. Snatching stray arrows from the ground, I snapped them. "I won't use a weapon anymore. Arrows or a sword. "Sophie…," I sobbed my heart as broken as broken as the weapons

Please tell me what you think!!!!!

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Lena (lenakarynn) | 1526 comments Mod
Very touching!

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Sierra Faith (bookaddict_98) | 190 comments Mod
Lena wrote: "Very touching!"\
Thanks :) Still needs a little work.. but I am excited to finish the book!

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Sierra Faith (bookaddict_98) | 190 comments Mod
Sorry guys realized I hadn't put the first chapter! Here is the first one:

Chapter One: Sean

"One year." I gritted my teeth; hitting the wood with all my might. the axe split the wood in half, and embedded itself in the chopping block. I grabbed the wood, and started toward the house. I shut my eyes, not letting any tears escape. The were gonna stay inside, locked up. "Focus, Sean, Don't lose it." I thought about forming a prayer, but they never seemed to work.

"Sean!" I smiled as Aunt Mary stepped out of the house, dressed in a bright yellow dress. She grabbed a wooden spoon out of her bright green apron to bang on the lunch bell. Instead of making a clanging sound it just sounded kind of muted. "Do you know where your Uncle is?"

"Yes, Ma'am he went to town with Nancy this morning."

She snorted. "It'll be awhile before they get back then. Old Nancy is the slowest horse we've ever owned!" I nodded, agreeing with her as I washed my hands. Aunt Mary chatted in the background, I think she was talking to me but I had had learned to shut her out. I enjoyed drifting into my own little world. My world where everything was perfect. And Dragons didn't exist.

"Oh, Sean your Uncle found this old whip out in the barn. Must have belonged to your father," She absentmindly handed me the whip as she focused on cleaning the rest of the table.

A whip. My dad's whip. I felt proud to hold something of my father's. Father had died on a trip and nothing o his was ever recovered.

"Heading outside!'

"But Sean what about..." the door slammed before she could finish. She had rang the bell because of lunch but there was no food on the stove. She must have forgot.. again.

CRACK! I smiled as the whip hit the tree.

"This could be a very useful weapon," I rolled it up and tied it together with a string.

"Sean! Sean!" Aunt Mary's scream rent the air.

"Aunt Mary?" I ran toward the house, jumping over a log, and the empty creek bed. "Hello?" I pushed open the door.

"Sean, look out!" I ducked just as something flew over my head into the woods. I whirled around, but it had already disappeared.

"Aunt Mary? What was it?"

"I.. don't know, Sean;." Aunt Mary looked pale. "It just wished in and stared at me. It.. was bleeding from it's chest. That's when I screamed for you! Then It glared and me; and left that thing there," She pointed an unsteady figure to the kitchen table, where a brown lump was.

"Here you need to sit down," I pulled out a chair and helped her into it. She used her apron to fan her face.

"Careful, Sean! It was a dragon!"

"Aunt Mary, You said you didn't know what it was?" I walked toward the brown lump on the table. A bag?

"Well... I think it was a dragon.... I mean it had wings and had a tail. And looked like a dragon-I mean I've never seen one but pretty sure it was.. Maybe I----" I tuned her out and grabbed the sack. Inside lay the most beautiful rock I had ever seen! It was white with blue stripes that looked like little rivers. It was bumpy. But It was something I would definitely keep on a shelf. But why would a dragon drop it off?
"Sean, Have you heard a thing I have said?" I jerked back from my musing and focused on Aunt Mary.

"Yes, Ma'am. I'm just trying to think of where this came from."

"Well, you run along and I aim to finish up these taters I was peeling." She walked back to the sink and picked up a cucumber.

"Sean, hand me that knife over there will ya? I gotta get these taters done!" I held back I chuckle as I handed her the knife. Aunt Mary was a very forgetful person, but she did keep as all entertained. She was a good soul and cared about our well-being. I walked out the door with the brown bag containing the unusual stone. Sitting on the front steps I drew it out, holding it in my hands.

"You sure are a pretty thing," I traced my finger down the grooves and imperfections on it.

"why would a 'dragon' drop it off? Makes no sense," I muttered to myself, glad Aunt Mary couldn't hear me.

Any time she caught me talking to myself she told me a "People gonna think yer crazy talking to yerself! Talk to the good Lord or talk to me! I'll listen." She always made people laugh when she was around. You never knew what she'd be spouting off next.
All of a sudden the rock lit up! Blue light coming through the blue lines. I dropped it without second thoughts. "What the-" the light faded away the minute my skin lost contact with it.

"A rock that lights up?" I questioned in disbelief. Obviously, it was more than just a rock, but what?

"Sean! What in tarnation was that?!" Aunt Mary might be hard of hearing but she wasn't blind.

"Ah.. Uh... Nothing. I'll be back later!" Grabbing the rock I ran off the porch. The rock began glowing blue again. Then It started shaking violently. Light blinded me as the cracks widened. falling on my bum, I dropped the rock and stared at it in astonishment as pieces of the rock fell off; leaving gaping holes.

"An egg?!" I could have smacked myself! How could I have been so stupid?! A dragon wouldn't drop off a rock; but a dragon would drop off an egg so it could bond with a human.

"Not this human," I picked up what was left of the egg. A white dragon peaked it's head out of the egg. A pure white dragon. Scrambling out of it's egg, it looked me in the face. The dragon wasn't very big. It covered just one of my hands.
It hiccuped, breathing blue... Lightening? Onto my hand.

"Ow!" I dropped the dragon and grabbed my hand. I glared at the dragon. Not yelling at it, not stomping off just staring. It stared back, it's blue eyes never wavering. Unnerved, I looked at my hand. A blue little lightening bolt was etched into my wrist where the dragons lightening had hit me.

"You branded me?" I asked the dragon.


I jumped back as the creature speaked into my mind. The creature was in my mind!

"Get away from me!"


"Why? Why?!" I took a deep breath. Calm. I needed to stay calm. "Let's see your 'kind' took away the one thing I had left! It took away the reason I had for living!"

"What about your creator? He's still there." The dragon said in a matter of fact voice.

"He abandoned me long ago," I grumbled, stomping away from the dragon, with the piercing blue gaze.

"Well, guess that's your own opinion." I looked up to see the dragon flying above me.

"Just leave me alone."

"B-b-but... I wanted to be your friend!" The dragon looked very, very sad, as he landed on a log. Landed probably wasn't the right word, run into was more like it.

"Go away!" I stopped and yelled at the dragon.

"O-Okay. Bye." The little white dragon flew off, hitting his head on a branch.

"Glad he's gone," I stuck my hands in my pockets, heading toward the house. Far away I heard the dragon, crying.

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Lena (lenakarynn) | 1526 comments Mod
I love it; so cute!! :)

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Sierra Faith (bookaddict_98) | 190 comments Mod
Astrid wrote: "I like it! Is it going to be a novel? What are the odds, my white dragon is tentatively named Lightning too!"

Yes, it is going to be a novel! What?! That is so funny!! But neat!

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Sierra Faith (bookaddict_98) | 190 comments Mod
Lena wrote: "I love it; so cute!! :)"

Thanks, Lena! Excited to continue the story!

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Sierra Faith (bookaddict_98) | 190 comments Mod
Astrid wrote: "I know! So weird how small the world gets sometimes. My story is quite a bit different and his name isn't set in stone, but it was so funny I just had to tell you :)"

Mine is set in stone which is a miracle! I am never able to stick with one name.... I have a character who's name has changed at LEAST 3 times!

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Sierra Faith (bookaddict_98) | 190 comments Mod
Chapter 2: Lightning

I pulled the covers up, closer around my shoulders. Wind howled outside. Cold seeped in under the door.
I had my own little bunkhouse right next to the main house; which didn't have a fire. But I liked my solitude.

"Ugh, that stupid dragon!" I rolled over for the millionth time, trying to forgot about the white dragon with the piercing blue gaze. I traced the lightning bolt on my arm.

"I wonder if it has any side affects?" I said, into the dark. Silence. "Well, what else do you expect?"

"I dunno."

"What the-"

"Yes, I'm in your mind again, and yes I'm sitting outside your front door! Please let me in it's freezing!!"

I threw back the cover and quickly walked across the little room. Flinging open the door, I looked around for the white dragon. Nowhere.

"Where are you?"

"Over here... you hit me with that stupid door...." The dragon said in a grumpy voice.

"You told me to open the door! What did you expect?" I said into the darkness. I couldn't see the dragon and I wasn't smart enough to grab a lamp.

"I expected you to say no," The dragon replied, flying overhead. "Now, get inside! I'm freezing!"
I walked in and waited for the dragon to follow. Thump! The dragon hit the door frame, and fell to the ground. For a small dragon, he sure made a lot of noise. Odd.
"You have to be the clumsiest dragon I've ever seen!" I shook my head as the dragon walked in.

"Just give me a bit! I was just born today. Might take me awhile to get used to it."

"Yes, guess you were just born today." I sat down on my bed, staring at the dragon. Well, technically staring into the darkness because I hadn't lit a lamp.

"It's cold in here too! How do you sleep?!" The dragon flew up beside me. He curled up by my leg.

"Hey!" It struck me what was odd about the dragon. He had grown to the size of a large cat in the past few hours since I had seen him. "You've grown!"
"Yes, us dragons grow fast," The dragon said matter of factly. "I assumed humans knew all these things. Blimey, I must have been wrong!"

"Blimey? What kind of word is that?"

"Oh... I dunno... one of the stable hand used today. I like it! Fun word to say. Blimey! You should try it. It's also fun chasing your tail. I would tell you to do that too, but you humans don't have any tails."

"Yes, don't you think I know that?" This dragon was going to get on my nerves very quickly.

"Why would I get on your nerves?"

"Stay out of my brain will you! It's not....." I stopped, thinking of a word. "it's not... human."

"Of course it isn't! You humans communicate through your months, but us dragons.. we communicate through our brains! No danger of being overheard that way."

"What other humans do you communicate with?" I rubbed my forehead. This was giving me a headache. "You know what, let's just go to bed. I'm exhausted."

"Very well."

"Move. You're not going to sleep with me."

"That's all the thanks I get... trying to help and pushes me off... fine than."

"Hey now! I can hear your thoughts, too. Stop that!"

"Sorry can't help it."

"Whatever." I grabbed an extra blanket from under my bed. "Go to sleep! And


"Don't catch anything on fire."

"Hey! Wake up! I'm hungry."

"Go away," I mumbled, turning over. Stupid dragon wouldn't even let me sleep.

"No, I'm hungry!"

"You're acting like a little kid!" I rolled over to talk to the dragon. "Whoa there! What happened?!"

The dragon towered over my bed, staring at me.

"I told you dragons grew fast." That was all he said as he walked over to the door, waiting. I stared in astonishment. The dragon had tripled-- no, quadrupled,-- in height since I had went to bed last night!

"Sean, why are you--- Oh, my goodness!" Aunt Mary walked in the door and gaped at the dragon in astonishment.

"Oh.. um.. Good morning, Aunt Mary." I smiled at her nervously. Aunt Mary wasn't a fan of dragons. Especially after that episode last night.

"Sean.." She whispered. "That's a.. d-dragon" I nodded.

"Yes, Aunt Mary this is..."I searched my brain for a name,besides "the dragon." Figuring the lightening bolt on my wrist, I got an inspiration. "Lightning, his name is Lightning!"

"Well, don't bring your pet into the house," Aunt Mary looked at Lightening in disdain. "Make sure you wash before you come in for breakfast."

"Yes, Aunt Mary." I glared at Lightening, as he walked out the door. Well, more liked squeezed out the door.

Getting up, I dressed hurriedly.

"What in the world, am I supposed to do with a dragon?!"

"You could keep me."

"Grrrr..." I swung my head around, half expecting him to be standing there. He wasn't. "Stay out of my thoughts please!" I listened, hearing nothing I strode out the door.

"Ah, there you are! I was beginning to wonder! Did you know there is nothing here to eat?! I'll have to go and hunt!"

"Seriously, what do you not get about 'stay out of my thoughts?!'"

"How else am I supposed to talk to you?"

"How about not?"

"Me? Not talk?! That's like asking a human to be perfect!! Humans aren't perfect and I can't shut up."

I rolled my eyes at that statement. "Whatever."

"I'm going hunting. I'm starving! Bye!"

"Lightning, please me careful! No eating sheep. Last thing I need is farmers storming over here." I glared at him, and he huffed.

"Fine, if you have to be so picky I'll find a deer!" He spread his wings and flew off, hitting a tree on the way up.

"That has got to be the clumsiest dragon I have ever seen!"

"Sean, what in tarnation is that?!" Uncle Mark pointed to where Lightning had been.

Taking a deep breath I answered, "It's a dragon."

"A dragon!? Sean!! What are you thinking?! Your poor Aunt! What must she be thinking?"

"She's already seen him," I muttered.


"She's already seen him. He hatched yesterday."

"Sean, you know what we think about lying! That dragon didn't hatch yesterday. It's bigger than old Nancy!"

"Well.... umm...." cracking my fingers I said. "Apparently dragons grow... Really fast?" It came out more of a question than a statement.

"Boys! Breakfast is ready!" I sighed in relief. This conversation was over! For now... I had a feeling today was going to be a long day.

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Astrid wrote: "Glad I'm not the only one who does that! I think I only have one character who's name didn't change at least once. :) I think you're on your way to writing a great novel, and I like your current ch..."


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Lena (lenakarynn) | 1526 comments Mod
I love it! You gotta keep posting more chapters!

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Sierra Faith (bookaddict_98) | 190 comments Mod
Lena wrote: "I love it! You gotta keep posting more chapters!"

Thanks, Lena! I am going to post the third chapter today! I only have the Prologue and Four Chapters written so.. ya :/

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Sierra Faith (bookaddict_98) | 190 comments Mod

Chapter 3: Grace

Taking a deep breath I walked into the hall. I had been summoned by Teacher, never a good thing. The Hall was bustling with activity. We had three new guys here today. With fifteen guys and only two girls, I felt intimidated. I was glad when I was outside.. alone. Well, technically I was never alone. I knew God was always there, and I talked to him all the time. And of course Guardian. I smiled at that thought. Guardian. My beautiful red dragon. The main reason I lived at the hall. Guardian and I were being trained to protect this land from Blacklings and Riders. Blacklings were little black dragons, that devoured everything in their path. From grass to flesh. Reminded me a little bit of locusts. But we never had enough locusts to be a threat, and locusts didn't hurt people.

"Sorry." A boy muttered, as he bumped into me. Barely giving me a passing glance. Taking a deep breath I entered the waiting area. "Oh, Father God, please let there be a little bit of a wait, so I can collect my thoughts." I smiled at the secretary.
"Teacher called me." the lady gave me a blank stare, then glanced down at her paper.

"Ah, yes. He did say a girl with red hair would be coming in... Grace isn't it?"

"Yes, ma'am." I ignored the part about the red hair. That was how most people described me. Red hair. Never tons of freckles, or green eyes, but always red hair.

"Please, be seated, he'll be ready in a moment." She waved me to the only chair in the room.

"Thank you, Lord," I breathed a sigh of relief, as I sat down. Riders.. Now riders were strange! Just men on red dragons. But all the men, wore exactly the same uniforms, and all the dragons were exactly alike. Which never happened! God always made the dragons unique. Yes, there are a lot of red dragons, but they are never the exact same! It's kinda creepy..

"Grace?" I jerked my head up to be face to face with teacher. "I called your name three times."

"Sorry, sir," I felt my cheeks warm, probably red enough to match my hair.
He smiled, and gestured toward his office. "Please go in, and be seated." I followed him in, and sat down. Clenching and un-clenching my fingers.

"Grace, you are probably wondering why you've been called in here," he said sounding professional. It always bugged me when I was called into his office. He wasn't the awesome, and funny guy he was at training. He was this serious dude, someone you wouldn't want to joke around with. "The board, and I, have decided that you, are one of the best students here. You have the best grades in all the classes, you're very good at planning strategy, you have a strong connection to your dragon, and you are a very good example."

I squirmed under the praise, not quite sure what to say.
"We've come up with a plan. We will choose three people, boys or girls. Out there" He pointed in the general direction of outside. "For you to lead. We need a special team, to help on the front lines, and we've chosen you as the leader."

I sat back in shock. "Me? Me be a leader?" I squeaked out in astonishment. "I-I-I can't do that, I mean......" I trailed off, thinking. "I mean, I enjoy being looked up to, but be a leader?"

"We decided you were qualified for the job. Everyone else would be very overbearing, and not be looked up to. But you, you are more the mothering type. You'd make sure everyone would do their best. You'd be the best leader! We believe in you." He stood u and walked around his desk. "Please, think about it. We need an answer in three days." He walked to the door and opened it.

"Three days?"

"Three days." He strode out of his office, leaving me behind.m I sat in silence wondering what to do.

"Lord, please help me make the right decision." I walked out of the room, praying silently.

"Guardian?" I used my mind to call my dragon as I scurried up "our" hill. There are dozens of hills surrounding the Hall. Perfect for dragon landings and take-offs! I sat down in the damp grass, waiting for Guardian to come to me. My dragon was stubborn; she knew I wasn't in trouble so there was a good chance she might not show up.

I stared at the lake, smiling at the dragons fishing. You could look anywhere around the hall and you'd see dragons! I didn't miss my old home, where dragons were considered repulsive and dangerous. Dragons were either accepted and loved, or despised and rejected. Pushing away old memories, I leaped up as I saw a red dragon in the sky.

"Hello, child. I wondered when you'd call."
I rolled my eyes at the name I had been branded with as a baby. Most dragons name their humans. Normally awesome names like, Deathslayer or Stryder! But Guardian decided child was good enough.

"Hello, Guard." I leaped on her back as she ran by, slowing down for me to jump on. I grabbed one of her horns and housted myself up, grinning from ear to ear. Guardian gave one big push with her legs, and we were airborne. I closed my and sighed, as the wind danced across my face, pushing my red hair behind me. Nothing was better than flying. Nothing.

"You ready for some fancy flying?"

I clenched the horn in front of me. "Of course."

Abruptly she tucked her wings underneath her, and we spiraled down. Faster and faster the earth loomed toward us. I squeezed Guardian's back as hard as I could, trying to stay on. Staying on a dragon going this fast and straight down takes lots of practice! She unfurled her wings, stopping our flight downward with a jerk.

"Again!" I squealed.


I crossed my arms, and stuck my tongue out at her back. "Stubborn dragon."

"Stubborn child."

I grinned, as happy as could be, flying my dragon in the sky.


"Oh, sorry." I apologized to the boy I bumped into as I weaved my way through the crowded street. How anybody could love the city I would never understand. The boy just stared in awe at the swords on my back. I gave a quick grin, and hurried on my way.
Guardian was upset that I made her stay at the city limits, but she knew I meant well.

"Excuse me, do you know Destiny Rocklash?" I looked down at my paper to make sure I got the name right. The boy shook his head and continued on his way. It had been three days since the meeting with Teacher. This morning he showed up in my room with a paper that contained names of three people I was supposed to hunt down. None of them knew me. None of them had any training. The only thing they did have was dragons. Destiny was 14 years old, and owned a blue dragon named Freedom. She was dark of skin and hair. That was the end of the description on the paper.
"They'll probably all turn me down," I said under my breath. I strode toward the nearest store, where the noseist people normally flocked together.
"Excuse me, Miss?" I turned stopped as a man beckoned me over, running his finger through is graying hair. He nervously looked up and down the street. People bustled here and there, but no one paid any mind to the old man. "Did you say you were looking for Destiny?"

"Yes! Do you know her?"

"Maybe..." The man glanced at my swords, obviously hesitant about saying anything else. "She lives down that way." He jerked his head to the right. "Green house with pink shutters. You can't miss it." The man nodded, and walked off like he had never seen me.

'Well, that could have gone better," I muttered to myself, jogging in the direction the man had indicated.

"Pink shutters?! Ridiculous!" I grinned as Guardian went on a rant about pink shutters.

"As long as you're aren't living in it you're fine! Besides, did I give you permission into my thoughts?" I giggled as she grumbled about "her rights" and "what she would do with those pink shutters" but she begrudgingly left.
I shook my head as I spotted the house. Yep, those shutter were definitely pink. Taking a deep breath I shoved the list into my front pocket and knocked on the door.
"Go away! We don't need nothing."

"Well... that was something I didn't expect," I paused, unsure of what to do.

"Knock on the door again!"


"Fine than!" I grinned as she left my thoughts.

"Please, sir I need to talk to Destiny." I knocked on the door again, pushing my hair back from my face.
"Destiny, go open the door!" A string of cuss words followed, making me step back. I grimaced as I heard a slap from inside. Silence reigned.
"Guardian?" I asked, hoping she had been listening.

"I heard, child." Guardian answered, her voice full of anger and sadness.

"Should I.. Should I help?"

"Go in, Child."

I checked my swords. Taking a deep breath I opened the door. I gagged as I stepped inside. Outside boasted of beauty and wealth, but the inside reeked. The gutters smelled better than the house! I grabbed my hankerchief from my back pocket pressing it to my noise as I walked further into the house.

"Destiny?" Silence reigned. "Mr Rocklash?"

"If you from the gov'ment go away! We don't need no help."

"Mr Rocklash, I came to talk to your daughter." I stuffed my hankerchief back in my pocket, and drew out the papers Teacher had given me.

"Sir, where are you?" I stepped into the next room, well, I jumped into the next room. The walkway was barricaded by an old couch that reeked of animal waste. A man sat in an ancient looking chair, a bottle in one hand and a cigar in the other. He had a horrid looking scar down his left cheekbone, and his nose looked like it had been broken quite a few times. A little girl sat in the corner, face in her hands. I unhooked my swords and leaned them against the wall. Crouching down I cautiously touched her shoulder.

"Hi, my name is Grace. What's your name?" The girl wiped her eyes and looked me in the eye. I wanted to cry when I saw her face. Even though her skin was dark I could see bruises, new and old ones, all over her face. Her eyes held a spoke of fear and pain, but no anger.

"My name is Destiny."

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Ooh, it's getting awesomer! :)

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Lena wrote: "Ooh, it's getting awesomer! :)"

Hehe, thanks Lena! You're awesome! Glad you and Astrid arereading my book and liking it! Chaoter 4 is coming uo tonorrow! And chaoter 5 hasnt been written...

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Yay! I'm excited!! :)

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Acaica name is pronounced: "A-key-sha"

Chapter 4: Sean

"You really don't understand do you?" I glared at Lightning through the window. "I don't want you." I drew out the words, hoping they would go through the dragons thick skull. Lightning had been around for 3 days and, even if I didn't want to admit it, I was started to get attached. Attachments weren't good, because if you start to get attached than you started to feel Love wasn't something I could afford because eventually you'd get hurt.
I angrily swiped at the tear on my cheek, stuffing clothing into my knapsack.

"I understand you perfectly fine, thank you! I'm not a idiot. I heard you, understood you, and ignored you."

Ignoring Lightning's quip, I picked up my knapsack and whip, and walked into the kitchen.

"Sean, now you be careful! Here's your food for the trip." Aunt Mary handed me a brown paper bag, hopefully filled with sandwiches. "Remember not to buy anything from men with long, dirty beards."

"Yes, Aunt Mary." I placed the brown bag in my knapsack.

"Oh, and old ladies with pointy looking hats! Chances are they're witches."

"Yes, Aunt Mary." I kissed her on the cheek, and walked out the door. Glad to be out in the open I walked down the driveway, glad to be alone with my thoughts.

"You do realize you're not alone, right?" Lightning's voice rang in my head.

"Go away!" I yanked out my whip. I was so glad Aunt Mary had found it. The whip snaked across the ground, bringing a smile to my face. Unlike an arrow, which you had no control over after it left, a whip was an extension of my arm.

"Hey, ya know it's awfully quiet on this path."

"Seriously? It's the woods for Pete's sake!"

"Geesh, no use yelling... Hey, do you know someone named Acaica?"

I stumbled over a rut in the road at the mention of that name. "How do you know Acacia?" I tried to ask it normal, but I am sure I conveyed my fear through my question.

"I don't. She's up the trail! Wow, she has some good daggers skills! You should see her throwing them! Blimey!"

"Quit it with the blimey." I mumbled, under my breath. Acaica Longhorn. A lot of people called her the Devil's child. Orphaned at a young age, she raised herself in the woods among the animals. She could wield a sword better than any man, and everyone knew it, too. The woman looked down on here as a rebel child, and a tomboy. Her dragon was nothing to mess with either. Stormcloud, one of the biggest dragons in the land. Most dragons were protective of their humans, but Stormcloud was over-protective. If you even looked at Acaica wrong, he would be breathing down your neck.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Sean McCoy, the lilly livered excuse for a boy." She looked me right in the eye, and threw a dagger at the tree on her right. Without even looking at it she hit dead center.

"Hi, Acaica," I was her senior by a year, but she didn't look it. Dressed in a skin tight black jumpsuit, she looked like an agent for the Hall.

"Where is her dragon?"

"That's a good question Lightning." For once I was glad Lightning was here; it gave me a sense of security. Even if Lightning couldn't Fight, he could be intimidating.
"Who said I can't fight? I am one hundred percent sure.. well, maybe not hundred.. More like ninety-nine point nine percent sure.. Anywho I am pretty sure that all dragons have a fighting instinct. Mine just hasn't been uncovered.. yet."

"Wow, aren't you a ball full of help," I rolled my eyes, at Lightning grumbling.

"Hey, stop talking to yourself and get over here."

Right now I wished for the courage to say no, to walk away. But I walked toward her, more curious than anything why Acaica would pay attention to me.


I crashed into the tree. My claws hasn't extended quite fast enough, and my wings still stayed straight out. I looked through the little clearing for Sean. For some reason that Acaica didn't like him, and I wanted to figure out why. Sean acted like he didn't like me, but I knew underneath all that tough talk, he needed me.
"Sure, he seems kinda cold if you don't know him," I mumbled to myself, cleaning my scales. "No reason for someone to hate him though. I am sure he is a pretty loveable guy underneath that rough exterior. Blimey, it doesn't seem that rough anymore." I smiled as I realized I might be making a difference. I pushed off from the brance, eager to get a closer look without being seen. ****************************************************

I felt the flat side of the blade on my thigh. Jumping back, I waited for another sting. Acaica didn't move toward me, she just held the dagger out, waiting.

"You're a sorry excuse for a man."

"Sorry to disappoint you." I said in what I hoped was a sarcastic voice.

"Come on take one of my daggers, and we'll have a fight! Man to man."

"I won't fight you, Acaica." I stood up and looked her in the eye. "I vowed to never pick up a weapon again."

"What do you call your whip?" She asked with a smirk on her face. the look of a girl who thought she had won. What she thought she won I didn't know.

"My whip can't kill anybody. Unless I tried really, really hard, Unlike your sword and dagger. My whip is for protection only. Not for fun and games, Acaica. If you want to play with your weapons, fine, go ahead. That's your choice. But I won't be responsible for someone getting inured." My words were more passionate than I meant them to be, But hopefully they made their way into Acaica's thick skull. I walked past Acaica, waiting for her to speak.

"Just like you were responsible for your sister's death?"

I stopped dead in my tracks, her words went straight to my heart. She knew. No, she didn't! No one knew.

"What are you talking about? My sister was killed by a spine dragon." My words came out cool.

"Oh, that's what you say, Sean." She gave me a coy look as she drew out a dagger. "But everyone knows what really happened. No dragon your sister. The beast that killed your sister wasn't a dragon." She leaned closer to my ear. "The beast that murdered your sister. Was. You."

My breath came in small gasps, my head spinning. She couldn't know. She was lying. She was trying to make me mad.

"Are you speechless, McCoy?"

"Ya, I'm speechless, I took a deep breath. "Speechless that you would even suggest such a thing, Ace." I used her much despised nickname. "Now, if you would so kindly step aside. I have things to do."

Her jaw was clenched as she moved aside. For once she didn't have anything to say. Instead of a beating, we had an argument. An argument that turned into an intergation.

"Sean.. Is what she said true?" I sighed as I heard Lightning. He sounds like a child afraid to ask their parent a question.

"I don't want to talk about it. Some things are better left alone."

I waited for a comment but all I got was silence. We both walked the rest of the way pondering our thoughts.

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I have a feeling I'm gonna like this girl!! Cool chapter! :)

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Firefly (fireflys12) I just started reading this story, and I love it!!! Acacia creeped me out a bit, but I love Grace! Can't wait to read more!

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Lena wrote: "I have a feeling I'm gonna like this girl!! Cool chapter! :)"

Thanks :D I am really excited for Chapter 5! It's going back to Grace's POV!

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Firefly wrote: "I just started reading this story, and I love it!!! Acacia creeped me out a bit, but I love Grace! Can't wait to read more!"

I am glad you like it Firefly! ya, that was the point with Acacia :) I did enjoy making her character though...

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Astrid wrote: "Keep it up girl! I'm loving it! Looking forward to chapter 5! :)"

Finished it an hour ago! tomorrow after some editing!

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Aiyana Star Awesome! It looks great so far! :)

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Astrid wrote: "Yay!"

Aiyana wrote: "Awesome! It looks great so far! :)"

Thanks Guys! :D

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Here is chapter 5 guys! This is back with Grace and Destiny!!

Chapter 5: GRACE

"So, exactly where is Freedom?" I asked as I pushed a branch from my face. Destiny ran ahead, ignoring my question. She hadn't spoken since she told me she had to get her dragon.

"I don't like this at all, Grace," Guardian grumbled, flying overhead.

"Hey, I didn't say you had to tag along." I jogged to catch up to Destiny. "It was your choice."

Guardian grumbled some more, but didn't say anything. We both knew Guardian would follow me everywhere, whether I wanted her to or not.

"Think it was a smart idea to just leave her father sitting there by himself."

"I wasn't going to bring him along! Seriously I don't care what happens to him. He jus-" I froze as I rounded the bend, my train of thought derailed. Destiny stood in front of a small dragon, joy lighting up her face.

"Destiny.." I said cautiously as I came closer to her. "Is that Freedom?" Her dragon was wrapped up in chains. Blood poured out of several wounds on her black body.

"Who would dare do such a thing!" I felt Guardian's contempt and fury more than heard it.

Freedom had chains wrapped tightly around her legs, and one wrapped around her body pinning her wings to her side. The loose ends were attached to huge stakes in the ground.

"Destiny, who did this?" I strained to keep a level tone as I fell on my knees. "Hey buddy we are going to help you okay?"

"Thank you."

I yelped and fell up. "She ta- wha- I-I," I stuttered, my brain a muddle. "She talked out loud!"

Destiny smiled at me, obviously proud of her dragon. Her dragon being chained up really didn't bother her, but I was very disturbed.

"A talking dragon?" Guardian walked into the clearing, she couldn't stay away any longer.

"Okay......" I said slowly trying to process everything. I stood up and brushed off my jeans, cringing at the grass stains. Ugh mud how I hated you. "Important matters, focus," I muttered to myself.

Destiny sad down beside her dragon and they elapsed into a quiet conversation.

"How would you like for everyone to hear our conversations?" Guardian nudged me from behind, eager to have our own conversation.

"I wouldn't. How is it possible for a dragon to talk as people do?"

"Nothing is impossible with God."

"Amen!" I exclaimed louder than necessary causing Destiny and Freedom to look our way.

"So much for a silent conversation." Ignoring Guardian I walked back over to Destiny, curiosity getting the better of me.

"Hey, can we talk by ourselves? I am sure our dragons would like to get to know each other, and besides, we need to get Freedom out of those chains." I waved Guardian over, hoping she could undo the chains.

"Please help her." Destiny pleaded, the joy in her eyes gone, in it's place was desperation. "I-I couldn't stop him. I tried so hard! He wouldn't leave her alone, and I..." Destiny trailed off looking back toward her dragon.

"We just need help." She whispered, so faint I could barely hear it.

"Guardian, pray! Pray harder than you ever have. This girl is hurting and we might be the first ones to show her love." Silent conversation was easier than talking, we didn't have to be too close, and no danger of being overheard.

Grabbing Destiny's hand I dragged her toward a log, far enough away that the dragons couldn't hear us, but close enough that we could still see them.

"I would like to hear your story Dee. Could I call you that?" I asked quickly, afraid I had crossed lines. She looked at me, and I was surprised to see tears in her eyes.

"I've never had a nickname before." I bit back tears at those words, giving her a quick hug. She tensed up until I let go.

"My story? Hmm. Wouldn't call it a story. I'd call it life, a piteful life at that." She rubbed her arms, looking into the distant. "I always envied the street children, I know I know weird.. But they could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. If they decided to play with dragons they did! The townspeople looked down on them for it, but they didn't care. They didn't have a controlling father."

I wanted to say something but I kept my mouth closed. I didn't even know what to say. Understanding was hard enough, but I couldn't even try and relate.

"I never knew my mother, and from what I have gather my father and mother didn't care for each other. They married for money."


"Mother's Pa said he would pay her if she got married, and that he would pay the fella. So they did."

"That is the saddest thing possible! Marrying for money?! I would only marry someone for love." I stood up and paced in front of her. Already her life was destined to be horrible, and she hadn't even been born yet. I sat back down.
"Please continue, I'll be quiet."

"Well, not sure if that really happened.. I mean that's what I overheard but you know how gossip is.

I know I was born two years into there marriage. I am not sure what happened to my mother, I don't know if she died or if she left. At times I hope she is still alive, but then I would hate her for leaving me." She spoke the words with such venom. Most of her words had been soft as if she was afraid to speak, but these were laced with anger, pain and sadness. This was obviously something she had kept inside for a long time.

"Well, what about Freedom? When did she come into the picture?" I asked, steering the conversation away from her mother.

"Freedom is the best thing that ever happened to me. I found her on the trail to the market when I was about ten years old. She was such a small thing, barely larger than my hand. She was blue at the time." Destiny grinned as she remembered. "I had to keep her hidden from the townspeople and father. Especially father. He had such hatred toward dragons that I knew I couldn't show him. First secret I ever kept."

"How's it gong over there?" I jumped as Guardian voice rang through my head, even after eight year of communications she could still make me jump.

"Haven't gotten far. Talk later."

"Isn't much to say after that. I kept her hidden for over three years, two weeks ago father found her. Things have been so much worse since than." Destiny stood up and walked back to Freedom. I took a deep breath. She had closed up on me. She talked, but when it got important she shut down.

"Any luck? I didn't get far with Freedom. All I know is she has been locked up for two weeks, and she has just stayed for Destiny's sake."

"You didn't get much more than me." I finally stood up too, and headed toward the three of them.

"All right we need to head out. We need to head toward the Hall, and get the instructions for the next person." I waited for question but none came. "Okay then.. Freedom can you fly?"

Freedom spread out her wings, and took a running leap into the air.

"Carefully you're going to-" I stopped mid-sentence as I realized she wasn't going to hit the "roof" made of trees. She did a summersault and landed back on the ground. "Guess that's a yes. We'll take the trail out of the woods, and fly the rest of the way." I leaped onto Guardian's back, glad to use her instead of walking.

"She's going to be a challenge." I nodded in agreement.

"I think she just needs a friend." Glancing back, Destiny looked at me, no longer looking like the fragile girl she was moments before. In it's place was a look of steel, that only a key of kindness could open.

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Astrid wrote: "Keep it up! I really like where the story is going and how diverse the characters are. You've also got really cool names for both the dragons and people! :)"

Thank you Astrid! I really like the encouragment! I am excited to see where the story is going!

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And Sadly I didn't come up with the names for my people by myself! I cam up with Sean and Grace! I had help for Acacia and Destiny :)

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Awesome!! Dragons are amazing!

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Lena wrote: "Awesome!! Dragons are amazing!"

IKR?! That's why I am writing about them??

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Chapter 6: Sean

The Spencer Market bustled with people. Some weaved silently through the crowd, other shouted begging to be heard. Some were talking among friends and blocking the traffic. It all made me want to cover my ears and tell them all to shut up!

"You'd look like a little kid."

I clenched my jaw at Lightning's voice. Even though I left him in the woods, he could still talk to me and hear my thoughts.

"Blimey, look at all those people! I don't think I've ever seen so many people in one place!"
"If you could quit it with the blimey, that'd be great." I smiled at the lady selling bread. Thankful to get my hands on a couple of cinnamon raisan loaves.

"Why? Sure your Aunt could make ones just as good."

"Well, if you really must know, Mrs. C makes the best in the land. And everyone knows this, and besides why are you in my business? Mind your own."

"Sean McCoy? Could anyone tell me where Sean McCoy lives?" I turn around in the crowd, surprised to hear my name being called. I saw a stranger standing on top of a pile of wood. Besides being taller than average her red hair made her stand apart in the crowd.

"You should go and talk to her."

"You don't have to be my conscience."

"Just giving friendly advice."

"Sean McCoy?" I pushed my way through the crowd edging my way toward the girl. Pretty girl at that, her red hair made her unique in the crowd.

"Miss, I'm Sean McCoy!" I shouted above the buzz of the crowd. Her black friend tugged at her arm, pointed in my direction. The look of relief was obvious on her face.

"So is calling out stranger's name a normal accurance for you?" The words spilled out of my mouth before I could stop them.

"Sarcasm? Hmm.. That's new." Oh that dragon needed to keep his big mouth shut before I-

"No, but I didn't have any other way to get a hold of you." The girl answered, her lips in a straight line. She obviously hadn't appreciated my "hello."

"True," I stuck out my hand. "My name is Sean McCoy. Wanna find a more quiet place to talk?" I gestured toward the coffee shop.

"Yes, Destiny and I will come with you." The girl with the fiery red hair walked toward the coffee shop, Destiny not far behind.

"You don't even know her name."

"Well, Mr Manners why don't you talk to her next time?"

"Gladly! I've always had a way with ladies." I couldn't help the burst of laughter that spilt out.

"Seriously? When have you even been around ladies?"

"I.. well... Just... Oh, go talk to her." I felt Lightning leave my brain. And for once I missed his presence.

I pushed my way through the quaint little coffee shop's swinging doors. The place bustled with activity. Every table was full, and waitresses were rushing from the counters and back to the tables to fulfill orders. Destiny and red head has chosen a seat in the back. I sat down, leaving two seat between us.

"First things first," The red head held out her hand. "My name is Grace."

"Nice to meet you." I liked the firm grip of her hand. Grace removed her hand and grabbed a piece of paper from her pocket.

"So, Sean McCoy, I have a reason for calling your name out in the streets. Like I said my name is Grace, and I am a student at The Hall."

"The Hall? The one for dragons and riders?" I asked in confusion.

"Yes..." She gave me a puzzled look. "Is there any other Hall?"

"Not that I know of." I leaned back in my chair, waiting for the rest of the story.

"I was.. elected, let's say. To lead a group of riders and dragons. The Hall, well, Teacher made a list of people to find, and well you were one of them." Her words jumbled together, and she stopped speaking. Obviously embarressed. My mind tried to wrap around what she just said.

"Me? Be a dragon rider?"

"Well, if you want to really. And you wouldn't be called a dragon rider. It's dragons and riders. You might not neccasarily be riding your dragons." She appeared flustered again. "Let me start over. Riders and Blacklings are taking over. We would be a special group of people to help save the town. We would have special training, and would learn how to become one with each other. And our dragons."

"You keep saying 'we,' are you a part of this?"

"Of course she is you idiot! You humans! What a stupid lot."

"Whose bussiness are you supposed to mind?"

"Yes. So far the group consists of you, me and Destiny." She pointed to the girl beside her.

I bit back a comment. Destiny looked like she was going to flee any minute. How she was going to be able to fight on a dragon's back was beyond me.

"I don't use weapons." I leaned forward, waiting for the girl to look taken aback, but she stared me in the eye.

"You wouldn't need one. Your dragon can breath fire, right?" I trace the lightning bolt on my wrist.

"You could say that."

She grinned. "That's all you need."

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Awesome! Keep it up! :)

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Astrid wrote: "Keep going girl! ;)"

Lena wrote: "Awesome! Keep it up! :)"

THanks guys!!! :D

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Sorry guys if this is confusing! I cna't figure out how to use atalics! I use them for when the dragons are talking!
I think this is my least fvaorite chapter.. let me know what you think!

Chapter 7: Grace

Sean looked thoughtful at my words. His presence unnerved me. He stared at me as he could look right through me. I had heard the expressions before but never understood what they meant.

"His dragon isn't far from here. Want us to go and talk to him?" Guardian and Freedom had dropped us off at the Dearborn River. They enjoyed each others company. Guardian had never bonded with the other dragons at The Hall. Her and I had been loners.

"See what he is like. The stronger the bond between dragon and rider the easier it will be to train them." I had surprised myself by taking charge like I had.

"We have one more person to pick up, and then we will head back to The Hall." I stood up and grabbed Destiny's hand. She squeezed my hand, and I smiled, glad for any comfort I could provide her.

"If you tell me their name I could probably find them faster than you. That is if they are on this side of the river." Sean pushed past us to the open the doors.

"Yes, she is. She lives in the woods."

"She?" He gave me a quizzical look. "So I'm the only boy then?"

"Apparently Teacher decided one boy was enough." I couldn't give him a better answer.

"Teacher? What kind of a name is that?"

"Well, that's how we were introduced.. I know his real name. Just never use it."

"You know his real name?" Guardian, AKA as my conscience butted in.

"Well, I might have lied a little."

I looked back to Sean hoping he hadn't regonized our silent conversation. For a dragon owner he never seemed to talk to his. His brow never crinkled in concentration, nor did he ever have a far away look.

"You just met him, child. I am sure he talks to his dragon."

"So, Grace what's the girls name?" Destiny asked as we weaved our way through the crowds. They had thinned out for lunch time, but people were coming back into the market; waiting to pick up stuff for dinner.

"Acacia Longhorn."

"What?!" Sean pushed between and looked me in the face. "You just say Acacia Longhorn? Correct? Tell me I heard incorrectly."

I backed up as he moved forward. His breathing came out shallow, and he looked sickened.

"Yes, that's who I said.." I grabbed Destiny's hand again as we finally made our way of the Market.

"Y-you- Oh, that's bad, that's just- I mean.." Sean trailed off, looking into the distant. His cocky attitude was long gone. I looked at his face and all I saw was fear. No, it was worse than fear. I saw terror.

"Now, now be realistic. Why would Sean- a strong boy- be afraid of a girl?"

"I don't know." I shrugged my shoulders even though I knew she couldn't see me.

"Sean, where is your dragon?"

"My dragon? I don't know.. I told him to stay out of the market so he's probably in the woods somewhere- That is if he hasn't died by now." He said carelessly.

"Guard, what have you learned about their bond?"

"Nonexistent." I took a deep breath. Nonexistent? I let go of Destiny's hand to rub my forehead. If there wasn't a bond between dragon and rider that meant they would have to create that bond. Before training. Which would take twice as long.

"You really don't need to talk to yourself."

"Helps me sort my thoughts," I said as I sent up a quick prayer for help. I looked down at Destiny again. She hadn't spoken much since the forest. Even though she would occasionally search out my hand for comfort, she had sealed herself off, her and Freedom hadn't conversed, they hadn't done much of anything actually. Their bond was strong, it was evident but it was almost like the knew what the other was going to do before they did it. It was like... their minds were linked.

"Nothing is impossible with God."

"But minds being linked? They can't even talk to each other through their minds! How could they be linked?"

"With God all things are possible."

We walked through the path that split the woods in two.

"Sean," I called back to him. I really need a nickname for him. "Are these woods named?"
He nodded. I waited for an answer. "And their names are..?" I waited for an answer.

"Well, we always call that one," He pointed to our left. "Acacia's woods. Used to have a name but I can't recall it. And the other is called Weston."

"Weston's woods?"

"Nope, just Weston. Wait don't ask," He said as I started to talk. "No one knows why. Well, I'm sure someone does but I don't."

We walked in silence, an awkward silence. I debated whether or not to say anything.

"You could talk to me."

I smiled at Guardian's offended tone. "I already know you trust me. I need to talk more to Sean. I somehow shut Dee out, she's not even looking at me! Look at the 'great' leader I am

"Hey what are you doing?" I jerked back into reality as I realized Sean was now walking in front of me.

"I'm talking to Guardian.." I said slowly, which I seemed to be doing a lot. Saying things slower than usual to make sure Sean could understand.

"He's not an idiot, child."

"Sometimes I wonder."

"See! You're doing it again." He looked at my face with concern. "It's like you're here, but you really aren't."

"I told you I'm talking to Guardian. My dragon?" I could have slapped myself! He didn't know who Guardian was.

"Oh.... I see. Is that what talking to your dragon looks like? Because when I talk to mine I'm pretty sure I don't look like that."

"Every one is different." Okay, maybe the silence was better.

"Freedom!" Dee ran ahead around the bend. I looked everywhere, but I didn't see her black dragon.

"Like I said their mind are linked." I rolled my eyes at Guard's know it all tone.

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Chapter 8: Sean
I took a deep breath as we bedded down for the night. Grace had decided we would wait until the morning to find Acacia. Grace checked on Destiny, who was cuddled up with Freedom, and glanced my way. I shifted on my log, gazing into the fire. Her presence made me uneasy. I hadn't been around girls since... I stopped my train of thought before it went too far.

"It's okay to grieve. Sometimes hurts go so deep and when we keep them inside we only hurt ourselves."

"You're a philospher now are you? Just shut up and leave me alone." I kept my tone even hoping he'd get the message. I looked over at him and Guardian, Grace's big red dragon.
Guardian was a very unique dragon. She had huge spikes all the way down on her back. The ones in the middle had to be at least 3 feet tall.

The relationship between Grace and Guardian was amazing. Whenever Grace turned her back Guardian was sniffing the air, looking at everyone who passed, obviously ready to protect Grace if anything should happen.

"Pretty sure Grace could guard herself." I muttered into the trees. Looked back into the tree my mind went back, back to a place I didn't want to think of.

"Sean.." I tear slipped down my cheek as I remembered. She still trusted me even though I had killed her. She still smiled as she took her last breath. Everything was sweet about her.

I jumped up, not caring if anyone saw and ran. As fast and as far away as I could. Run. The word was imprinted on my mind. Everything blurred in front of my as I started to cry. I clenched my jaw, and ran faster.

"Sean... I'm so tired.." Memories came flooding back. "Sean... I'm cold..."

"Sophie!" I fell to my knees, too tired to run any farther. I gave in to my tears, thankful no one could see me cry. Acacia had called me a lilly livered boy. She was right.

"Sean?" I closed my eyes as I heard Lightning approach.

"What do you want?" Angrily wiping away tears as he approached, I stood up, keeping my back to him.

"I know you think I'm stupid and can't do anything right. But I do now one thing. God loves you, and he loved her."

"Sophie, her name was Sophie." I closed my eyes as another wave of pain washed through me.

"Sophie. Nice name." Lightning curled up beside me on the trail. Stupid dragon. No matter how many time I said no, or how many time I had ignored him and told him to go away, he kept coming back.

Like God.
"McCoy! Get off my trail! Move your dragon too." I jerked up as I felt a sharp pain in my side.

"Acacia Longhorn, good morning," I said, in what I hoped, was my most sarcastic tone. I looked around and was shocked to realize I had fallen asleep in the middle of the trail. Using Lightning as a pillow. Lightning glared at Acacia as she stared at me with a venmous look in her eyes. Her dragon was nowhere to be seen.

"Sean?" I groaned as Grace came up the trail. Could the day get anymore worse?

"It could start raining swords."


"HI, I'm Grace," She stuck out her hand to Acacia. Acacia glared at it, her hands staying crossed on her chest.

"McCoy. Who's the girl?" Acacia sneered at me as I got up. The glare she sent me was enough to melt butter. I was sure of it.
"This is Grace.." I stopped as I realized I didn't know her last name. "And she lives at The Hall."

Acacia raised her eyebrows looking back at Grace.

Grace told Acacia exactly what she told me. "So The Teacher picked you and three others. It isn't a command, it's a request. But we would like you to try it out for a week before you say no." Instead of the friendly- Well, friendlyish- tone she used with me, her voice was hard and cold.

"McCoy a part of this 'gang?'" She did quotations in the air.


"Only boy?"

"Yes." Grace's tone was getting slightly annoyed. I smiled as I realized she didn't like Acacia either.

"Love your enemy."

"How about no?"

Acacia suddenly put put her fingers to her lips and gave out a ear piercing whistle. The trees rustled and snapped.

"Meet Stormcloud." Acacia's grin made me want to shiver.
Stormcloud appeared above our heads, somehow gracefully landing behind Acacia. He moved his bulk with unexplainable ease. When my smaller dragon could barely fly without crashing. Stormcloud was rightly named. His gray scales looked like a storm rolling in. Most of his body was covered in bumps. He was like a gigantic toad.

"Toad face."

I ignored Lightning as I assessed Stormcloud. He was huge!! He had definitely grown since I had seen him. Most dragons, if found as babies, grew to fit their owners. But Acacia definitely didn't need a dragon that double, no tripled, the size of every one else's in the land. He could get two awards. One for the biggest dragon, and one for the ugliest.

"We need to get back to camp and talk about walking back." Grace turned and headed back to our site. I quickly followed, not wanting to be left alone with Acacia.

"What did you think?" I shoved my hands into my pockets as I waited for Grace's answer.

"Definitely has bad people skills. But her dragon will be very helpful in fighting." She jogged ahead not waiting for my next question. For some reason I wanted to talk to her.

"Hello." I lifted my head as I strode into "camp." Freedom stood in front of me. Her eyes eager. "I'm Freedom. What's your name?"

My mouth opened but not words came out, just strangled sounds.

"It's a talking dragon." Grace smiled down at me. My five foot five frame felt dwarfed by her six plus feet. "A rare occurance. Actually I didn't even know it was possible."

"It-- I mean she talks?! Out loud?! Using her mouth?" I stared back at Freedom as she sat down, much like a dog, looking sad.

"Yes, I can talk. You could ask me these questions yourself. But everyone is always too busy staring in astonishment or running away. It's actually quite an acomplishment to have a conversation with another human besides Zine." Freedom stopped to take a breath.


"Every- well, most dragons give their humans names. I gave mine Zine! Quite an interesting name.. I was tired of everyone using the same name over and over and over and over-"

"Okay okay I get it," I held up my hand to stop her on slaught of words.

Freedom's expression was comical. Her tongue hung out the side of her mouth, reminding me once again of a dog, her tail wagged back and forth, and the look on her face was one of pure happiness.

"I thought her a shy dragon. Blimey was I wrong!"

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Thank you very much Astrid! That was my goal! I have ither sotries where the characters personality were the same so i worked very hard to keep it different this time!

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I love it Astrid! The interactions between the characters are very well done!

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Sierra Faith (bookaddict_98) | 190 comments Mod
Thanks, Lena :D I love all the encouragement!

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Aiyana Star Good job, Sierra! Keep writing! :)

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Aiyana wrote: "Good job, Sierra! Keep writing! :)"


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Chapter 9: Grace.
I left Sean alone to talk to Freedom. She never stopped talking it seemed. I loved hearing her talk. After a lifetime of hearing one dragon talk into my head, it was quite different hearing a dragon talk out loud.

"So what did you think of Stormcloud?" I waited for Guardian's response. I normally didn't start conversations first, but I was curious. The big gray dragon, who's name matched his appearance well, was intimidating. Guardian was the biggest dragon I had seen around in ages. But compared to Stormie, she looked like an insect.
Stormie? Could I call him Stormie?

"Ah, child your train of thought is quite comical to listen to. Never stays on one subject for long."

"New things to think of all the time." I smiled and waited for her answer to my question.

,i> "I couldn't get a full opinion since I was only seeing him through your eyes. But he looked like a loner. Not one to hang around other dragons and/or humans. Kinda looked a little prideful, I mean if you're looking for my opinion."

"That's the longest I've heard you talk in a long time, Guard." I chuckled and sat down at the campfire. Destiny still slept. A fitful sleep, she had tossed and turned all night. Her sleep now wasn't much better. I caught Freedom giving her quick glances every now and then. Her playful expression turning to one of concern, but only for a split second. She would always quickly turn back to Sean and continue their conversation. More like her conversation actually. Sean couldn't get a word in edge wise.

Sean. Now that was another interesting topic. His gaze still made me nervous, but I was intrigued at the same time. He talked, but he didn't really say anything. He asked questions. That was about the extent of the conversations with Sean. His dragon hadn't even paid me any mind.

"You! Girl, Grace was it?" I lifted my head as Acacia strode towards me. Her skin tight clothing making me cringe.

"Yes, my name is Grace." Girl huh?

"I want to try out at the Hall. When are we leaving?" She crossed her arms over her chest waiting for my answer.

"Now." I jumped up. "Destiny wake up. Sean find your dragon. Guardian?" I called my dragon out loud, scrambling to put out the fire and wake Destiny.
"Let's go to The Hall." I couldn't help the grin that spread across my face. After 2 weeks of decision making and people gathering. I finally had a group.


"Sir?" I walked into the office. With my group finally behind. None of them had spoken since we had walked into the building. Even Acacia had kept her mouth shut.

"Ah, Grace, you're back." Teacher stood up from his desk and walked towards us. "All of them?" He raised his eyebrows in question. Apparently he hadn't expected me to bring back every single one of them.

"I think they are all here on trial, sir." They all shifted nervously behind me.

"Sit please sit." He pointed towards a row of chairs by the door. Leaning back on his desk he waited for us to sit down. "I will be known to you all as 'Teacher' and I believe I know all your names. But just to be sure, tell me."

"Sean." Sean spoke up first.

"Destiny." She whispered quietly.

"Ah-key-sha," Acacia say slowly, making me roll my eyes. Apparently she didn't want to be forgotten.

"Sean, Destiny, Acacia, and Grace. For one week you will all go through training. Duels, archery, manuvers on your dragons, working in formation, running, jumping, and communicating."

"Communicating?" I asked the question before I could stop myself. Nice job Grace, draw more attention to yourself.

"You will all need to study each others body language. Work together as one. Read each other."

"We won't have any fights by ourselves?" Acacia's tone registered disbelief.

"No miss, that is the point of this group. You are a special group prepared to fight together." He went around his desk and sat down. Taking out papers he gestured to me.

"Grace will hand you all a paper. It has a schedule on it. A schedule you will keep for a week. Starting in two days. That will give you time to say goodbye to any family members or gather any belongings."

"Seriously? You gathered us all just to send us off again? Why can't we start now?" I was surprised to hear Sean protest. From what I heard, he had family. Family that cared about him and would worry about him if he disappeared.

"He's an interesting boy."

"Two days."

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I like it!! I can't wait to hear more about Lightning, too!!

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Chapter 10: Sean

I stood up and opened the door for the ladies. Two days. I wasn't ready to go back to the farm. I wanted to stay here and train. Be good for something. Make a difference in someones life. Save someone.

That's what I wanted to do. Keep people safe. Stop people from being killed for no reason. Protect those who couldn't protect themselves.

"Like your Aunt and Uncle. They deserve to know where you are going! You can't just leave them.. Blimey you are selfish!"

"Oh, stop it. Leave me alone."

I walked out behind the girls. Ignoring the stares of the residence's of the hall. I was surprised Acacia let me open the door for her. She was a "I can do everything for myself" type of girl. Maybe that's why she gets on my nerves.

"Well, everyone here is your papers." Grace handed at out the papers as we walked outside. "These schedules start when you get back here in two days. You all need to be back here by seven in the morning. Any questions?" Grace looked at me as she handed me the paper, but quickly looked down. Interesting.

"Nope," We all said in unison.

"Lightning?" I called him using my mind. Which was fun actually.

"Fun? there is nothing 'fun' about it! How would you like for someone to shout for you in your mind when you aren't expecting it?"

"Isn't that what you do to me?"

"Not exactly. Close. But not the exact same thing." I looked up as I saw Lightning. He pointed his toes and wings forward to land. Actually crash was the word.

"Why do you do that with your wings?"

"I haven't quite.. Uh.. figured out the art of landing. So I am experimenting on different methods.That method didn't work."

"Let's see how you do with a rider on your back." I walked up to Lightning's side, unsure of what to do.
"How exactly do I ride you?"

"Don't ask me! I am still young, thank you very much." I nodded my head at Lightning's reply. Made sense.
"Guess this is going to be a fun ride." I stood by his side and felt along his back. Hoping for an indentation where I could sit. Nothing.

"What were you expecting? Pretty sure we weren't born to be ridden.. I mean I don't think so. We were meant to kill! And murder! And you know.. be mean."

"Wow, interesting."

"Why don't you try sitting on my back? You aren't going to get anywhere standing on the ground."

I took a deep breath. Lightning's back came up to my chest, not the easiest climb.

"Leg up!" I gasped as I felt something hit my back propelling me over Lightning. I covered my head as I saw the ground rushing toward me. OOF! My shoulder ached as I looked around.

"Maybe a little hard?" I looked back at Lightning. He gave me a sheepish look and ducked his head.
"Ya, a little." I rolled my shoulder before jumping up. Thankful we weren't too close The Hall. I stepped on Lightnings wings and boosted myself up.

Swinging one leg around, I surveyed my surroundings. Things a top of a dragon didn't look much different. The Hall stood out among everything. Tree were it's background and dragons flew in the sky.

"Hey, you aren't up there to admire the view." I lurched forward as Lightning took a couple of step. "Pay attention, human. If you wanna get home in a timely manner you need to learn."

"How? There is nothing to hold. No horns on your back like Guardian has. Can't really grab on to your legs." I leaned forward to demonstrate. "That would be really uncomfortable."

"Blimey, you are stupid! I am not a horse, so sit on my neck and not my back. Grab my horns. I figured that out while you admired the view." Lightning shook his head, bringing my attention to the horns closer to his head. I grabbed a hold of them, getting a firm grip. I could feel my feet touching underneath Lightning's neck.

"Can you promise to do this safely? No crashing or stumbling?"

"Uh... Of course! Have faith in me. It's not like I am clums- oh nevermind."

Without warning Lightning boost himself into the air. My thighs tightened on his neck, I could feel Lightning's every move. When he pumped his wings, or kicked his leg. When he moved his tail, or sniffed the air.
"Lightning.. this is amazing!" I hoped Lightning could feel my feelings. Could tell how much joy I had. I hadn't felt this way in years. "I don't think I ever want to land."

The trees rushed underneath us, I was barely able to tell where one tree ended and another tree started. Lightning kept a slow and steady place. Neither of us were in any hurry to get back.

"You wanna see something cool?" I smiled at Lightning's excitement.

"Is it dangerous?" Caution made me ask that question instead of plunging ahead.


"Do it."

Lightning jerked his head up and we ascended higher into the clouds. Before I could ask a question Lightning opened his mouth. Blue streaked from his mouth wrapping around the clouds under us and above us. The lightning expanded encasing the clouds in a blue foam.

"Lightning that's.. that's incredible." I stared in awe as the blue seemed to move, creating a river of sorts.

"I figured it out a yesterday on a flight. I found out I can make the lightning come out two ways. Really fast to kill and/or injure. Or that smoky way. No clue what it does mind you." If Lightning was a human I could see him blushing and shrugging his shoulders. Counting it off as nothing.

"Let's go home." Was all I said as we decended. I had a new found respect for Lightning. even though i had criticed him and put him down, he had come up to the sky and practiced.

There ya go guys! tell me what you think! :D

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Yay!! Love it!

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Aiyana Star I like it! :)

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Aiyana wrote: "I like it! :)"

Astrid wrote: "*Happy squeal!*"

Lena wrote: "Yay!! Love it!"

Thank you so much guys!

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So AFTER I sent this chapter out to a couple of friends I realized a major flaw... Sean and Acacia both had something to go back to! But where would Destiny go? So This will need to be wre-written a little bit.

Chapter 11: Grace

I watched Sean ride away on Lightning after a failed attempt at boosting himself up. I was thankful he couldn't see me, I wouldn't have wanted to embarrass him. Their interaction was odd to say the least. Sean didn't seem to care for his dragon, but his dragon seemed to care for him. Sean was a puzzlement indeed,I knew many people who wanted a dragon; But they hadn't been gifted one or found one.

I still remembered the day I found Guardian. I hadn't known what she was, A black rock was all I thought it was. It shimmered in the sun, and seemed to be alive. It sat on my shelf for a month, a whole month and I didn't even realize what it was!

"Not everyone knows, child. Besides, I was content to stay in my shell awhile longer."

"True, but once you were ready you were ready!" Her shell exploded one morning after I had left for school. I came home to a cracked wall, burnt bedspread and a dragon, a tiny red thing that fit into the palm of my hand.

I rubbed my upper arm, fingering the red dragon wing. A brand. Every dragon branded their rider, If a rider didn't have a brand that meant that he has enslaved his dragon. Some markings were small, barely visible, But some were huge. I saw one that started at the man's wrist and wound it's way up to his shoulder like a vine. Mine was a smaller one, barely bigger than my thumbnail with the distinct shape of a dragon wing.

"It is." I turned away from the spot where Lightning and Sean had been moments before and headed towards The Hall training grounds. My swords had gone unused for a week.

"I'll bring your swords to you child, as long as you let me join."

"Of course."


Throwing my dagger in the air I ducked as Guardian's tail hit, making a bull's eye in the target across the training grounds. I did a backwards flip and ran up the second level, watching Guard's back. She flew around the oval training center and flew straight up from where I was. I lept on her back, grabbing a horn as I sit. She did a flip and we land on the high platform above the training center.

Hopping off I look down, smiling. The platform was my suggestion, so that the riders could have practice diving off and their dragon catching them. A good idea at that. The second level was barely twelve feet above the ground, while the platform was at least fifty. I think... I hadn't really measured them.

"Child, we need to practice. You are the leader of a group of people. They will look up to you."

"But that's the thing," I sat down swinging my feet over the edge. "Why? Why will they look up to? Have I done anything so great and wonderful that'll they will say 'Wow, Grace is going to be a great leader.'"

Guardian took a deep sad breath. For years she had tried to build up my self esteem, I kept bringing myself down. I know God had created me for better purposes and he wouldn't want me to, but I just couldn't stop myself. I didn't believe I could do better.

"You have brought all these people together. You. Not anybody else. If you can do that, why can't you teach them? God has granted you with so many gifts, leadership being one of them, and you need to accept them Child."

I willed Guard's words to flow straight to my heart. Instead they went over my head and my dread worsened.

I left my thoughts behind as I jumped off the platform, the familiar rush of air dropping around him. I waited for Guard's "fingers" to press into my shoulders and the sudden stop.

The ground rushed closer to me and I started to panic. "Guard?" I was jerked upside down, and I watched helplessly as my swords clattered to the ground.


I covered my ears as The Riders rang out. Riders!

"Guardian!!" I glanced up and realized it wasn't Guardian pulling me up. I tried to flay my legs around, but the red dragon kept a tight hold, flying higher into the clouds. I looked around desperately for my dragon. The sight I saw sent my blood boiling.

Pinned down between three Riders she struggled to get free lashing out with teeth and claw. My head starting to spin around, my vision blurring as I was dragged higher to the sky. I could only hear Guard now, her roars of anger and rage filling the sky.

"God please help." I whispered, knowing she would be okay. The Riders had chosen a bad place to attack. The Hall. The home of dragons and their riders. Unlike The Riders our dragons had a fierce devotion to their owners, and would give up their lives protecting them.

"Hang on child." Guard's words soothed me. I closed my eyes to block out my ever growing headache. I brought my right hand up to my pants glad to see the dagger belted to my leg. I unstrapped it carefully, afraid it would fall down to meet my swords. The dragon who held me had straightened out, instead of flying up we were flying straight which jerked my body more.

The whole thing was confusing. I had only seen four Riders. One had me, and three had held Guardian down. Rider traveled in squads of fifty to seventy dragons, most with riders on their backs. This group was different, None of them had riders; They were just dragons, identical down to the bump on their legs.

Grasping the dagger in my hand I waited for Guardian's signal.

"Now!" I forced my upper body to bend up grabbing my ankles. I slashed the dragons legs causing an ear splitting screech! I tumbled down to the earth again, thankful to feel the pressure in my shoulders and the sudden stop, signaling that Guardian had caught me. She let go of my right shoulder and I kicked my legs up grabbing a horn on her neck. She let go of my other shoulder and I swung up again, thankful we had practiced this maneuver to perfection.

I grabbed the horn for all I was worth. "Follow it Guard! We need to know where it is going."

Guardian grumbled but quickly followed the red dragon, who was far ahead of us. She knew as well as I that The Rider behavior was odd. Their attacks were always well planned. Never spur of the moment.

The dragon went faster as it sensed us on it's trail. I still clutched the dagger in my hand, praying for protection. Without my swords I didn't stand much of a chance, my daggers only worked if I was close to the dragon. Fat chance.

I stood up on Guardian's back to give myself a better look, she pumped her wings faster as the dragon disappeared below us. Silence reigned.
"Guard?" I looked around frantically for the dragon but it had disappeared. As if it had been shot from the...

"Guard go back to the hall!" I hoped my intuition was wrong. I prayed it was as we flew closer to the hall.

My stomach dropped as Guard landed by the fallen dragon. I looked for the arrow that pierced him. His body wasn't marred.

"He's sick!" I hopped off and walked cautiously to the dragons head. It growled but it turned into a moan. Guardian stayed close behind ready to spring into action at any second. The dragon was dying and it hand' t been pierced by one of the Hall's arrows. This was the closest I have ever been to a rider. Well, an encounter where I could actually study them.

"Guard, I gotta name this dragon... It's going to drive me nuts calling it A Rider when it's hurting.." I didn't want the other Hall teens to hear my words. They had all gather behind me, all with a look of hate on their faces. Most of them had lost families to the Riders, so I understood their disdain, but couldn't they see it was a sick dying creature? One of God's creatures that humans had twisted and used for their evils ways.

"Eoin. It means God is good." I whispered, praying that a name would encourage this creature to live. Eoin's eyes fluttered piercing me with a gaze that said "Help me."

"Does someone have a sword?" I turned around to face the students, most of them were in training gear. One of the older students, Gabe maybe, handed me his red sword. A red sword to kill a red dragon, how ironic.

"Peace." Was all I said as I drove the sword through the dragon breast piercing his heart. He gave me one last look before he took his last breath.

"Thank you." The words echoed in my mind. Eoin's last, maybe his only, words.

There ya gusy go! Let me know what you think :)

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Awesome!! I love it!! :D

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Thanks Lena!

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