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message 1: by [deleted user] (last edited Jan 30, 2015 11:20AM) (new)

I have a problem! I've read many Scandi-crime novels but there are now so many authors out there and so many detectives that I completely lose track of who's who. I've been going too much by Amazon 5 star reviews, what's new, or even daily deals and now I have no coherent picture of the Scandi-crime genre at all, just vague memories of some pretty good reads.

The only author I particularly remember (apart from Jo Nesbo) is Johan Theorin who I rate very highly indeed and am awaiting his next one with keen anticipation.

I suppose I've been rather disorganised (chaotic perhaps) in my reading. As I browse this forum, so many of you have an intimate knowledge of particular cops/forensics etc, and I feel pretty ashamed of how little care I've taken to learn about this genre that I love.

Not sure what I'm asking really but some clues as to how to approach this genre would be useful. Or are there any authors I should particulary concentrate on and try to read their whole series?

Any advice gratefully received

message 2: by Gary (new)

Gary Van Cott | 132 comments What I do to help organize my reading is to maintain a document that lists all the books I have read and want to read by author and the title of the book. I list the countries the author and main characters are from. I list the books by date and what number they are in the series (which is what I mostly read). When I have finished I add my rating. I sometimes also make little notes about where I can get them (local library system, interlibrary loan, and/or kindle). I occasionally go through the list (which is about 20 pages long, 12pt type) and look for new books by "my" authors or check to see if the library has ordered books that were due soon. I have fairly specific interests in reading material so this works well for me.

message 3: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (okbye) | 47 comments http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/
That is a good site to find out what authors you like have written and in what order. They will often say when the next book is coming out too.

What to read is so subjective. Mayne people recommend Per Wahloo books but I find them boring and dry. Like any other genre there are great variations. Lars Kepler is graphic and violent. Karin Fossum focuses on the characters and what makes them tick. Stieg Larsson is political. There's nothing wrong with reading a bit of everyone but if you want more focus figure out what you want in a book. That will help narrow down who you should be reading.
I make sure to read all Nesbo as it comes out but otherwise I'm pretty all over the place. I have a huge TBR pile and just choose whatever looks good at the time. I'm kind of leaning towards Karin Fossum right now because I like her a lot and she has so many, and her books can be be very different. She's got a lot of things up her sleeves.

message 4: by Gary (new)

Gary Van Cott | 132 comments To each his or her own. I don't care for Karin Fossum because of the lack of character development in the course of the series of her main detective characters and because her victims are usually young and or innocent.

message 5: by Ken, Moderator (U.S.A.) (last edited Jan 30, 2015 02:28PM) (new)

Ken Fredette (klfredette) | 4239 comments Mod
I've tried to make it easy by listing "Authors" by country for the readers. New authors always come up, so I add them when they're known me. If you "click" on the "Authors by Country", for example Sweden, the authors will come up on the first page. If you then "click" on the author, say Asa Larsson, her picture will come up with her profile. And all the books will be listed in order written. When you read them they will show up as read.

Next all the books that are translated into English are listed on our "Bookshelf" (506). These are mostly books and not e-books. There are some listed not many. Seems new authors make there own books. To see the whole list you can "click" on "more books" on the bottom right hand corner under "Bookshelf" Now you can change the way they are listed alphabetically by "clicking" on "Author" at the top of the page. Click one time and a downward arrow will appear. The authors will go from "z to a", "click" again and the arrow will point up and they will go from "a to z". The starting point is when they are listed by me. There's no arrow. You can follow through the alphabet by "clicking" on a number of the page, right hand bottom. You can increase the number of books by changing the Number of books on a page (it's on 30).

The same goes for "Upcoming Read" if you "click" an "more books", it will show all the upcoming books.

I hope that this helps you.

message 6: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (okbye) | 47 comments ^I hadn't seen that before. Jo Nesbo's link is a dead page.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

This is all incredibly helpful. I'm going to print it all off in a day or two and study it then post what I 'm going to do about it. Thanks, Tom

message 8: by Ken, Moderator (U.S.A.) (new)

Ken Fredette (klfredette) | 4239 comments Mod
Barbara wrote: "^I hadn't seen that before. Jo Nesbo's link is a dead page."


message 9: by Bobbi (new)

Bobbi D | 122 comments Kenneth...now my turn to be confused. Where do I go to find your listings for " Author by Country "?
And where is our bookshelf (506)!

message 10: by Helen (new)

Helen | 141 comments Hi Tom Johan Theorin is one of my favourites as well. For me it is trial and error. e'g. I read reviews on Amazon about "Echoes of the dead" I enjoyed it so much that I hunted down all his books. "The Darkest night" and The Quarry". I then looked at Glass Key award winners and started to follow that. This included finalists as well as winners. I also go to a website called "Petronia" this lady reviews all the Scandi books. I always have about six books sitting in my kindle waiting to be read. This is the way I get my Scandi feed.

message 11: by Ken, Moderator (U.S.A.) (new)

Ken Fredette (klfredette) | 4239 comments Mod
Bobbi wrote: "Kenneth...now my turn to be confused. Where do I go to find your listings for " Author by Country "?
And where is our bookshelf (506)!"

How do you get to us Bobbi? It should be the first page you get to when you get to "Scandinavian and Nordic Crime Fiction". There's a picture of a lake and then one of a house in winter. Everything is on the first page including "Authors by Country". If you have trouble getting to us you can go to "Groups" at the top of your page and input "Scandinavian and Nordic Crime Fiction" under group interested in. I hope this helps.

message 12: by Anna (new)

Anna (aetm) | 228 comments The best way is to find some authors you like a lot - and then llike-minded readers, and then get a library card... try, read, read, read.

Pardon my recent absence - Iʻm noticing my braille learning is getting on the way of my enjoying ʻregular readingʻ. (Oh, and allergies too - when the eyes are too tired to read text... grrr). But time to recover the missed read time of the past 3 months. Now only I need to decide where to tackle my read pile... (and in which format)

message 13: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (okbye) | 47 comments Kenneth wrote: "Barbara wrote: "^I hadn't seen that before. Jo Nesbo's link is a dead page."


Thanks! He's to good to have a dead link.

Loved Echoes Of The Dead and Quarry. Different.

message 14: by Bobbi (new)

Bobbi D | 122 comments Kenneth....thank you. I had totally forgotten all about " groups". So nice to see all these authors listed by country. I find that I have been reading books by many of them!

message 15: by Helen (new)

Helen | 141 comments Thinking about reading Dead Souls Elizabeth Egholm. This book, by a best selling Danish author has had excellent reviews. Has anybody read anything of hers.

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

I'd like to thank everyone who's responded here. It's been incredibly helpful

1. Kenneth. I am fairly new to GR Groups and had no idea what a wonderful resource you have created here. I had no idea about the country lists, or the bookshelf. I've been exploring both and now know that they are going to be very useful to me if further exploring Scandi-crime novels. I follow GR on my desktop computer but I also have the Android App on a tablet.

With the app, the links in the country list are not enabled - I can only think that the app has stripped out the links, presumably because the app is designed not to take you out of GoodReads. No matter as I can always just look at it on the computer.

The bookshelf is really good and as you say, I can sort the columns into ascending or descending order just by clicking on the column title. And of course, by clicking on an author I get a list of his/her books and also a list of series he/she has produced together with some quotes collected by other readers. The upcoming books is really interesting Another great resource.

I can't imagine how much time you have put in to keeping the country lists and bookshelf up to date but the result is brilliant.

2. Gary - thanks for that. I have been keeping a book blog for some years and have a spreadsheet of books I've reviewed similar to your own. But I've given up on book-blogging over the last year due to time restraints and the spreadsheet has fallen into disuse. You have inspired me to resurrect my spreadsheet and to use it for every book I read from now on and to add some of the things you've included like main characters, number in series, rating etc. I notice Google Chrome has a nice little add on called Obvibase which provides a simple database and have imported my existing data into and will now build on it. Thanks for prodding about keeping better records.

3. Barbara - thanks for the link to Fantastic Fiction. Another great resource. I take your point about each author having certain characteristics.

4. Helen - great about the Glass Key Award. I found it here https://www.goodreads.com/award/show/...

All in all, I'm very pleased I posted my question here which has given me some great advice and resources. Tom

message 17: by Quentin (new)

Quentin (graskeggur) | 35 comments You could look up Barry Forshaw's books. He's a well-known commentator on crime fiction in general and has written two books about Nordic/Scandinavian Noir. One's simply called Nordic Noir, the other is Death in a Cold Climate, and those two would give you a lot of background information as well interviews with a good few authors.
There are also a couple of Facebook groups dedicated to Scandi/Nordic Noir that are interesting to follow, not least because there are authors, critics, students and the occasional publisher who also chip in there.

Tom wrote: "I have a problem! I've read many Scandi-crime novels but there are now so many authors out there and so many detectives that I completely lose track of who's who. I've been going too much by Amaz..."

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Thanks Quentin - I'll look up those books. Also the FB Groups

message 19: by Quentin (new)

Quentin (graskeggur) | 35 comments One FB group is called Nordic Noir, another is Fans of Scandinavian Crime and Fiction. See you there...

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

Quentin wrote: "One FB group is called Nordic Noir, another is Fans of Scandinavian Crime and Fiction. See you there..."

Thanks I've joined them both

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