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Song of Fire and Ice: Winds of Winter NOT coming out in 2015

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message 1: by Richelle (new)

Richelle (richellet) | 15 comments Mod
Are we surprised? Nah...

message 2: by Ian (new)

Ian Suddreth | 6 comments Mod
I read that today too... Very sad... Do you think that the series will have the same ending as the books? So if we watch the series it will ruin the book? That kinda sucks.

message 3: by Richelle (new)

Richelle (richellet) | 15 comments Mod
I can't see how they could have completely different endings. Maybe a few details changed, but he's been setting up for one ending all this time. I can't imagine it forking now.
However, we already know he made some changes in the show, perhaps to correct points he missed or add things that better fit his current vision of the ending. If the show overtakes the books, then it will be the books that have the information he wishes he'd put in the show. It will be an interesting switch.

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