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I am looking to swap beta reading/critiques. (I haven't beta read before but I'd love to!) I mostly read and write mainstream fiction so that's what I'm interested in beta reading, too.

My novel is as done as it's going to get after more than a year of revisions and nitpicking. It's a 67k word coming-of-age story from a woman's perspective. Here's the latest summary I've agonized over:

"I had plans, once, before Alana died. We were going to get away, to get jobs and go to college and just basically not end up like our moms – on subsidized housing, food stamps, and handouts from loser boyfriends. I feel like my my future died with my only friend. I'm 21 and I look 15. I don't have a car, or friends, or a resume, or prospects. I work under the table at a crap job. Now there's a man living with us who says he knew my dad, but doesn't say much else – except to say no to my mom's advances, which says a lot. It's an uncertain future, but it's a way out. For the low, low, one-time price of my illegal job and my tenuous relationship with my mother I can ride along with this grifter and remake myself. It's not like life on the road could be any rougher than this, right?"

Please note that there is explicit sex.

Thank you!

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I'm doing two BETA Reads right now, but if you still need someone in a couple of weeks I'd like to read your novel.

Jim Dodds

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Noted! Thank you!

Anybody free rn? I'm not in a big hurry. I'm just overexcited.

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