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message 1: by Katie (new)

Katie | 127 comments I just picked it up from the library today. I have been looking forward to reading it after a few good reviews hit my radar months ago so I have high hopes!

message 2: by Dianah (new)

Dianah (fig2) | 255 comments I wrote in my review that after you read this, if you're a parent, be prepared to apologize to your kids for everything you've ever done. It's a stark example of how parenting that seems right can go so wrong. Very humbling.

message 3: by Jan (new)

Jan (janrowell) | 1058 comments I'm another person who really liked this book. I thought it did a wonderful job of creating very human, flawed characters yet keeping you rooting for them and making their actions completely understandable. It was such a quiet, sad book.

message 4: by Drew (new)

Drew (drewlynn) | 416 comments While reading this book, I liked it but kept comparing it to other books about families who lost children but now that I'm done, I can appreciate how the author gave us the backstory, little by little, like a flower opening up.

For those of you still reading, NPR did a story on a new album that would make a good soundtrack for the chapter about Nath discovering his love for space: Also, the entire album is available for streaming on the First Listen section of the NPR Music site.

message 5: by Drew (new)

Drew (drewlynn) | 416 comments Marsha wrote: "It annoyed me that his family didnt hear Nath at all."

Or Hannah - that poor kid was practically invisible.

message 6: by Anna (new)

Anna | 16 comments I'm glad I read this book as it would never have crossed my path without TOB. I'm disappointed that it probably won't go far in the Tournament however, as Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay is much higher rated (I haven't read it yet and can't speak to the match-up other than through GoodReads reviews).

Hannah to me felt like a ploy by the author to have someone who could read emotions and wasn't so caught up in themselves and the past to notice what was going on. She felt developed enough as a character to actually "exist" but mostly her parts revealed things about the story/characters that we wouldn't otherwise be privy to. I'd like to see her as an adult after all the trauma of her childhood. I'm guessing she'd be a psychologist.

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