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Diź (dimal) Home of the Companions

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) Chandra followed her inside and looked in wonder.

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Diź (dimal) "welcome to jorrvaskr, the home of the companions" she said, giving a wave with her arm. "impressed?" she asked

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) "It's cool!" She said in awe

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Diź (dimal) she nodded, "yes it is" she said, pausing for a few seconds as she looked around, "first we'll need to find Kodlak so he'll see if you can join us" she said

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) ((Gonna go to sleep. Good night))

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Diź (dimal) ((kk, g'night))

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) ((I'm back))

((Nice Pic MTG Simic))

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Diź (dimal) ((welcome back))

she walked over to the main table and asked one of the others if Kodlak was here

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) Chandra walked up behind Aelaine. "This place is so different to the collage, and so small."

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) "So you really think they'll let me in?"

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Diź (dimal) she turned back around to her, "yeah, i don't see why he wouldn't" she said, "bad new though, he isn't in right now, so we'll have to try another time" she said

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) "Aw, so what do you want to do?" Chandra asked clearly disappointed

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Diź (dimal) Aelaine thought for a few moments and snapped her fingers, "we'll go on that travel around Skyrim you wanted. I'll get to see your skills first hand and i can give a recommendation to Kodlak and I'm sure you'll definitely get accepted if I were to vouch for your skills" she told her

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) "Really!? Thank you-thank you -thank you!" Chandra cheered hugging Aelaine "Let me go grab my stuff."

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Diź (dimal) again she was surprised by the hug and slightly surprised by her reaction too. "y-yeah sure... no problem" she said. "I'll meet you at the front gate" she told her

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) Chandra released Aelaine and ran off to the inn then met her at the front gate. "Ready." She said excitedly

((Change thread?))

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Diź (dimal) She nodded as she adjusted her pack, "ready to hit the road" she replied and opened up the gates


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Diź (dimal) Aelaine entered the main hall and took a seat at one of the tables, she was suddenly hungry like she hasn't eaten in days so she started eating what she could find

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Drew entered the building, he didn't see anyone at first but knew they were here.

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Diź (dimal) Cyren walked in behind him, putting his hood back up, "Jorrvaskr huh?" he said, "I'll try not to start anything... try" he said

((i can bring Aelaine in if you guys want))

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) ((Yeah!))

Chandra opened and eye and looked around. "Is there anywhere I can lie down?"

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Diź (dimal) ((kk))
Aelaine heard the front door open, she was still sad but not crying, at least now she wasn't. she looked up from her plate of food and saw a few people standing at the door she saw one in a Thalmor outfit and started to get angry but quickly snapped from it to surprise and shock as she saw Drew and Chandra standing next to him. She shot out of her chair towards them, she stopped a few paces away from the Thalmor but focused more on her friends, "how the... your... it can't be..." she said trying to get a complete sentence out.

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) "Aelaine?" Chandra asked confused for a moment. "Aelaine!" She cheered before gripping her side in agony

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" she needs medical attention and fast" Drew said, putting his good down and mask off.

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Diź (dimal) "right" she said, "where should we take her?" she asked him. "we can take her to my room if you want or your room"

"ahem.. i can heal her if needed" Cyren chimed in taking a step closer

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) ((I GTG To school now))

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" and you just thought of this now?" Drew looked at him." It would've helped almost a hour ago!"

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Diź (dimal) he shrugged, "it didn't look as serious before now" he said simply. "should we get to it?" he asked as he walked him to them, taking off his glove he placed his hand on her side and a light shined as the healing began.

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Diź (dimal) Cyren slowly pressed his hand closer onto Chandra, on the spot where she showed most pain.

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) "That feels nice." Chandra said smiling

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Drew smiled, laying back in a chair. Almost going to sleep right then and their but trying to hold off.

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) Chandra closed her eyes and smiled again. "Could I join the Companions?" She asked

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Drew couldn't help but smile, " we need to talk to the leader first"

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) "Okey dokey." She said razing her hand and looking at the marks here the shackles where

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Diź (dimal) Aelaine smiled, "I'm sure you'll make it" she told her and gave her a gentle hug, giving Drew one at the same time.

Cyren stepped back and put his glove back on and remained silent

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) Chandra hugged her back. "Thanks Aelaine!"

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(( so Apex... Time to give details on a prophecy ;p ))

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) ((Aw. My Fairy Tail Charie, Chandra(the best Chandra) is being adopted.:D))

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Diź (dimal) ((sweet, happy for her. okay, let's get this prophecy started))

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(( I wanted my character to go to jail for some reason. Then when they need him on a quest they talk to the jarl and try to get him out for the quest. But that's ok if it doesn't happen))

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) ((So what's this prophecy?))

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(( let me think on it tonight :) I'll get back to you guys as soon as I wake up. ))

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) ((Okay))

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Diź (dimal) ((Okay))

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(( night guys :) ))

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) ((Night Night Sleep tight! XD))

"How have you been Aelaine?" Chandra asked

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Diź (dimal) "I've been... okay" she replied "I'm doing loads better now though"

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AutreMoi (candlehome) (May I join here later? I could help you joining a character to the adventure or... I could help you with an antagonist to make the story line more interesting (^_^) , and withe prophecy on either way)

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Limmy-Sama!! (limthium) ((I live!!!))

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