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georgiabread | 214 comments The Wasteland of Ruins, as you would expect, is strewn with ruins. But not the ruins you'd normally expect. No, they aren't the ruins of castles and old towns. They're the ruins of vehicles and aircraft. Bits and pieces, or whole sections, of planes are left to sink into the ground. Thousands of rusted cars are found everywhere. Trucks, buses, trains, helicopters-anything you can think of-smother this wasteland. But strangely, it is safe. After being flattened in the war, vegetation has slowly grown back. The wasteland was the fastest to lose radiation, and now it has become quite...beautiful. Or, it would be, if a nuclear war hadn't ravaged it in the past. Also, many people have set up camp here. They've made makeshift shelters, and even miniture communities have sprung up in various places. They have not managed to grow crops or anything, but hunt wild animals that roam here and there. It is probably one of the most habitable locations in Mortus Ora.

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Quinn walked between two vine covered cars, grass brushing his ankles. He kept low, crouching between them so he wasn't seen by anything or anyone. Right now he really didn't want to attract any attention to him what so ever. His body was weak with hunger, he hadn't eaten in days, and he was also very dehydrated, licking his cracked lips before he stopped moving, sitting down between another car and a large tuck. He was trying to make it to small area of water he knew off under a broken down bus. He glanced through the opening where the doors on the car would have been. When he didn't see anyone for a long way off where the little communities where. He ran across a patch of open ground before he made it to the buss, climbing onto it and then forcing what was left of the doors closed behind him. Most of the seats had been removed, leaving a large bar spot in the back with a large hole in the bottom of the bus. Quinn set down his back on the ground beside a seat near the front of the bus that hadn't been removed before edging his way towards the whole.

Crouching down he then laid on his stomach beside the whole, a long piece of rope hanging over the edge that was tied to a rusty pull. Slowly he pulled the rope up, bring up the bucket that was attached to it as well. He smiled as he brought it up, gazing at the cool water in it as he tipped it back into his mouth, taking long drink before he lowered the bucket back down. Quinn rolled away from whole in the floor and then scooted over to the seat he had laid his bag by. He crawled under it, using his bag as a pillow and set his head down, pulling out a small book that had sketched maps he had made in it. He added what he had found while he had been on his small trip around the ruins. His stomach growled, reminding him that soon he'd have to look for food somewhere. He didn't care what it was right now, only that he needed some, all of his animal instincts told him to shift and find food as an animal. It would be easier but he was terrified of loosing himself so, like always he willed himself to resist the temptation.

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War* (warr) | 10 comments (Sorry if the flow is off, this was originally posted at the mall)

Nine years, it had been nine long years since the death of his mother, nine lonely years since abandoning his brother Alastair, and it was nine horrific years running from certain death and honing his abilities. All of it was beginning to take its toll on Ajax Harris, a nineteen year old mutant with nothing much to live for anymore. Nothing much more then finding his brother and killing a few Hunters on the way.

Which is why Ajax found himself in the Wastelands, on his way to the Norgate Mall, he was running low on supplies and was looking to restock. Slowly, he made his way though the thick vegetation, the only sound was the near silent crunch of grass under his feet. On his last Norgate run, Ajax had found, among the empty packaging of forgotten products, a pair of dark green cantons with long, thick, adjustable straps on them, which caused Ajax almost to smile. Since his last one as sitting in Mortus Ora somewhere with a Hunter's bullet hole through it. The cars around these parts were heavily covered in a blanket of dust, so Ajax pulled the blue bandana that he wore around his neck up to cover his nose and mouth. Knowing that if he breathed in the dust, his weaker lungs wouldn't be able to stop coughing, and he didn't really feel like drawing every Hunter in the area to him.

At this moment, Ajax had his slender frame pressed up against a car, knowing this place was filled with refugees that don't believe in the sanctuary and don't have much love for mutants.

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((I'll post tomorrow after school. Right now I have a splitting headache though :( ))

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War* (warr) | 10 comments ((Sure! Take your time and post whenever.))

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Quinn woke from his silent nap to a slight change in the breeze, or maybe in the mood of it some how. He was in high alert as he laid there under the bus seat, as still as he possibly could for a few minutes tell he felt his stomach growl. He relaxed, a small light bulb going off in his head when he realized the sound of his stomach was what woke him. He chuckled to himself quietly before he crawled out from under the bus seat and scooted over to the whole again. He had been living in this part for quite some time now, dodging refugees and hunters all together, to speak the truth he had never really encountered either. Quinn had seen one or the other from a far off distance but never any closer that about 200 yards off. He leaned over the whole in the floor as he laid down on his stomach, pulling up the bucket again and taking a few long drinks before lowering it again. When Quinn went over to his bag he took out his little note book, noting the quality and color of the water like he always did before he slipped it into his bag and then put it into his back.

Without a seconds thought Quinn crept his way over to the bus doors and slowly pushed them open just a bit, glancing around to make sure it was all clear before he dropped out of the bus, closing the bus doors with a gentle tug. Giving another canvass of the area he made a sprint across the small open clearing between the line of cars and the bus, diving behind a car when he heard a twig snap. Quickly he crawled under the car, huddling in darkness as he heard feet approaching and start moving past him. He saw feet and covered his mouth, not remembering the last time he had been this close to someone else. He stayed as quiet as he could, a blade of grass tickles his nose though making him sneeze. It was quiet but Quinn that it had been the loudest thing on earth. He froze, his muscles tensing to spring out at any moment to make a run for it.

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War* (warr) | 10 comments (Haha, that you did)

After a moment, Ajax moved forward, a quick dart from one car to the next, still unsure of his surrounding and slightly annoyed that his mutations didn't help him know if anyone was around. Ajax had just convinced himself he was in the clear when a noise from behind him nearly make him jump out of his skin "What the-?!" Ajax exclaimed, spinning to look behind him for the source of the noise, it had almost sounded like...a sneeze?

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Quinn stayed frozen under the car, especially when he saw feet move quickly to face his direction. He stayed completely still, hearing who ever it was yelling a bit in surprise. He crouched closer to the ground, his muscles twitchibg and badly wanting to shift into something that could free him from this situation. Glancing at the nearest thing next to him he couldn't find and escape route so he stayed there, controlling his breathing and hoping who ever it was would go about there way again rather than stumble onto him. However his hand did reach to his belt where he kept a switch blade, opening it and holding it properly in his hand so as he tried to move just a bit under the car but his foot hit metal, cause a great clanging. The metal clang spooked him, making him spring out of his hidding spot and trie to shot past the other person, switchblade in hand.

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War* (warr) | 10 comments Ajax's bright green eyes slowly drifted over the wrecked landscape, his breath stilling in his chest as he tried to locate the noise, hoping it was just his nerves or an animal. But then, a dull clanging drew his gaze to a car just in time to see a boy dart out, a flash of metal glinting in the boy's hand. Given the other boy's unrefined nature, Ajax didn't think he was a Hunter and was content to let him go until Ajax released he might have information on Alastair. "Hey!" Ajax called out, removing the cloth that covered his mouth, shifting the pack on his back to show the palms of both of his hands, a move of surrender. Although with his fire manipulation, he wasn't unarmed.

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Quinn shot post him, turning slighty to be ready to defend himself when he noticed he had trapped himself between another car and the other person because of the direction he had chosen to panic into. He turned, stiff muscled tell the other person spoke and put their hands up. The gesture he had to say was a bit knew to him but he stood straighter, eying the other boy as he kept the switch blade pointed down from the bottom of his chest, arm bent close to his chest as well. He stood there for a momet before his stomach gave a loud growl. "Friend of foe?" he asked harshly, teeth barred a bit like an animal as he gave a step back, his leg hitting up against the car behind him.

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Adela cursed to herself. It was frustrating. This was now the third place she was currently looking. She sighed softly and glanced around twirling the dagger that she had between her fingers. Her big blue eyes scanned the area and she reached back pulling her blond hair into a high pony tail. She tightened the laces on her black boots and stood up her eyes casting the area. She had the Woodland to look yet. If she couldn't find her there? Then she'd have to look beyond the border. The Sanctuary. Adela slowly walked through the ruins. Some slightly catching her attention. But she knew she had to stay forward. She continued her walk. .

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Tyler had his bow on his back as he walked around. He was always a pretty laid back person so this was nothing and besides he's gotten good with his powers so he could easily blind someone and run. Running and hand through his thick hair he pulled out the odd looking phone he had. It was amazing how much his brother loved to tinker with things and made something so useful with his power of photokinesis. As he was walk he saw someone past him, so he drew out his bow and one of his micshift arrows.

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Adela was cautious. Always on the look out for Hunters. The stupid people. This was a game for them and she knew it. She took one look down at the tattoo that laid on her arm. It wasn't a clean tattoo. She remembered the pain... They tried to hold her down. But it was done sooner then he thought. But she couldn't ever get it off. Which irritated her. She wasn't a savage. None of them were. She sighed but tensed as she heard movement. She swiftly slide behind a tree grabbing her own bow. Staying quiet.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Tyler had watched her and stayed against a wall. He shot out a small ball of light. It was bright enough to draw the attention of a Hunter but enough for the person to see. He would wanted to see if they were friendly or not and if thought a threat he'd shoot at the person. This was a matter of safety and he really thought he could give some help to them.

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Adela tensed, unsure if she should make herself known to the one who had sent the light. She took a deep breath then she called out, "Hey! You're not a Hunter?" Her voice slightly echoed but she kept her back firmly pressed against the tree. If needed she could always make an earthquake. Shake things up a little. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest and her nerves rose.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Tyler stepped out of the shadow if a wall. "Nope," he popped the p as the ball if light disappeared. When he stepped out his bow was lowered but not put away because this could always end badly with someone getting hurt. "By the way you reacted you aren't either," he called back to her.

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She came out her eyes slightly narrowed. She glanced at him and sighed. "Oh? Well that was kind of a stupid move. If I was a Hunter you would have given yourself out. Revealed who you really were," she nodded curtly.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Tyler laughed at her, " but you weren't since you reacted more of who's there then kill mode." The guy was observant and it paid of. "Besides if you were I would of blinded you."

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Adela chuckled at that. "Good to know," she mumbled and then glanced around. "I'm Adela," she mumbled still glancing at her surroundings. Waiting for something unexpected to just pop out.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Ty smiled and reach out his hand. "Tyler. Its nice to see another sort of friendly face...Addy," he gave her a cute nickname. He liked to be a person other can trust and being a older brother had helped him with that.

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Adela's face heated up. Her cheeks becoming a bright red as she began to blush. She reached out and gave his hand a firm hard shake then she let go and ran her hand up into her hair. This wasn't what she had planned for. "I don't know i I could say the same about you... Ty." She smirked.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Tyler shrugged at the nickname. "Well what brought you here?" He didn't have much to do but survive anymore and he was sort of a thrill seeker. He had notice the slight color to her cheeks when he called her Addy and oy gave him a smile which was friendly, he was a social person and since he was locked up for years to be hidden he had no friends.

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Adela sighed. Okay maybe he did seem friendly. "I'm looking for my sister. We were split up when we were escaping from the Hunters..." She nodded. "After tey gave us these," she held up her arm showing her savage tattoo.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Tyler sighed at the tattoo, he was lucky. "I escaped but with the cost of my brother's life and he was normal." He ran a hand through his hair, "I'll help you find her." He gave her a small smile which reflected in his eyes that she shouldn't argue.

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Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) Cautious, yet walking, was a figure. The tall grass made it to his mid-shin, his height helping him not be in to deep. In his ears were earbuds, a faint tune heard to the outside world. His hair was shaven on each side of his head, in the middle was a white mohawk. A piercing marked his lip, left eyebrow, and nose. His eyes were a greyish color, focused on the path in front of him. He wore basic clothes, grey shirt, grey and white jacket, dark blue jeans, and combat boots. Sticking out of his pocket was a chain, looking to be from a pocket watch. On his right thigh was a tomahawk, hooked by a strap to keep secure unless needed. He was walking.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments ((Sorry rping here with someone else with one of my male mutants already))

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) Benjamin was in a room planning were to go next, the map was on and showing an old building, maybe the contruction he was in. "It's weird... it's like a laberyinth" He said outloud to himself as he analyze the map "I have to find that electrical thing" He said moving with his finger the different levels of the building as he tries to found were is the main electrical resource.

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Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) (Ok I guess to a different thread)

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments ((I'm pretty sure the township is open))

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) (yeah...)

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments ((Both the woodland and township for sure is open))

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Adela eyes hardened for a moment. She sighed and nodded. "Fine. But I have some rules okay?" She raised her eyebrows looking him in the eyes. She wasn't comfortable with this guy yet. Who knew, he could have been a serial killer or something.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Tyler nodded at her along with a shrug. "Lay them on me," he was a pretty laid back guy and would joke around. The nineteen year old looked at the sky for a moment. He knew they'd have to get moving soon so there was no suspicion on the by nearby hunters.

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georgiabread | 214 comments ((can I join you guys with my hunter?))

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((I don't mind))

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments ((Neither do I))

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georgiabread | 214 comments ((cool, thanks))

Sawyer's boots crunched the rubble and twisted metal as she wandered warily throught the wasteland. She tightened an arrow in her bow, eyes darting around for any signs of movement. Something scampered past her, and she whirled around, arrow ready to fly, but immediately relaxed. It was only a rat. The wasteland seemed truly abandoned, but Sawyer knew at least someone had to be hiding here. Ages ago she'd seen helpless families setting up lives here, but at that moment the wasteland was uninhabited. Or so she suspected.

A dog with straggly wet fur rummaged around in some litter nearby; Sawyer roughly urged it along with her boot as she passed. "Anything to report?" came a small voice in her earpiece. She pressed a small button on the earpiece with her thumb. "Not yet," she muttered. Suddenly she heard voices, fairly loud ones, and froze, a smug smirk curling up on her face. "Actually, I might be reporting a few casualties soon," she said. The voice in the earpiece laughed, and a muffled click told her the person had signed off.

Sawyer crouched against a rusty car half-buried in the soil, and peered out from behind it. Two people-a girl and and boy-stood a good way off, talking casually. Well, at the least boy seemed to be, by the way he was standing. Asshole, she thought. How are they so relaxed? They should be on their guard. She poked her bow cautiously out the side of the car, the arrow aimed at the guy. She was just about to loose it when the ground crumbled beneath her and she fell forward, tumbling right into the sight of the boy and girl. The ground shuddered, shaking the trees and trembling the makeshift homes of the wasteland. Sawyer braced herself against the ground, heart pounding, until the shuddering subsides. Mini earthquake...she thought. Then she looked up at the boy and girl.

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Adela was about to speak when the ground rumbled slightly and her eyes narrowed. She looked at the boy and then her eyes scanned the area. She turned back to him casually. Her hands tightened. "Okay.... I need you to casually nod and walk... Or something... I sense... Something. I am currently unsure at the moment... Who it is...." She just needed to touch the ground again. She could get make a wall. Make a run for it! She took a deep breath. Moving swiftly she stepped in front of him. "If it's a Hunter they probably already saw my tattoo. They.. You may still be able to get out alive. My sister.... Her name is Anne. If something happens to me. Please..." She looked up at him. And then with cautious yet quick movements she spun around scanning the area quickly. It may have been an animal.... But she was very paranoid.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Tyler looked around but his was as different. "You can trust me to right," he grabbed her arm lightly. He was a fast runner, faster then people who were thought to of been fast. In Ty's other hand he had a ball of pure blinding light and throw it around after seeing a human shape. He was relaxed because he was a laid back guy and was a beacon of light when he wanted to. "Addie I want you to get on my back," he started to pull her back.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Sawyer rolled to the side just as a ball of light came hurtling past. She swore under her breath. Oh yeah, definitely mutants. She moved back behind the rusted car and rested her bow against one of the windows. Fury was etched all over her face. Those two had made a big mistake to attack her...Now she would retaliate, and they could expect something big. She slotted two more arrows into her bow and aimed them at the pair. They had moved closer to each other; she could kill them both at the same time now. Sawyer drew a deep breath and sighed. She loosed the arrows.

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Adela hesitated. She looked at him. Her jaw tightened. "I don't see how..." She sighed and moved swiftly jumping up into his back. Her hair swinging in it ponytail. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and glanced around before sighing once again. Then she wrapped her arms around him and spotted the arrows. Her eyes widened. They were in trouble.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Tyler nodded and took off running in a zigzag path. The arrows grazed his arm from where he held the blonde up on his back. To even further confusion he made sun rays brighter so the distanced covered them blindly. He was running at full speed with was close to a slow car, endurance was key to that. "Addie, you okay?" he asked in the midest of running.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Sawyer immediately took after the pair, almost laughing at the sight of one on top of the other. She felt the increasing heat as someone...brightened the sun's rays? Sawyer had no idea what had happened but she hated it; it had shrouded the mutants for a moment, before she ran towards them and they came into the full view. She grabbed another arrow and aimed it at the boy's back. "You won't be running for too long," she whispered. Suddenly her foot snagged on a rock and she fell forward. Her bow slid out of her hands as she used them to block her fall. No, no, no, no! She scrambled for her bow, slotting the arrow back inside and took the shot as she crouched. It soared towards the pair as she stood and took off after them.

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Adela was about to say she was fine until she felt a sharp pain in the side of her back and stomach. She gasped and her arms loosened around his neck. She blinked in surprise and looked down and cursed several times. Some of the words worse then other. She took a deep breath and wrapped her arms around him once again. "I'm fine..." She croaked taking deep breaths. "We... Need cover..." She yelled at him breathlessly as the arrow stayed pierced into her skin.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Tyler nodded at her, "close your eyes Adela." He didn't what for her reply as he made the sun's rays even brighter. This was what he had done when he was in his basement he hid in for so many years. He knee she was hurt by the sound of her voice.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Sawyer smiled when she saw the arrow had met its target. She stood up and kept running, the light of the sun growing more intense by the moment. One of those mutants had to have an ability to do with the sun; at rate it was lighting up the wasteland, it was clearly unnatural. She pulled another arrow back in her bow. The pair was helpless, running through the wasteland like that. There was nowhere left for them to go; the couldn't do anything but hide. If they did, Sawyer would find them eventually. "Stop right where you are," she called out. "Surrender. I might just kill you swiftly if you do." She lowered her bow so the arrow was aimed at the boy's calf muscle, and let the arrow fly.

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Adela turned her head her eyes dark. "You stop where you are!!!!" She yelled. With the last bit of her strength she swung up her arm and made a wall, between her partner and the Hunter. It was about ten feet high and went on for about a mile in both directions. But in doing so made Adela collapse on Tyler back. Her body limp.

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