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georgiabread | 214 comments A tempest is a storm. A hurricane. A whirlwind of smoke, shrapnel and pure terror. There's something about this highway, that stretches through wastelands and ruins towards an obliterated city, that draws storms to it. Constantly, tornadoes, typhoons, hostile electric storms and more form right on this highway. The real problem? Survivors travel across it, always putting their lives at risk. Almost always there is a storm brewing on Tempest's Highway, but what can anyone do about it? The wastelands are far worse than the highway, and just like the woodland, you could so easily get lost in them, and never return.

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Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments As was usual for the area, a storm was brewing overhead. It hadn't quite reached its peak yet but raindrops still fell on the old broken highway with a steady patter. A dark-clothed figure sat crouched in a nearby tree, or what remained of it. At one point it had been a proud Oak, tall and majestic. Years of storms and light radiation had twisted it into a ghostly shadow of its former self. Still, it served the purpose that the man required. It kept him off of the ground at a good vantage point where he could clearly see the road while simultaneously keeping the worst of the rain from reaching him. The darkening of the late afternoon combined with his black clothing went a long way toward making him invisible to passerby. And they were the reason he was there. He had been coming to this highway every day for nearly a week and the black canvas pack on his back, filled with all sorts of goods he had 'acquired' during that time, attested to his success. The blood smeared across his face in a kind of primal warpaint pattern and the pistols strapped all over his body gave a hint as to what exactly his enterprise had been. He wouldn't remain for much longer. Sooner or later a wraith grabbing people off of a main thoroughfare for traffic would draw unwanted attention. One more day he had told himself that morning as he made a last check of his equipment. Now with the rain rolling off his hood he wondered whether he should have even come back.

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((Kane, a mutant. Also there's a good chance that since he's here the hunters will know that something's wrong in this area. He doesn't exactly keep a low profile.

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((Sorry, I ended up getting caught up in something. I'll post when I can))

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments There hadn't been anyone on the road for hours, at least no humans. Kane wouldn't have been able to explain it but he tended to be able to tell what species people were. They just had a certain feel to them. He was finally about to give up and head out when something caught his attention. He saw something moving out of the corner of his eye, a figure slinking through the trees. And they were holding a sword. He stood on the branch where he had been sitting, looking right at Theodora and somehow managing not to fall off as he reached up inside his hood to touch something on the side of his head. The dark goggles he was wearing suddenly came to life with an eery blood red glow. Then he was gone. He didn't jump from the tree, he was simply gone without a trace. A voice boomed out from nearby, seeming to come from several directions at once. "A mistake to stray so far from your precious dome, human" he spat. Shots rang out from the forest, a hail of bullets in rapid succession. They weren't exactly precise, if she looked carefully into woods the hunter would see that Kane was holding a pistol in each hand and he had emptied both magazines in about a second, but there was a lot of them.

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((Sounds good to me. Yeah, he's not really a people person))

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((That'll be fine, I just woke up))

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments Kane scowled as his assailant annoyingly managed to not be killed by his first volley. Judging by the fact that she was evidently unfazed by the ordeal and even brave or stupid enough to charge at him (it was hard to tell the diference sometimes) she must be a hunter. He dropped the now-empty guns, still smoking from the barrage, and slowly lowered his arms to his sides. He let the girl get within three or four feet before he disappeared again with a tiny rush of displaced air. This time he re-appeared behind her a good distance away and drew another two weapons which he wasted no time aiming and firing at the hunter's back. He kind of hoped that the bullets wouldn't kill her. That would be too easy. After all they had done the humans didn't deserve a quick death. He would capture her if he could, make it slow and painful. Then when he was finished he would nail her lifeless body to a tree near the dome entrance as he had done before. Let the humans know that they were no longer welcome in the outside world.

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((Not a problem, I know it gets that way sometimes))

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments Kane laughed sadistically when a brief spray of blood indicated that one of the bullets must have struck its target. It hadn't been a direct hit but instead skimmed along her side and opened up a decent gash that would require proper treatment and stitches if she hoped to keep it from becoming infected. She turned back to face him once more as she shifted her right hand to apply pressure and lessen the bleeding. The look on her face indicated that she was less than happy with the situation. "Looks like they'll give anybody a weapon and send them out here after us. They must be getting desperate!" he called out mockingly. Despite still having ammunition in the two pistols he had been using, he shoved them back into houlsters and reached behind his back. She hadn't managed to land an attack yet but the human had handily dodged most of both attacks. He stood there with empty hands as she approached and only when she was about ten feet away did he move. His right hand shot behind his back and grabbed something at waste level. With a sharp tug and the scrape of metal on canvas he produced an over-under shotgun whose barrels had been chopped off just a few inches from the double triggers and the stock had been taken off completely to leave it with a rough pistol grip. He didn't bother holding the thing in front of his face to aim it, such a weapon was not made for precision, but instead held it at his hip and pulled the triggers. There was a *thud* sound the likes of which had no business coming from a modern weapon and nothing else happened. The twelve gauge buckshot rounds, scavenged from somewhere, had apparently been exposed to the elements long enough that the powder failed to ignite and send their projectiles out of the barrel as they were supposed to. In a temporary lapse of judgment Kane looked down at the weapon with a quizzical look of betrayal rather than drop it or teleport away.

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments His head snapped up as he saw her begin to charge and he quickly dropped the shotgun. He disappeared as he should have done in the beginning but not before Theodora would have felt a slight tug on her blade. Blood dripped from the tip of her sword and showed that she had struck at least an inch or two deep. Not immediately life threatening but certainly a hit. Kane had re-appeared in a tree overhead and pressed a hand to his momentarily before bringing his fingers to his nose. The scent of copper immediately assaulted him. Blood. His. She had stabbed him with a sword. Rather than be weakened by pain or nausea he became angry. How dare she? Without a word he drew a long combat knife from its sheathe on hks waist, of the type that many hunters carried with them when they ventured out into the wilderness, and let himself fall from the branch straight down toward Theodora.

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments Kane disappeared in mid fall only to reappear in front of Theodora but far enough away to be out of immediate range of her sword. Now the knife was held in a reverse grip in his left hand and his right clutched another pistol which seemed to already be firing. His wound was already forgot although blood still dripped down his side to disappear onto the wet ground below. It was serious enough to require attention but he was too angry to do so at the moment even if he hadn't been busy trying to kill the one who stabbed him.

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments Another hit, and a solid one of the brief spray of blood was anything to judge by. She was fortunate that the shots that connected had been the ones that had. The wounds she had suffered were from the hard nose military and target ammunition that most of his guns had. A few, however, were loaded with hollowpoints and frangible bullets. If one of those had struck she would have lost a lot more than blood. She had shown an annoying tendency to dodge... suddenly Kane was gone again for a few seconds there was no sound to indicate where he had gone, then a series of rapid fire gunshots sounded from overhead. This time however, they weren't aimed at the hunter. A huge limb, mostly dead and dislodged by the bullets that had sundered its base from the body of the tree, flew straight down toward the spot where Theodora was standing. Kane crouched on the adjacent tree with an expression of grim satisfaction on his face and a still-smoking pistol in his right hand.

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((I was thinking one of them probably would pretty soon. But crazy people tend to not stop until they're dead so it wouldn't have happened with Kane any time soon.))

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments Tired of chasing his enemy around to no avail, she didn't even have the decency to let herself be crushed by the branch, Kane reached behind his back and pulled out a dark metal object. It was roughly egg shaped with a forest green coating designed to hide it from casual obeservation except for a ring shaped piece on the top that was silver in color. It was a fragmentation grenade looted from the body of some unfortunate hunter who had come before. He held it out in front of himself in his left hand with his middle finger through the ring. Once he was sure she had seen it he flipped her off, pulling the pin in the same motion, and tossed it toward her casually. Dodge that he thought sarcastically as it arced through the air with its short fuse already nearing the end. She should be flattered. Those things weren't exactly cheap or plentiful and he had thought her worthy of one.

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((He would certainly do that))

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Lyndsey ((Ayyy, random person poking in! So, I was wondering if you guys would be okay with a third party (in the future, or whenever)? I'm more than happy to make a male if that would fit better. (: ))

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((Fine with me))

Kane smiled as a brief blast of intense light took the hunter off of her feet. She was slowing down. Blood loss maybe. Speaking of which. He looked down at his side and scowled at it as if that would top the blood that had soaked through his shirt. Fortunately it wasn't a terrible wound, just very annoying. He teleported down to the ground and slowly advanced toward the downed woman. While he walked he reached up and pulled his hood back to give a better view of his blood-smeared face although he left the goggles in place. "You, I think will be crucified." he said matter of factly, gesturing in the general direction of the Sanctuary, "Over there where they can see you. The ancient Romans were masters of death and they figured out that that was the most painful way they could do it. It's almost never the blood loss that kills you though. As your body weight pulls down on your arms it restricts the movement of your diaphragm. Slowly, ever so slowly, you suffocate while all of your weight pulls down on the nails in your hands and feet. Sometimes the people take days to die." he spoke slowly and clearly as he walked toward where she lay on yhe ground. He could have easily teleported the whole distance but this, this was more fun. "Shame too you couldn't have been one of us. You've got a nice face." he continued, although his off handed complement rang hollow in the context.

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Lyndsey ((Sweet, I'll join in later! ^^ Thank you both!))

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Lyndsey ((No, I just have my female made. I'm thinking of using Luke Evans as a FC? I need to read your girls BIO so I can sort of work with it more.))

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Lyndsey ((Just found her, great charri! I think Luke will work, he'll be older than her but that will just make things more interesting xD Do you mind if I bring Aviana in too, later on?))

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Lyndsey ((Cool, I'll have him up tomorrow---sunday by the latest. ))

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((If you don't mind I was going to wait for Lyndsey to have her character join since this seems like a good spot to do so))

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Lyndsey ((Just waiting for approval now, so I should be posting today/tomorrow depending on when the mods approve him ^^))

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Lyndsey Wet gravel crunched underfoot, as an impressively built form moved gracefully across the terrain; the deluge from above cracking open the sky, and showering the landscape below in its building fury. Darkness danced in the murky twilight, the scream of the wind muffling all noise of the silently approaching figure from the east.
His movements held a certain predatory aura, the cowl of his cloak obscuring any visible features in shadow. His shoulders were hunched slightly against the howling wind, but he strode heedlessly forward ---ignoring the rain which pelted his form.
A glint of fading light revealed for a moment a glimpse of his chiseled face, and dark---brooding eyes, which were quickly immersed once again in darkness as he prowled forward.
Vlad Xavian. A name both familiar, yet strange to the man himself. He was a hunter, trained by the government to extradite the undesirables of this world, and send them... somewhere better.
Vlad scanned the landscape before him effortlessly, a trait born of years searching for mutants through the accursed wilds. He was detouring, he knew that; but when he'd caught the sent of a fellow hunter, he couldn't help but feel intrigued. It'd been some time since he'd seen one of his own kind, and so impulsively, he'd tracked her like he would one of his targets.
He slowed as a sudden crack filled the air, followed by a few shouts, and then an explosion. Almost feline-like, Vlad moved towards the commotion. Had the hunter found a mutant?
Seconds later, he had his answer. Removing both his semi-automatic pistols, Vlad dropped into a crouch, letting his cloak slip to the ground along with his backpack. He would work better without them. Already, he could feel the warm trickle of adrenaline filling his veins. A smile tugged at his lips. This was what Vlad lived for.

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Lyndsey ((Thanks, and in the male hunter section. ;) ))

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((Sorry, I probably won't be able to respond until Monday. RL stuff.))

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Lyndsey ((Same here ^^))

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments Under the assumption that he was far enough out that no one would find them even amid the gun shots and explosion, Kane was focused on his target to the exclusion of all else. Theodora was very obviously either unconscious or well on her way to being so. As he stepped up beside her he kicked the sword from her hand with a leisurely kick that sent its pommel just beyond her reach in case she decided to try to make a fight of it. "Hmff. Hunters. Wastes of air and enforcers of a corrupt regime. Your death will be slow and panful but don't worry. I'll make sure you're awake for it." he said as he reached up and pulled the black hood over his head. Bending down to kneel on one knee he took her chin in his hand and turned her head left and then right, none too gently, before standing back up. Suddenly he got a feeling... Kane spun around while pulling two more pistols from their houlsters and pointing them in front of him. Someone was there. Someone was there. His eyes darted back and forth up and down, looking for whoever had disturbed him. There was an umistakable look of insanity in his eyes if the goggles hadn't obscured them.

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Lyndsey ((I'll try and reply tonight))

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Lyndsey Vlad's feet flew across the wet earth, his form flittering between the skeletal trees. The girl was sprawled in the mud about twenty yards away, a figure hunching over her. He turned as Vlad neared; straightening up, and withdrawing a set of guns. His eyes flashed in the haze of murky light, showing the unmistakably insane nature of the mutant. Perfect. Vlad detested killing vermin who seemed to posses a sense of humanity. He'd rather deal with them in their true form: non-human, and alien.
Tossing a small smoke grenade a ways to the right, Vlad slowed his approach, a plan forming in his head as the grenade went off---presumably drawing the attention of the mutant. Slipping from the cover of the trees, Vlad fired a few warning shots at the mutant, taking note of the position of the female hunter before again slipping behind the trees.
Now that he was close enough for the mutant to hear him, he called out in a bored tone of voice, "You know, every time I think I've put a bullet through the last one of your heads, another one of you pops up and proves me wrong." Tossing his head back with a broad grin, he added in after thought, "not that I mind. You lot make make things interesting."

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments Now with someone else to draw his attention, and one who was currently more of a threat than the unconscious Theodora, Kane temporarily lost interest in the woman. Kane glared at the new arrival as he approached, staring directly at him even through the smoke that had begun to envelope the three of them. The rain that beat down served to keep the thick gray cloud closer to ground level where it obscured far more than it would have normally. Still, Kane's superhuman vision let him see through it with near-perfect clarity. The other Hunter was hanging back to stay in cover for the moment, but it wouldn't be long before he decided on what action he wanted to take and moved in. Of course he wouldn't get far, pathetic Human. Kane emptied both pistols in his direction then held his arms straight out to the sides, looked up toward the sky and vanished. "You fool" came a sneering voice from somewhere in the darkness, deep and mocking, "know not that this night your soul shall be required of thee? I am the Hunter of Hunters. The harbinger of your extinction. I am burdened with terrible purpose!". Another hail of bullets came in, every one was from a slightly different angle as if they all came from different people. In reality Kane was blinking from tree to tree in the darkness, firing once from each position and moving on, the only thing visible being the glowing red lenses of his goggles.

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Lyndsey Vlad raised an eyebrow quizzically, a smirk tugging at the corner of his lips. He was about to make a mordant reply, when abruptly, a hailstorm of seemingly random bullets cut through the underbrush, all converging on his current location. Vlad barely had time to utter a curse before he was forced into action. Spinning on his heel, he threw himself to the side; rolling as he made contact with the ground. As the bullets shredded the tree he'd been using as a shield, Vlad took off in a sprint, scanning the area with a practiced eye. If he'd not spent the last twenty years of his life hunting mutants, he'd have assumed there were twenty armed gunmen scattered about the vicinity. In a way, he couldn't blame the female hunter for being caught off guard---fighting these creatures certainly put them at a disadvantage.

It was him. Though Vlad's eyes couldn't make out the figure roughly a bus length away, his gut told him he was there. It was obvious he knew where Vlad was, but it was less clear if he knew that Vlad knew where he was. Taking a risk, Vlad ducked out from under his tree, and let loose a tidal wave of gun fire. Slivers of bark and mud sprayed in every direction, lacing Vlad's form in a covering of silt.

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Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments Moves and counter-moves. Despite appearances, Kane was actually highly intelligent. Underneath an admittedly thick layer of crazy, his mind was glacially calm with laser focus. That combined with his inhuman reflexes made him a dangerous opponent indeed. Every one of his jumps was thoroughly calculated to put him at the perfect angle to strike his opponent wherever he happened to be at the time. Unfortunately he lost sight of him momentarily and stopped firing to glance arond and try to find out where he had gone. Surely he wasn't dead already. That would be disappointing. Of course the first hunter was still alive as far as he knew so even if the second didn't survive the encounter he would still have some fun. A burst of gunfire answered the question of whether or not the other man still lived. Kane saw him step out from behind a tree and raised his own weapons to attack but didn't have time to get off more than a few un-aimed shots before he had to blink again to avoid the hunter's fire. He reappeared a good distance away with his back to a tree, sitting in the mud at an odd angle. He felt... strange. Reaching a hand down to touch his side, it came back bloody. For a few seconds he stared at the red liquid dripping from his fingers with a look of confusion before remembering that he had been hit close to the beginning of the fight. He quickly reach back into his pack with one hand and withdrew a lighter while the other yanked a combat knife from its sheath. The lighter came to life with a flick of his thumb and he held it beneath the blade until it was hot enough that raindrops falling on it fizzled and popped. Then, taking a deep breath ajd careful not to make any loud noises that would give away his position, Kane lifted his shirt and held the broad side of the hot blade to the wound on his side. Skin burned painfully as the metal seared the skin but it cauterized the wound enough to keep him from losing any more blood. With everything put back in its proper place he leaned his head round the tree to see what the pair of hunters were up to. Hopefully they hadn't gotten away while he was busy.

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Lyndsey ((So before I reply, should Kane or Vlad come off victor? Or will there be a sort of truce?))

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((With Kane's character there probably wouldn't be a 'truce' per se, but something where they both survive, yes. Also I may not be able to post for a day or two [sorry]))

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Lyndsey ((I get what you mean, I'll think on this a bit and try to reply tomorrow. Work has been crazy, and college classes are starting up next month, so I'll also be spotty in my replies as well. You're fine. ^^))

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Lyndsey ((I'm just terrible! I'm so sorry I haven't replied yet, I've been working from early days till 12 at night. Tomorrow will be better though so I promise to reply then.))

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((No worries, I just got back from a trip anyway and I have classes all week along with work. Take your time.))

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Lyndsey ((Thank you ^^ I hope your trip went well!))

Apart from the hammering of the rain, silence descended over the clearing. Silently turning, Vlad tossed the smoking guns at his sides into the mud, and headed back to where he'd thrown his baggage. Bloody weaponry, they didn't make things like they used to.
Crouching over his discarded bag, he mentally counted out the supplies he would need for the next step of his counter-attack. Yanking a machine gun and large bottle from the sack, he rose to his feet and turned back towards the skeletal trees and jutting rock piles outlining the area the mutant presumably lurked within. Wincing a bit, he glanced down at his arm and noted a patch of crimson slicing open the side of it that he'd paid no heed of before. The mutant was fast; fast, and armed with the forces of nature... of which, Vlad would quickly see too.

He started by setting the trees on fire. The bottle of flammable solution worked more effectively than he'd thought it would. After finding the female hunter, and carrying her a safe distance from the growing blaze, he began his watch of the forest. Waiting for the human form to escape the flaming brambles like a bee fleeing the smoke of a beekeeper's design.

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments What started as a flash soon became a rapidly brightening glow as the trees began to burn and smoke. So, he planned to flush him out? Well whether Kane liked it or not, it was going to work. He couldn't very well sit in a burning forest and he wasn't about to run off in the other direction and leave the two hunters alive. He stood up, turned toward where the two were the last time he had seen them, and teleported. He reappeared in mid-air, spotted the two, and disappeared again. They were still there all right, and the male was waiting for him. Of course Kane had no grenades left after using his one against the girl early on. What he did have were some hand made explosives. Before blinking behind the hunters he grabbed a football sized object from his backpack and lit a waxed fuze. It was an old coffee can with sheet metal welded over its open end. The inside was a core of plastic explosive surrounded by nails and the powder form of arsenic. It was a crude device, but one that was capable of causing a significant amount of damage to unarmored targets. He already had his arm cocked back when he appeared behind Vlad and Theodora and he flung the primed IED towards them, immediately disappearing again. "I can smell your blood" he called out from nearby, crouched between bushes. The whole forest would be burning soon and once he made sure that they couldn't get away from it he would teleport to safety. He couldn't leave too early and risk them surviving.

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Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((Quite lovely, thanks. 28 hours of driving altogether but I enjoyed it.))

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Lyndsey (((view spoiler)))

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Lyndsey Every thing felt surreal, hypnagogic. The world seemed to constrict into a single point, as Vlad focused on the object gleaming mid air.
So, it has come to this again? There was no way he could react fast enough to save the girl, and kill the mutant. He'd have to pick one.
This was his question. The question that had perused him from the moment he'd become a hunter, the one he'd faced countless times before.
Vlad's gaze dropped to the girl's unconscious face. It was clear she was physically attractive, underneath the gore which coated her features. He would have placed her age at about eighteen, maybe nineteen.
So, young. To die.
This is the life he'd chosen. Play acting god; deciding who would live, and who would die. This was a game to him. A game which slowly devoured his soul, consuming the small flicker of human feeling that might have once propelled him to save this girl and cut the remaining losses.
---But Vlad, had changed. Was this girl, any different from the mutant? Was saving her life worth anything. Vlad killed. And killed. And killed... where did it stop? When did he step back, and take the heroic road, rather than the one he knew he was destined to be with.
Just for today then. Just today.

Vlad sprang forward, slipping his arms around the girl and yanking her from the muddy soil. He pressed her to his chest, sprinting the remaining ten feet before jumping to clear the explosion, which sent vibrations reverberating across the clearing.
A spray of hot rock and dirt rained on his back, as he lay curled around the form of the female underneath him. After a few moments, he blinked and moved away, shakily getting to his feet. A high whine rang through his ears, making it difficult to focus.
He cursed when he realized his provisions were now a smouldering mess of fabric and useless remains. All that was left was his gun, which was not exactly the most impressive weapon to carry a fight with. Especially when the opponent in question was a psychotic, teleporting mutant, who was likely eying him in that very moment.
This was going to be a long night.

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Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments Kane had put a good amount of distance between himself and the explosion and now watched from far enough off that the explosion was nothing more than a brief pressure wave. He certainly didn't want to be any closer. Weapons like that one were notoriously finnicky and a minor miscalculation on his part might have increased the blast radius without his knowledge. And he didn't feel like risking getting peppered with arsenic coated nail fragments. That stuff would mess you up. I shorter fuse on the blasting cap next time he thought with annoyance as the male managed to grab the female and throw them both out of range before the explosive detonated. The only condolence was the fact that the man's equipment had been left behind and not fared nearly as well as its owner. Hmm. Saved the girl instead of his weapons. Idiot. Should have left her. Now they would both die. He still had a gun but he would run out of ammunition soon enough without his supplies. Speaking of ammunition. Kane drew another pistol for each hand, a Beretta M9 and an old Colt M1911. After these he would only have one left. He started teleporting around the clearing in which the two hunters were huddled, chanting softly as he did so, trying to provoke the male into firing and wasting his ammo.

"Like the leaves of the forest when Summer is green,
That host with their banners at sunset were seen:
Like the leaves of the forest when Autumn hath blown,
That host on the morrow lay withered and strown.

For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast,
And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed;
And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill,
And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still"

Let them hear and let them be afraid. They had caused enough trouble over the course of the fight. He had used all of the explosives he carried with him along with most of his weapons. There was more back at his base of course but that stuff didn't exactly grown on trees. It was supplied by the Human's city, sent with people like the ones with which he now fought.

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Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((Aww, you're too kind. Everyone has room for improvement but I think your writing is excellent. I do ok. My writing is a lot better when I get the chance to edit it afterward. No one to talk to really but I wasn't the one driving did some writing and played Lost in Blue on DS))

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Lyndsey ((Maybe I could bring Avi in too? I think she might be what we need to end the conflict without either side breaking character, or dying. I'll make up a past with Vlad and her, which will explain why he doesn't kill her as well.
@Coben, that's something I can agree with! Editing is where the real magic happens. Writing, writing, writing. We're always writing. xD Haven't played lost in blue yet! I have everything but a DS, it kills me. Nintendo 64 FTW though.))

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Lyndsey Motionlessly, Vlad stood under the deluge raining from the heavens, letting the demonic chanting of the mutant wash over him. His dark hair, wet with rain and blood, pressed against his neck uncomfortably---a small addition to his list of growing problems.

For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast,

Vlad's heart thudded with increasing intensity, beating in tandem with the chorus of sound echoing around him. He shifted slightly, narrowing his eyes as he tried to pick out a pattern in the shifting shapes around them.

And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed;

Those words.
The tune was unfamiliar to Vlad, but the message was clear.

And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still

Someone would die here tonight. Blood was about to be spilled.
Following a gut urge Vlad yanked the machine gun upwards, leveling it with the landscape, and let a few rounds light up the night like an array of fireworks. He paused, listening intently for any sound that might indicate he had hit his target. He cursed when the chanting continued, heedless of his growing unease.

Coben [Arming the strong, aiding the weak] | 45 comments ((Yeah, that'd be good. Lost in Blue is really fun, I just kind of forgot about it for a while so I still haven't beaten it. Nintendo 64 is AWESOME. I still have to hook up a tube tv so I can play it again.))

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Lyndsey ((Re-playing past games is the best, especially when they're good. @ME TOO! Legend of zelda is my FAVORITE video game ever. People have no idea what they're missing. The originals beat everything they have tried to come out with since.))

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