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georgiabread | 214 comments The Old Fort has been standing since sometime in the 1700s, at the banks of a murky river. Amazingly, it lasted for so many years due to preservation from the town that used to be situated nearby. This town has long since been demolished after an enormous fire. The Fort is all that remains; its like the town's own little landmark, and now serves as a perfect shelter or hiding place for anyone. However, it does get a little eerie at night...

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Crouching behind a crumbling wall of wood, Elli considered her options. She could try and run for it, but the chance whoever she'd seen would see her too was too high. Showing her self was an even sillier idea - how did she know the figure wasn't a Hunter, or a rouge mutant. And even if they weren't rouge, they still wouldn't want to have Elli around, and if she was brutally honest, the possible mutants wouldn't want her around either. Elli closed her eyes briefly, coming to a derision. Even though crouching was very uncomfortable, it was the safest option. She could just stay quiet and hope for the best...

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas warily trudged along the bank of the lake, holding his pistol tightly in his hand. So far he hadn't come across any mutants at all (thankfully). He wasn't sure about his dog, who hadn't turned up at all either. Suddenly a huge shape came into view; it wasn't long before Thomas realised, in the light of the day, it was the ruins of an old castle of some sort. Suddenly he had a brain wave: mutants could be hiding inside. Of course, he didn't really want to check; his stomach squirmed in angst at the thought of murdering someone, but also at the thought of a mutant murdering him. He knew how dangerous they could be. They had supernatural powers, for goodness' sake. But Thomas knew he had to. A tracker had been injected into his arm that recorded his every move, which was then sent back to the Sanctuary. He had to at least search the ruins. Thomas approached the castle cautiously, holding his pistol up in front of him. His boots crunched on old stones as he stepped through a gap in the wall.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas breathed carefully through his mask, slowly creeping through the fort ruins. A rat scuttled past his feet and he leapt back, aiming his pistol at its retreating tail. Calm down, it's just a rat. Stop panicking, he told himself.

Suddenly a bark echoed through the ruins, bouncing of the walls. Thomas tensed, but something was familiar about the bark. Suddenly an over-sized German Shepard bounded through a hole in a crumbling wall, snuffling at the broken bricks and rubble. Thomas immediately relaxed; it was only Rusty. He bent down to pat his companion, but the dog ignored him, continuing to sniff through the ruins. He let out another bark in the direction of an exit out of the ruins; the hackles on his neck were slowly rising up. He'd sensed something, or someone

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas' stomach did a back-flip as Rusty set off in search for what he had sensed. What if it was a mutant? What if it was a mutant child? The tracker would be watching his movements, expecting him to kill whoever he came across, but Thomas knew he wouldn't be able to.

He'd been trained to kill ever since he was a tween. All skills and strategies had been engraved on his mind. He knew how to snap a neck properly, where he'd find pressure points; if he were to throw a knife into someone, he knew the places where they would die, if the knife hit them. But he couldn't do it.

Suddenly he heard a vague voice floating on the gentle breeze, singing. Even though it was a little muffled, he could tell it was feminine, and rather pretty. His stomach did another back-flip. Not a girl, he thought. Please, not a girl, I can't kill a girl. Reluctantly he followed after Rusty, his pistol held high. Silently he begged Rusty wouldn't find whoever owned the voice; the dog would go straight in for the kill, right after he recieved some kind of permission. Thomas hastened forward to catch up with his dog, but suddenly Rusty's ears pricked up and he looked in another direction. Instantly he was off, sniffing at the ground for his knew find.

Thomas heaved a sigh of relief and continued in the direction of the voice. That's when he saw the flames; a huge burst of them broke into the sky and he gasped, stepping back a little. Either someone had just built a roaring fire, or there was some kind of ability behind this.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas could just hear the commotion Azalea made. He knew he had to reveal himself, and then...well, what if he simply shot whoever it was from behind? He wouldn't have to see the petrified face, the horror in the eyes, the colour draining from the cheeks...all those things that made him falter and give up.

Thomas gingerly stepped through the exit, as quietly as he could. There was a girl, around his age, sprawled on ash-covered dirt. She was breathing heavily, as though she was exhausted. Thomas made no movement for a while, feeling an odd pity for the girl. Then suddenly the words were released. He didn't mean to say them; he was going to just shoot her and be done with it. But still they came, harsh and demanding, but it was like his trainer speaking, not himself. "Stand up slowly and quietly, and put your hands in the air."

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georgiabread | 214 comments ((omg I love her))

Thomas started. What was she talking about? She was a mutant; surely this had happened to her once before. How could she not know he was trying to kill her? Thomas went to explain what he was doing, but suddenly realised he couldn't. How did you tell someone calmly you were about to shoot them?

When Azalea mentioned the bit about the sky, he realised she might be...well, a little messed up in the head, really. Thomas opened his mouth to say something, his finger tightening on the trigger, but all he managed to get out was, rather stupidly, "W-Well, have you ever been in an aeroplane?" What was he doing, discussing this like this girl was an old friend?

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas didn't know how to reply. He simple stood there, looking from the girl to the gun over and over again. He tried to summon the enormous courage to pull the trigger, but the girl was making it harder and harder for him to do so. She was so innocent and oblivious to everything, and she didn't seem to care he was aiming a gun at her. "Look, lady, just..." he started. "I-I don't know...what your deal is, but I'm...I'm a Hunter. Does that title ring a bell? Hunter?"

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georgiabread | 214 comments "Well, it's..." Thomas didn't know how to explain, after relying on the thought that Azalea would know. "A Hunter is a trained soldier tasked with finding and exterminating any mutant that appears as a threat to modern society," Thomas blurted out quickly, using a simple definition his trainer had told him.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Azalea's words only confused Thomas further. Was she really a little dysfunctional, or did she want to die? Was she suicidal? She didn't look it, just generally confused and a little put-out. Thomas longed for some courage to pull the trigger, but inside he knew he would never do it. Fully aware of the tracker recording his very move, he let his arms flop to his sides and sunk onto a large brick, resting his head in his hands. "Forget it, I can't do it," he mumbled into his hands. "You can put your arms down, now."

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georgiabread | 214 comments "Um..." Thomas started. "Well, I-I was going to..." He trailed off, realising it didn't matter anymore. He was never going to kill her in the first place, he knew that.

Thomas ground the rubble beneath his boots, unsure of what to say now. Then suddenly all civilised topics of conversation came back to him (was he really that uncivilised that he forgot normal speech?) "Um, so what...what's your, um, name, I guess?" he managed to ask.

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georgiabread | 214 comments "Oh, cool name." Even though his voice sounded dull, he meant it. "I'm Thomas W-," but he stopped, thinking it better to keep his surname concealed. "Just Thomas." He looked around at the small hills and trees scattered here and there, and let out a shrill whistle. In a few seconds Rusty leapt through the gap in the wall and started to trot up to his master, when his ears pricked up and he whirled around to face Azalea. A low, menacing growl voiced from Rusty's throat as his hackles rose and he knelt down, preparing to leap onto the girl, waiting for Thomas' command.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas sort of didn't want to call Rusty back, just to see how Azalea would keep reacting to him. But he knew if she moved to pat him, the dog would go nuts. "Rusty, heel," he ordered, and the dog obeyed. "Search." Thomas pointed towards the lake, and Rusty took off, snuffling at the ground for any new smells. "So...if you don't mind my asking...what-what ability were you using, just before?" he asked awkwardly.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas couldn't help but laugh a little. "Yeah, I thought it might be pyrokinesis. God, I wish I had that..." He mumbled the last sentence under his breath. In truth, Thomas had sort of envied the mutants. They had supernatural abilities, after all. Azalea could make and control fire, fire. How amazing was that? "What are you enhancements?" he asked, sort of wanting to know more.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas shook his head, but then hesitated. He remembered something someone had mentioned in the Headquarters, something about mutating the Hunters, even. "Well, generally we don't-we just fight," he said. "But I-I think a few were e-experimented on, you know. They might have been given the DNA of a mutant, and received the mutant's abilities. But that was just a test or something."

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georgiabread | 214 comments "No, I don't. I know my dad would've let me have them. No offense, but my dad hates mutants, pretty much." Thomas just caught Azalea's last words. "Lucky? I am not lucky," he said with a laugh. He hesitated before adding quietly, "I've always wanted powers."

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas went to reply but found he couldn't. What could he say to that? He hardly knew her; he didn't want to ask what she was, or though she was, if it was a pretty big deal to her. He pressed his lips together and eventually said, "Well, I honestly think having pyrokinesis is pretty damn awesome. I know mutants are getting, like, killed for their abilities but really they should be lifted up for them. I saw someone who could control frickin' tornadoes." He paused for a moment, remembering watching that mutant form a twister out of nothing. "Look, I dunno how you see yourself, but I see you and your powers as..." He blushed, hesitating. "Well, b-beauty." Thomas cringed a little. God, that was corny, but at least he was being honest.

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georgiabread | 214 comments A-Admire...? Thomas wasn't sure he admired her, but during their short conversation-despite some confusing moments-he had sort of started to like her in a friendly way. Anyway, Thomas then realised Azalea had mentioned something about amnesia.

"Oh, you-you had amnesia? I'm sorry, I didn't realise," he said sincerely. Of course, that explained everything. No wonder she was confused when he tried to shoot her, no wonder she was trying to 'touch the sky'. How could he not have realised that about her?

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georgiabread | 214 comments "Um, well..." Thomas didn't really want to discuss his new career as a Hunter; it was horrible talking about it. "I guess...I've been training since I was 13, but I was released from the Sanctuary at the start of this year." He paused, thinking for a moment. "Hang you...know what the Sanctuary is?"

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georgiabread | 214 comments "Well, yeah I do..." Thomas muttered. "I guess it doesn't really matter. If no one finds you, you won't be going back there." He suddenly realized that if Azalea was captured, she'd be taken back to the Sanctuary, to that mutant prison, confused and probably completely terrified, and she would have no idea why she was going back. But as a Hunter, he shouldn't be helping her by revealing that information. If she was confused, she'd be vulnerable and easy to capture...easy to kill. Thomas kept his mouth shut.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas cringed inwardly in sympathy (if that could explain how he felt) as he glanced at Azalea's worried face. She really had no idea. But he chose only to answer her last question, and keep the rest a secret. "Well...after the world sort of...collapsed, the Sanctuary was built," he said. "It's like an enormous city for any to come and live in. All survivors from outside can take refuge there, live there until the world's...well, I dunno, safe again. But there's something about it that's...well, it doesn't really matter now." He bit the insides of his cheeks. Please, just drop the subject, you don't want know about any of this, he tried to mentally urge Azalea.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas glanced at the mark she left on the wall but thought nothing of it. "Um, yeah, there were m-massive disasters around the world and it..." There was a lump suddenly wedged in his throat and he couldn't continue. It was the memories that caused it, old images of Earth plunged into unimaginable chaos. He shook his head slightly to clear his mind. "And about that something...I guess you could call the Sanctuary...well, corrupted maybe. There's a lot of bad stuff going on there."

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas noticed her tears but tried not to think about them. What could he say to her question? It would be best to keep in the dark, keep that 'bad stuff' a secret, but...Thomas decided she had a right to know the truth-and anyway, he knew he'd never turn her in or kill her. As he opened his mouth, he realized this would need a long explanation. " you know, there's more people like you. You know, people with special abilities," he started. Hang on...did she know this?

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas continued, glad he didn't have to explain everything about the mutants: "Well, the Sanctuary's government didn't like these people. Everyone called them mutants, cause their powers came from mutations. The government saw them as potential threats and...all the mutants were rounded up and taken to this underground prison. They were detained there for ages until a few broke out, and now there's loads on the run." He gestured to Azalea to show she was one of them. "But now, after that episode, the government wants the mutants dead, and they've sent the Hunters-others and myself-to do the dirty work. And yeah..." he finished lamely.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas didn't know what to say, so resorted to a feeble shrug. He was suddenly about to admit that he was a sucky Hunter, and that he couldn't kill at all, but stopped himself just in time. That was ultimate clandestine information, and his biggest weakness-something he couldn't afford to reveal. Instead he said, "I think the government's afraid the mutants will rise to power with their abilities. Maybe they'll think they're better than the government, and rebel...but I don't know, I wasn't told anything at the HQ."

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georgiabread | 214 comments He was taken aback by the question. His first instant thought was, No, of course not, but he stopped himself from voicing it just in time. He didn't want to crush this girl's hopes immediately. "Well, I-I dunno...maybe? Do you remember where you were when your memory was first wiped?" he asked.

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georgiabread | 214 comments ((yo...))

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georgiabread | 214 comments ((Haha its ok))

Thomas' mouth was slightly hanging open. What an experience...He was about to ask if she had the letter but it was clear she didn't. If she'd burnt down a shack the letter would've gone up with it. Thomas furrowed his eyebrows, thinking. " best guess is that you and your parents were on the run, and they dropped you there to keep you safe and ran on, leaving a letter for you," he said slowly. "But I dunno how you would've lost your memory. Maybe you hit your head...?"

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georgiabread | 214 comments ", I don't think you can..." Thomas mumbled. "Maybe if you knew more, you might be able to." He glanced at the letter, realizing Azalea had saved it from the fire. "What does it say, as in completely? Have your parents said anything about your past?"

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas stayed silent for a moment, only one thought replaying over and over in his head: It sounds like they were trying to get rid of her...He definitely didn't voice this thought, and instead said awkwardly, "Well, I...If they said you caused your amnesia, then..." Then he didn't know what the hell to do.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas froze. Suddenly an unprovoked but small longing burst to life in his chest. He didn't know or care why, but he knew he wanted Azalea to stay, especially since she was proper company. But there was something else there, something he suspected but didn't want to name...He stood up a little too fast and cringed at doing so, and tried to hide it with a cough. "Wait, just...What about the other Hunters? There's so many of them out there; I could protect..." But he trailed off, remembering Azalea had pyrokinesis. She didn't really need his help after all, but maybe...maybe he could take her somewhere safe. He knew of loads of old safe houses, especially the one he used to live in with his family. Oh God, his family...He hadn't seen them or even thought of them for weeks! Thomas tried to ignore them, and focused more on the present situation. "You don't...need to leave," he said quietly. "I mean, I know some safe places you could live and..."

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas felt his face flush suddenly, but didn't know why. He guessed it was just everything, but especially when Azalea said he could just ask her to stay. He opened his mouth to reply, but found himself stumbling over his words and he turned redder than before. Just speak, it's not that hard, he told himself. What had happened to him? ", w-well yeah, there's s-safe places. Like bunkers and...stuff."

Thomas coughed to clear his throat, finally regaining composure. "Yeah, bunkers. They're all over Mortus Ora. I lived in one with my family before the Sanctuary was built. I mean, if you want to stay...I-I could take you to one of them."

Suddenly there was a sharp pain in his arm like someone had pierced the skin there. Then he heard a slightly muffled beeping noise. My tracker, he thought, guessing it was reminding him to kill this girl. He tried to ignore it, but then a harsh voice came through on his ear-peice. "What are you doing?" it asked, only loud enough for Thomas to hear. "You should've killed her by now, you idiot. F*cking shoot her or we'll give you a nice electric shock with your tracker."

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas ignored the question about the water when he answered the others. "Well, about your first question, bunkers are like underground shelters that someone can stay in during war and stuff, to keep safe. And I don't know about other families; most from around here came to the Sanctuary, but there's still a few out there."

He realized Azalea had heard that voice, and was surprised by it. The volume would've been way too low for her to hear, but he assumed with an inward shrug it had something to do with her powers. "I...I know I should," he said with a nervous laugh, and then remembered the threat of a shock. "I have to actually; it's what I've been sent to do. I can't disobey orders." With that he raised his gun, but he pointed it away, into the air, and winked at Azalea. As he let off a shot, he gestured wildly with his free hand to tell her to move out of sight, hoping she'd realize what he was doing.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas waited a moment before whispering into the mouthpeice attached to the earpiece, "There, I did it." For a whole minute he recieved no reply, and for a moment he steeled himself, ready for a shock, but eventually the same barking voice said, "You wormed your way out of this one, Winslow." But something about his tone told Thomas he hadn't fallen for the trick.

He covered the little mouthpiece he had spoken into with his thumb, and whispered out of the corner of his mouth to Azalea, "Stay on my right side; the tracker's in my left arm, and it has a camera on it."

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georgiabread | 214 comments Azalea's smile triggered Thomas' own, wider one. "No problem," he said, with his thumb still on the mouthpiece. He decided to keep it there whenever he talked to Azalea-at least until he thought it safe enough to get rid of it. "So..." He pushed around the gravel on the ground awkwardly, making clear spaces of black dirt. "Do you wanna...head off, then?"

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas stuck two fingers in his mouth and whistled. He counted slowly to four in his head, and Rusty came hurtling back through the rubble of the ruins. "Right, I know a few safe houses," he said, "but they're a long way away from here." He glanced out at the lake. "Mutants used to hide out in them, but no doubt they've been cleared out by Hunters. There's probably some left, though," he added. "Safe houses are mostly found near civilization, so...we'll need to head to a town or something."

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georgiabread | 214 comments "Well, they're not too close, but it's mostly so people don't have to travel far to reach them," Thomas replied. He glanced around the ruins, wondering if there could be a safe house around here. But he guessed not; the ruins were nowhere near any towns or cities. "Um, I think we'll head down the lake. I'm pretty sure it leads into a river, which might take us to a town or something." Then he clapped his dog near the bum and cried, "Rusty, go!" and pointed down the lake. Rusty took off immediately.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas smiled, breathing air out of his nose in that weird half-laugh. He drew a deep breath, ingoring the little voice inside that told him to kill Azalea, and strode forward down the hill, toward the lake. He kept his gun held high, glancing around for any movement, but saw none. As he reached the bottom of the hill, he looked back at the castle ruins to check if Azalea was following him. Then he called out to her, keeping his thumb on his mouthpiece, "By the way, how old are you, exactly?" He hadn't meant for the question to come out so casual; in fact he hadn't meant to ask it all, and blushed a little.

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georgiabread | 214 comments ((haha its fine, are you still in the group or are you gonna leave?))

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georgiabread | 214 comments Thomas barked out a laugh as he glanced behind him, an old habit that had never faded. "Don't call me that, please," he said with humor in his voice. "I'm eighteen, Mrs..." He had to pause for a moment, biting his lip as he tried to conjure up a nickname for Azalea. But then he shook his head, laughing again. "I've got nothing." He glanced at Azalea, at her energetic spirit and innocent humor. Then he caught sight of his mouthpiece, and realized something: The Sanctuary, it's government-they had lied. Decieved everyone. Mutants weren't vicious, or deadly, or disabled. They were gifted. Both with powers and personality. He didn't want to spoil the mood, but Thomas-with as much strength as needed-snapped the mouth piece of its tube and whirled it away towards the river. He didn't belong to Sanctuary anymore.

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