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message 1: by Adele (new)

Adele Gibbes (yellowstonegirl) | 2 comments Hello, I have written eleven manuscripts I am now in the process of editing. I would love to have beta readers to give me general feedback on a published cozy mystery I plan to re-edit. I also am prepping for submission for a contemporary romance (80,000) words. I hope to submit the romance to lit agents and go from there. I am always happy to return the favor by reading a fellow author's manuscript. If you are interested message me. You can also check out my book's website:

I also have a blog (out of date, but has some of my writing on it): http://www.yellowstone-explorer.blogs... Adele Gibbes (aka Adele Lassiter)

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Tell me more about your "cozy mystery"

Jim Dodds

message 3: by M.L. (new)

M.L. Sanford (mlsanford) | 11 comments Adele;
If you are still in need of a reader and willing to do a beta swap I am interested. Here is my book blurb;
Growing up a single child, fatherless and poor, Auguste Kensley struggles to survive the rough and tumble neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York City in the late 1980's. He and his best friend Raj survive by using their wits and the street smarts gained from their daily struggles, eventually thriving despite the odds against them. Auguste takes what few opportunities come his way, only to reach a dead end in his newly gained career. Faced with a do or die career choice and unable to see a solution, he and Raj travel abroad together, but for entirely different reasons. Auguste hopes the new setting and a break from the fast paced cut throat life as a tabloid writer will give him a new perspective, opening his mind up to other possibilities. Instead he tumbles into a hurricane of new emotions on the other side of the world, finding new love, and loss, despair and desperation. He survives a kidnapping and captivity only to find his freedom is not without consequences; life and death ones. Will he complete The Condition, the task required by his captors in order to obtain his release? And who will die if he does? Auguste, The Condition, explores the deep psychological terror of captivity itself, as well as the even more cruel and subtle manipulations a victim can suffer in freedoms aftermath.
Its about 86k, ready to go to thru proofing but I want a typical reader's feedback.
Let me know and we can trade ms.

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