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georgiabread | 214 comments The Mortus Ora township has been abandoned for years, ever since the war ended. The brickwork of the stores, churches and homes have half-crumbled to the floor. Vegetation has sprung up everywhere, furniture is slowly rotting away and rusted cars continue to sink into the dirt and asphalt beneath them. But the small township has slowly become inhabited by both survivors and mutants. None of the stores are still running, and neither is the Town Hall or the numerous facilities, but desperate men, women and children constanly use the township for shelter or for a home.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Kalena stuck to the shadows of a crumbling brick building, slipping quietly along the path. She held a rather rusty dagger close to her side, and her eyes darted this way and that, searching for signs of movement. She hadn't been pursued by the Hunters for a month now-pretty strange, but quite a world record-but she couldn't suppress the constant fear that someone, or something, was following her, watching her with a very close eye. She turned into an alleyway, dodging decayed trash cans, rotting wood, bent metal and other debris, and darted into the next street. All the houses had long since crumbled and decayed, but there was one two-storey house still standing. The only visible traces of ruin being a little moss climbing across the outside walls. Kalena knew better than to explore it; for one thing, it would have been looted long ago, and for another, it was guaranteed someone already inhabited it, and there was no telling who that might be. So Kalena continued through the street, always watching her back and staying vigilant.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Kalena suddenly felt a minor surge of...something, she couldn't tell what, but it made her feel certain there was no one around. She relaxed a little, but was still on her guard. She crept on in the shadow of the building, moving ever closer to where Rory awaited, but she had no idea anyone was even there. Kalena glanced behind her just as she reached Rory, still not yet noticing her.

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georgiabread | 214 comments ((hello?))

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georgiabread | 214 comments ((lol its ok, thanks for replying))

Kalena gasped as she was pulled from the path, her heart pounding. She stayed as still as possible behind the girl's arm, not daring to struggle. The blade dug painfully into her neck; she was sure it would break the skin any moment. Kalena chose her words carefully, terrified this girl was a Hunter.
"I...I was just slipping through town. I'm not doing anything at all," she said eventually, gingerly hiding her dagger behind her leg. "What are you doing, waiting in the frickin' shadows to attack innocent people?" That last part she blurted out without thinking, and immediately regretted it.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Kalena pulled a little at Rory's arm to take some pressure off her neck. "Why the hell would I want to be friends with you?" she tried to retort, but all that escaped her throat was a strangled croak. The knife was digging in too far.

Kalena suddenly registered Rory's words. It would be so simple to prove she was a mutant. She glanced around hurriedly for any signs of plant life, but there was only concrete, bins and a few scraps of debris. Then she spotted rotting leaves in one of the bins. Kalena managed to shift Rory's knife so she could speak. "Watch that bin," she croaked.

Kalena proceeded to scrunch up her face in concerntration. With a wave of her free hand, a stem grew from one of the leaves and weaved its way through the others, connecting them to itself. The new vine then grew out of the bin; it travelled down it and its end came to rest on the ground in a small twist.

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georgiabread | 214 comments Kalena was immediately relieved that Rory wasn't a Hunter either. But she didn't feel like she could forgive her as quickly. She gulped a large breath of air and sighed with relief, rubbing her neck. "Um, yeah you did," she snapped, tucking her knife in her belt. "Thanks for not killing me." Those last words had lost their strength a little, but they still held some fierce sarcasm. "What were doing just lurking here, anyway?"

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georgiabread | 214 comments Kalena hesitated, but then realized she was right, although she hated to admit it. "I would've ran the other way," she replied angrily, "instead of waiting around to check if it was a Hunter." Kalena instincively looked behind her into the street, but there was no one about.

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Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) Cautious, yet walking, was a figure. The tall grass made it to his mid-shin, his height helping him not be in to deep. In his ears were earbuds, a faint tune heard to the outside world. His hair was shaven on each side of his head, in the middle was a white mohawk. A piercing marked his lip, left eyebrow, and nose. His eyes were a greyish color, focused on the path in front of him. He wore basic clothes, grey shirt, grey and white jacket, dark blue jeans, and combat boots. Sticking out of his pocket was a chain, looking to be from a pocket watch. On his right thigh was a tomahawk, hooked by a strap to keep secure unless needed. He was walking.

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) Benjamin was in an old building planning were to go next, the map was on and showing this old town, maybe the contruction he was in in focus. "It's weird... it's like a laberyinth, this town is always making himself bigger" He said outloud to himself as he analyze the map "I have to find that electrical thing" He said moving with his finger the different levels of the buildings of the city.

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Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) I might have to go soon) The guy, Lasair, decided it'd be best to travel through the buildings, with a less chance of getting caught by any passerbys. So, he dipped into one of the older buildings, where Benjamin happened to be. On the level lower than him, he was walking around, looking at different pieces that had been left behind, just observing.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Andrea was walking along, her dark brown hair was left down with wireless ear buds in from her nano. She had a passion for music and it helped her relax some. In her hand was a silver lighter that was being twirled between her fingers. She wore red skinny jeans, a cut off Iorn Maiden shirt, black leather jacket tied together with her black combat boots. She was a pyromaniac so she was tempted on using her powers.

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) Benjamin heard a sound "Who's there?" He yelled hiding the map that shows the world... But no- one answered "WHO'S THERE?" He yelled louder so whoever was there would hear him... He absorb the earth element and transform in to it, ready to fight

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) (Should we make an order, like Jasper, me, Dream?)

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Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) Whichever works. I actually have to go, but I'll try to be on tomorrow, but It'll be later in the day) Lasair tensed when he heard a voice, his eyes narrowing, his hand automatically going to his tomahawk rather than using his powers. He was silent, not saying a word in response, wanting to see if he could escape before he was found out.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Andi had heard yelling in the distance and walked towards there. She didn't like the threats that yelling cause but she had her brother to find supply for. She fisted her hand around the silver lighter before she crept into a building. Shevstayed hidden in the shadows which she always done in case of hunters to be around.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments ((Sound good with me))

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Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) Nevermind I can stay on :D just brb for a second))

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Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) I'm waiting for Daniel)

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) My turn? I though you were next! Sorry))

"I guess no one" He said as he went back to normal and open the map again "So... The I'm here, and the building is two blocks away... again... Ughh... This town mess up techonology, really hate it sometimes" He said to himself as he analyze more deeply the map

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Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) Haha it's alright.) With weapon still in hand, he was slow and cautious with his steps, looking up at the roof of the room he was in. Without seeing where he was going, he bumped into a table, causing a cup to fall from the table and shatter on the ground. He cursed under his breath, barely audible as he tried to find a place to hide and fast.

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Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) I really have to go now so I'll be on tomorrow. Gnight.)

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Andi froze for a moment before taking her handgun out. She didn't need it but it was best to be safe in her case if its hunters. Slowly she crept further inside watch all her surroundings for any sign of movement. Andrea my be a pyromaniac but she was no match in hand to hand combat for anyone since she has enhanced combat abilities.

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) He heard the sound, it came from downstairs, he breath deeply ready to fight, not being scare of fighting another hunter "I think I have to add another one to my list" He said to himself as he looked for something to absorb, but there was nothing, the soil that was around flew away with the wind, he could cut himself and absorb the blood, but he was not in the mood for that kind of things "I gues it will be just me" he said again as he took the map and put it in his pocket and took out his bow with an arrow.

message 25: by Jasper (new)

Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) There were two noises, one from each side. He had to either fight or hide. Fast. Deciding to go the hard way, he moved into a position where he could fight both ways, tomahawk at the ready and flames ready to spark in his hands if needed.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Andrea looked around the corned and saw the guy with a tomahawk. She stayed where she was just watch to see what he was gonna do. She herself had the ability of pyrokenisis which she blamed for her pyromania phase. Her warm brown eyes just watched with her gun lowered but her finger still on the trigger.

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) Benjamin walked down slowly, without doing any sound, holding his bow up to attack anyone, and if a mutant attack him, he was praying it control an element so he can transform to that element. He breath deeply as he focus his mind on the battle and not in the electrical powerplant he was looking for

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Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) Lasair breathed shakily, looking up at the staircase as he positioned his tomahawk. He saw a flash of movement at the door and, taking no chances, he flared up a flame and shot it at the door, sending what was left of a door frame up in flames. He then proceeded to swing his tomahawk at whoever was in the staircase. They wouldn't get him again. They wouldn't capture him this time.

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) "You missed hunter" He told him fast as he took the Tomahawk and threw it at the roof on top of him, it was weak and about to broke, with that hit and an arrow it will shatter on top of him "Hm" He said as he threw the arrow and the ceiling broke down on to the guy

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Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) He growled lowly in his throat and was still standing, even as the ceiling broke down on him. It just cracked around him, leaving a very angry mutant. His eyes flared from that grey to a raging blue, and flames licked up his arms, him grabbing Benjamin by the throat, slamming him into the wall and nearly busting through it due to the weakness of the building. His voice was a low growl when he spoke, his eyes intense into the other boy's. "What did you just call me?"

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Andrea rolled her eyes hearing another male. She really didn't understand the "I'm bigger then you" thing. She slowly raised up her gun so it was beside her face. Best thing she needed was for both men to be in the same room.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments ((We need to have an order))

message 33: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) (Jasper, Dream, Daniel))

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments ((Alright by me))

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) "Nice... fire controller" He said as he grab his arms and transform into fire "Get away from me" He said giving him a kick on the stomach and burning his chest "I thought you were a freaking hunter, CRAP!" He said as help him get up and touch his skin to get back into normal "Sorry" He said and sat at his side

message 36: by Jasper (new)

Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) Lasair wasn't one for touchy-feely, actually far from it. He wasn't affected by the burns or anything, due to his form of immunity he was naturally born with. His eyes were wild with rage, his gaze filled with quick hatred for the other guy rather fast. "Hunters don't have abilities." He snapped, extinguishing his flames as he reached down for his tomahawk, brushing it off to clean it up.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Andi step out of her hiding spot, "don't move." She had her gun pointed at both boys. She was in fight mode which was scary but she looked like an average rebellious teenage girl.

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) "Yeah, I know they don't you stupid" He said angry as the boy was irational at the moment

He was sruprised by the third person in there, Who was she? She don't seems like a hunter, still, he took his bow fast before she said that and pointed to her, ready to be used
"WHO are you?" He asked intrigue as making a plan "Hunter or Mutant?"

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Jasper Caede (thepersianlucifer) He looked up, his eyes still narrowed. "Don't move?" He repeated, then blew debris in her direction. "Why should I listen to you?" He asked, voice bitter, not liking that he was around people.

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dreaмcнιld | 127 comments Andrea burn all the debris that was flown at her so it was nothing. "Because I have a gun here and probably more skilled in combat then you are," she glanced in the direction of the other boy, Daniel, "both of you." She didn't care much about the bow since she was one step ahead even in the slightest. "I advise you to not movie because no one should trust a sick girl," she hinted on her pyromania issues.

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Daniel Andrade (dandradeg) He transformed and flew away

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