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Arthur  Zealot (ArchaicZealot) | 6008 comments Create your own landscape, be creative and original. You may add what ever you like to your land and remember to make it intercept with your personality:

Explain what classes are compatible with your domain:

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) The Land of Floral Intervention and Morbid Curiosity
(Taken by Aurora Craene)

The Land of Knowledge and Ice
I'd prefer this land go to a space player. Or at least a Mage of some sort that has an affinity towards ice.

The Land of Confinement and Silence
This land would best suit Void players. Perhaps not the Prince of Void however, as the Prince of Void would likely destroy this world.

The Land of Rage and Genesis
Rage players, Bards of any kind, and perhaps even Light players could use this land.

The Land of Rainbows and Oasis
Heart players would fit with this, but I can see breath players, or even life players. I'd suggest that this belong to a seer of some sort.

The Land of Lava and Blossoms
Life players would most definitely work here. The Mage of Life would be a perfect title for this land.

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