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Hi everyone,

Here is the blurb for my paranormal werewolf romance: When curvy Sophia Bell is saved from a group of men by Logan Wolfe, a sexy biker, she doesn't expect to be drawn into the primal instincts of a werewolf pack who want to mate with her. They won't stop hunting her until she is theirs. And mating with a pack is usually fatal.

As a werewolf hunter, Logan has sworn to protect Sophia, even if he has to fight the heated attraction between them - because one kiss can endanger everything. Part of him wants her as his mate, and it's a side that he never wants to unleash. Will he be able to accept his inner wolf and finally tell her the secret he's repressed for too long?

If interested, leave a message with your email. It's available in pdf or epub only.

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April Wilson (aprilwilson) Hi, Melinda

I love wolves! I'd love to beta read your novella. A PDF would be great.

I'm also a writer and a college English writing instructor.
You can e-mail me at


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I would like to BETA Read your novella. I've helped out one writer on Goodreads already, and want to do more.

Jim Dodds

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Jim Dodds e-mail

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