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The Bone Season (The Bone Season, #1)
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. Week 6: Author Under 30 > The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

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Michele (micheleleann) Reading this for week 6! A little annoyed I couldn't really find a standalone that interested me in this category, but hey if this book isn't fresh in my memory next year when I read the sequel I can always re-read.

I started reading this tonight (I know, ever the rebel), and man I had to read that first chapter twice! Gotta love when the world building leaves you scratching your head.

Jessie Wolf Excellent choice, hope you enjoy it!

Michele (micheleleann) Thanks! So far it's quite interesting.

Patty Rose (pattyrose31) I'm reading this too! I find I have to revert to the table in the front to figure out how it all connects together!

Michele (micheleleann) Lol on the Kindle edition the maps are too small! I've been looking at it online though, and even then it's just too much. But I am starting to really get into it, I look forward to reading the second one. Maybe by then I'll have it all figured out lol.

message 6: by Saeed (new)

Saeed I'm listening to this (audio)book, and so far, I think it has potential to be a very fun listen.

Biana I picked this book for my Under 30 category because it really did look interesting. But I'm going to do something that I don't do very often...I'm going to quit.

I spent a lot of time looking up words, fortunately it was on the Kindle so that's easy. Words that I didn't know, words that didn't exist. I thought I had a good vocabulary, but I wasn't not equipped. Additionally, I did not understand the world that was created. Dystopian novels work if there is a straight man, a person that everything is explained to. Too much was left for me to figure out or read on and hope she explained it later.

I am glad to hear that there are fans! All books should have fans. Please, read on and enjoy!

Michele (micheleleann) I felt the same way til I got to about the half way point. There is a glossary in the back that I would recommend reading through to kind of get a feel for the language. It was so annoying at times, but by the end of it I was quite enthralled and I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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