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Ancient Aliens

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Dennis II (dennisnappiii) | 49 comments Mod
Thanks to the "Ancient Aliens" series on the History Channel, there has been much more attention drawn to the Ancient Astronaut Theory (based on Von Daniken's book). I am always skeptical of things once they make it into the mainstream, so I pose 2 points of discussion and exploration:
1. Do you think there is any truth behind the Ancient Aliens theory?
2. If this theory is true, and so much secrecy exists around this topic, then why has it been made public on such a popular show?

Husband_01mail.Com | 1 comments The "Ancient Aliens" series is part of a co-intell pro operation. This is disinformation. They take seeds of the truth and mis-dirrect. Humanity is nothing more than some other civilizations science fair project gone wrong.

No reason to wait for their return, They never left.

message 3: by Tony (new)

Tony (paigetheoracle) | 13 comments They were here but left. Reptoids as science has surmised, could have developed from dinosaurs and as with us, then like we're trying to do, naturally moved into space. Enough strange artifacts have been found in geological strata, to indicate visitors to this planet when no human civilization could have existed (pre-mammalian periods). I think there is an instinct, once a technological civilization has arisen, to try to conquer all the parts of a planet, from mountain tops to the sea bed, in order to accommodate the growing (successful) population. This includes space as the next step.

Think of sex and the urge to create life, with sperm as planet colonizers and eggs as those unknown worlds. Also Star Trek Two and the Genesis device, reflects this need to bring life to dead planets, in order to colonize them (We may wipe out our own indigenous species but perhaps genetics will allow them to be reborn elsewhere as precursors to human settlement: The Garden of Eden Project?)

Dennis II (dennisnappiii) | 49 comments Mod
@ Husband_01 - I'm sorry I didn't see your posting in July! I've had that thought quite a bit - that the series was to misdirect. I was so amazed that they were releasing a show of that nature on a mainstream station that it got me wondering what they were trying to distract me from. Once the mainstream starts covering something, I start looking in another direction.

@ Tony, Interesting thoughts - and I do think intelligent life evolved on this planet much earlier than we have been taught. I'm currently reading Graham Hancock's "Magicians of the Gods," and he spells this out quite nicely.

I don't know who the ancients were, or if they left. I am leaning toward at least remnants of them have stayed behind and have influenced our evolution.

message 5: by Tony (new)

Tony (paigetheoracle) | 13 comments Atlantis was destroyed according to the legends because of genetic experiments with animals. I believe every living thing messes about with reality out of curiosity and boredom. It is therefore not unreasonable to assume other beings visiting our world, would not have created a slave race to assist their meagre numbers and some as in Planet of the Apes, might have grown fond of their creation or at least curious as to their capabilities, if left to their own devices. So yes, it is not unreasonable to believe a remnant still exists or that they return periodically, to see how their research is coming along or to attend to their livestock

Dennis II (dennisnappiii) | 49 comments Mod
Makes me wonder how much control they have over the livestock, and if that livestock (possibly us) can do about it.

message 7: by Tony (new)

Tony (paigetheoracle) | 13 comments As Ghandi proved nothing is the best rebellion and reacting to provocation isn't. I think we bred ourselves out of control and they were leaving anyway

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