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Sabrina  | 60 comments I believe this thread needs to be here. For a second lets not think about Al (I know it's hard, but it's for the benefit of our drooling) and think about how perfect Jeb and Morpheus were together in Ensnared, because it was so great. AND drool worthy.

La La In my opinion they were, many times, acting like an old married couple and it was both comical and heartwarming. After I have a chance to go back and re-read some specific passages tomorrow, I will be back to discuss this in detail. Great idea for this board!

Haley | 156 comments i've always liked these two as characters even though i didn't care for either of them as love interests, so it was fun to see them starting to interact with each other as anything other than rival suitors, so to speak. and on top of that ag did such a good job portraying the new set up of their relationship!

it's the sort of thing that could have gone really badly really easily—i mean, any time you drastically change a relationship between characters off screen, you risk it seeming like they're just out of character—but it worked so perfectly because ag lined up the perfect mix of dangerous circumstances + odd magical coincidences + just plain chemistry between two different but ultimately compatible personalities, and i thought it came off as a very natural and realistic shift. really tricky to pull off as a writer (i wouldn't attempt it, and i have pretty considerable faith in my writing abilities)—huge huge kudos to ag for pulling it off.

my favorite moment was definitely after they tricked everyone into thinking jeb was dead and jeb immediately started ribbing morpheus about overreacting because of course he does. (“Right,” Jeb scoffs. “Pretty sure my mistreatment wouldn’t have sent you into hysterics, drama queen.”
Morpheus smirks. “Fair enough. On the other hand, your portrayal of a brainless wind-up numbskull was spot on.”)

((that entire sequence, starting with red possessing alyssa, was just REALLY WELL WRITTEN ugh i think it was my favorite part of the whole series tbh. so so so good.))

La La Hi everyone! Here is the link to A.G.'s personal thoughts on the writing of Ensnared. The blog post itself has no spoilers, however, there is a link to a PDF file of her thoughts.

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