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warhawke | 249 comments Mod

This list is for book bloggers/reviewers/promoters/lovers. Only dedicated book blogs or general blogs that periodically post about books are allowed to be listed. If you don’t have a blog but do reviews and/or often/willing to help promote all things book, you’re very welcome to add your social media links.

Please include:

Blog/Your Name:
Blog Link:
Social Media Links:
Genre Covered:
Type of Posts:

Note: A little heads up to bloggers who do promo posts on their blogs. Be sure it doesn’t violate your host policy. Some hosts like WordPress doesn’t allow pre-written promo posts, so be sure to change up things a little.,

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warhawke | 249 comments Mod
Blog Name: Warhawke’s Vault Book Blog
Blog Link: (Primary - reviews/special post) (Secondary - promos)

Social Media Links:

Genre Covered: Romance, Erotica, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense
Type of Posts: Reviews, promos and occasionally special posts related to personal preferences (favorite books etc.)

message 3: by Rou Min (new)

Rou Min (rotanrm) | 2 comments Blog/Your Name: RowReads
Blog Link:
Social Media Links:

Genre Covered: Young Adult, New Adult, Romance, Sci-Fim Contemporary

Type of Posts: Reviews, wrap up and recommendations

message 4: by Shahirah (last edited Jul 08, 2015 05:00AM) (new)

Shahirah Loqman (bookloves_) Blog/Your Name:Shahirah Loqman

Social Media Links:

Genre Covered:Book Reviews on mostly general fiction books and the occasional YA.

Type of Posts: Book reviews, book tags, book vlogs and the occasional tweets related to books!

JotheBookhowler | 4 comments Blog/Your Name: the Book howler
Blog Link:
Genre Covered: Fiction, mostly YA and NA
Type of Posts: Book Reviews! :)

I kinda just started this, so there aren't loads of stuff on it. *desert wind blows...* but there will be more stuff added along the way! haha

message 6: by Ainur (new)

Ainur (asafia78) | 2 comments Blog/Your Name: books and thoughts
Blog Link:

Genre Covered: any genre that I read
Type of Posts: books photos, reviews..

message 7: by Deviki (new)

Deviki | 41 comments Blog/Your Name:Quirky Coffee Chic
Blog Link:
Social Media Links:
Genre Covered:Anything that comes to my mind (could be rants, maybe not)
Type of Posts:Usually my opinion on something

Genre Covered: I usually review GR not my bligs. But I review about food, movie and hotels I've experienced
Type of Posts: (as mentioned above)

message 8: by Yen (last edited Jun 18, 2015 11:54PM) (new)

Yen Lian | 43 comments Blog/Your Name: Little Calico's Journal
Blog Link:
Genre Covered: Books from my collection, romance, self-help, children literature
Type of Posts: Mainly book reviews, book events, writings, product reviews, food review... maybe everything under the sun haha~ (some topics coming soon as I've only begin active blogging recently)

message 9: by Mimi (new)

Mimi (crayoverbooks) | 4 comments My blog's name is Book Fanatics and I read mostly YA, I usually do Book Reviews but I also do Memes etc etc


message 10: by Norash (new)

Norash (norashaisyasiah) | 2 comments Name: Norash Aisy Asiah
Blog Link:

Social Media Links:

Genre Covered: Thriller, Mystery, Action, romantic comedy and funtasy
Type of Posts: Reviews, promo, my imagination (my book that i have create...)

oh my english :(

message 11: by NovelPlus (new)

NovelPlus | 14 comments Wow great collection! Glad to be here!

message 12: by Anna (new)

Anna Tan (annatsp) | 1 comments Your Name/Blog name: Anna / Deeply Shallow

Blog Link:

Social Media Links:

Genre Covered: Fantasy, SciFi, YA, MG (sometimes), Cozy mysteries, Thrillers (depending)

Type of Posts: I post book reviews on Wednesdays. All reviews are posted on GR, and Amazon if applicable. I am also open to book tours and guest posts about books/writing.

message 13: by NovelPlus (new)

NovelPlus | 14 comments Blog/Your Name: NovelPlus & NovelPlus Tumblr
Blog Link: &
Social Media Links: &
Genre Covered: romance, promos, erotica, comedy, horror, sliced of life
Type of Posts: promo stuffs, related literature, banners & synopsis

message 14: by LittleBookDruid (new)

LittleBookDruid | 2 comments Blog/Your Name: Little Book Druid
Blog Link:
Social Media Links:
Genre Covered: Fantasy, sci-fi and thrillers.
Type of Posts: Book reviews, along with discussions and spoilery parts. Book tags. And sharing who played which character in my minds theater. ;)

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