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The Legionary | 194 comments *Enters markarth through the main gate*

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod

((What am I supposed to do with that?))

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AutreMoi (candlehome) (This)

Inside the city, trumpets sounded and drums too. There was at a commotion as several lines of legionaries entered to it. They marched in rows from the gates and into the Understone Keep.

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
((That is workable.))

A cloaked figure in a horse rode down the cobbled streets of Markarth, shouting out: "The Imperials are coming! The Imperials are coming!"
A crossbow bolt hit its heart and it fell off of the horse, dead, revealing itself to be a vampire.
A stormcloak vampire?
Well. That was probably supposed to be some sort of subplot, or the main character.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Two guards approached to see the recently-murdered man. Not really a citizen, they have the fact that it was only a pesky vampire who was thankfully killed. They took the corpse and threw it to the river so the imperials could continue their marching.

The corpse fell with the stream until it wasn't deep enough to carry it. As blood came out the heart of the vampire, the screen turned black...

*epic mystery music*

The titles appear...

'The Elder Scrolls V.III:

Ebony, Scales, and Steel.'

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The Legionary | 194 comments People looked suprised, either from awe or fear, but many were soon cheering for the imperials, believing they would give help to the city, in whatever way possible.

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
Well. Hal-hem had ended one vampire, but why had it been traveling alone? In they daylight, no less? The saxheel made his way toward the (extra) dead vampire to search for clues. Turning the body over, he swiftly removed two rings of no distinguishing markings and a necklace. Amulet of Talos. Nothing tying the vampire to Volkihar.

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The Legionary | 194 comments Aeroth looked around to see what all the commotion is, and when he saw an argonian standing above a dead corpse, he ran towards the corpse, thinking that the argonian is a bandit, he began drawing his shortsword, but quickly saw the man was a vampire, and sheathed his blade coming to greet the argonian.
''Hello there, argonian. What is your name?''

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The saxheel turned its head up toward the dunmer.
"My name," the reptile began,
"Is not your concern, gray-skin."
So they were still bitter about the whole "slavery" thing. Who would have guessed?

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The Legionary | 194 comments Looking back at the argonian, Aeroth said: ''You were a slave, am i correct?''

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
"Emphasis on 'were,' Dunmer." Hal-hem made it to his feet and stretched, leaving the vampire where it was. He dropped the amulet of Talos back on the patriotic vampire.

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The Legionary | 194 comments ''Do i look like the false tribunal to you? I didn't spend much time in Morrowind, i lived on a border town in Cyrodiil. Hearing talk of the slavery was..horendous. I was against it, but what can one Dunmer do?'' Aeroth felt sad, as some of his Argonian friends were slaves aswell.

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Hal-hem considered that he may have judged the ash-face harshly. After all, by thinking that "all ash-skins are slavers," was he not committing the same bigotry as those who thought his whole tribe bestial?
"I will apologize for my tone," Hal-hem said after a time.
"I will not provide you with my name."

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AutreMoi (candlehome) (Continue between yourselves, it's not my call yet)

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((Maybe Zolt and Serena should talk a bit while we wait for Paarthurnax.))

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The Legionary | 194 comments Understanding why the argonian would not say his name, Aeroth nodded saying ''Very well. The apology is not quite necessary, but i thank you for it anyway. My name is Aeroth. And i must ask, are you part of the Dawnguard or are you a solo vampire hunter?''

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"I did join the Dawnguard," the INCREDIBLY AWESOME LIZARD answered evenly.
"And I do not regret it. I have never met a vampire unworthy of being slain."

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The Legionary | 194 comments ''Ah, interesting..'' The dunmer had a slight feeling of joy due to the argonian's answer, as he wished to join the dawnguard. ''I would like to join the dawnguard.''

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
"That's... that's nice," Hal-hem responded.
"If you can fight, we'll probably take you."

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The Legionary | 194 comments Feeling extatic, the dunmer said: ''Great. So, when can i prove my worth?''

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
"We're near Dayspring Canyon north of Stendarr's beacon. I'm not a recruitment officer, I'm a vampire hunter. I don't concern myself with logistics and membership stuff. Though I guess I cold escort you there, I need to pick up my next assignment... and see about getting a pet armored troll." Hal-hem wanted one so bad, but he mostly traveled by water, and the troll wouldn't be able to follow, especially in armor. Curse you, water!

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The Legionary | 194 comments ''Well..that's a long road. I can't wait! I love adventures, honestly. I hope we find many things on the way :)'' The dunmer said enthusiastically. ''How long do you think it'll take us?''

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
((How do you pronounce ":)"?))
"You are the cheeriest grey-skin I have ever met," the lizard noted.
"It's a little disturbing, honestly. And I have no idea. I've never traveled there on foot. I guess we could get some sort of mount first."
Traveling by river had limits. Like the non-water-breathing people who could follow you.

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The Legionary | 194 comments (That just means he smiled at that point lol.)
''I'm lacking in money, and yes, being happy and purple must be weird, am i correct?'' The dunmer smirked slightly and said ''I've been to the south of Riften before. It's not really that tough, although midway we might run into a certain Throat of what possibly is the world.'' Aeroth pulled out a map, showing him the path that they could travel: ''We will go from Markarth to Reachcliff cave, then Old Hroldan, moving to Serpent's Bluff Redoubt, and then we head to Rorikstead to gather supplies and take a rest. Then we move from Rorikstead to Redoran's Retreat, and then to Whiterun. We restock in Whiterun, and then we go from Whiterun to the Valtheim Towers. Then we move south until we reach a crossroad, where we take a left moving past Pinepeak cave and reaching Ivarstead. We restock and rest in Ivarstead, before we move south to the Ruins of Bthalft, then heading east, following the road until we reach the Snow-Shod Farm. We will go to Riften, and then you show me the way. (PS: I used this map - )

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((But it was in quotations.))
"That's a lot of restocking," Hal'hem noted.
"Couldn't we just travel by the waterways, catching fish as we go?" That was his normal method of travel. But he considered that the ash-skin might be bothered by things like 'drowning' and 'hypothermia.'
"Fine, we go your way. But it will be expensive to restock so many times. We should forage whatever we can along the way."

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The Legionary | 194 comments (Mistake on my part. Sorry.)
''Thats why the path i planned out passes by multiple bandit locations. We'll raid them and loot their places. We'll be doing Skyrim a solid and we'll be gathering money. When do you want us to start moving?''

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"You know the thing about bandits is... they have to be pretty good at raiding and looting to still be around and... No, that's it. The bandits will outnumber and overpower us. What part of this is a good idea?" Hal-hem was approaching the old game question: How can bandits who can be fought back at such a low level have any money worth looting?
"But... to answer your question, we can leave immediately. Grab the vampire's horse, we'll use it as a pack animal."

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The Legionary | 194 comments Trusting in what he said, the Dunmer replied: ''I have visited Redoran's retreat before. It has few bandits, and as far as i remember, there should be around 6 of them. 2 experienced warriors against several bandits. That is, i presume you have experience in combat. If we plan it out properly, we will be able to take them out.'' Moving to the horse, Aeroth wondered how they woud use it as a pack animal with no backpacks for it. Aeroth pulled the horse closer to his newfound argonian ''friend''

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Combat. He had that, yes. He had experience in ambushing people, attacking where they were weak, and disappearing again to do it until they become unwilling or unable to continue the fight.
Also, sneak attacks.
"Well... alright. We'll get some saddle-bags and supplies and be off as soon as the sun rises. For obvious reasons, I try not to be out in the open at night."

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The Legionary | 194 comments Aeroth nodded, feeling no words needed to be exchanged further. He entered the town and looked around, trying to locate a place where he can find saddle-bags. He asked the locals where the general store was, and they were kind enough to show him. He entered and left quickly, carrying 4 saddle-bags. He went back towards the horse and strapped them on. He looked to his Argonian friend and said: ''Should i get you a room in the inn?''

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"No, I already have one. I've been keeping vampires away from here all week, one of our spies called in a threat. Now that the Imperials have sent in a regiment, though, I'm going to leave it in their hands," Hal-hem responded evenly as he strapped the bags onto the horse.
"I'm going to fill the bags with edibles and potions and stable it. You should find yourself a place to spend the night."
With that, the argonian led the horse away.

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The Legionary | 194 comments Aeroth nodded once more, and went into the inn. Going inside, he entered his pre-paid room and went to lie down. He looked around himself, making sure no one was in the room. He closed and locked the door, extinguishing the light and going to sleep

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Hal-hem, after stabling the stocked horse, followed suit, changing into a loose robe that allowed his tail to twitch around at night before collapsing on his rented bed.
Taking an ash-skin to the Dawnguard. That would go great.
Though... didn't the dunmer have some sort of fire power? That would come in handy.
His eyes closed for precisely seven hours.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Night Light fell over the rooftops, but not under, as torches lightened the streets. There was a big mess outside. Imperial troops moved all around the streets of the city searching for the Stormcloak spies that tried to scale at night, unlike the vampire killed earlier. Door by door, the garrison spread all over the city. They carried away many men. Some of them put up a fight. By morning, they had captured 12, and the gates were closed and guarded.

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Hal-hem yawned deeply as he awoke and changed as swiftly as he could. He had gotten used to slotting his tail through a hole in his armor after a time, it was far easier without layer upon layer of cured leather when he'd only had a loose gown as a "priest" of the hist.
That was all in the past, though. He managed to finish buckling on the light armor and made his way to the stables, grabbing the vampire's horse.
Well. The gates were locked.
Naturally, he walked up to the first legionnaire he saw.
"How soon will your soldiers be allowing people to leave the city?"

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AutreMoi (candlehome) "Just after the executions." The guard replied emotionlessly. He pointed the way to the Jarls Palace. People were heading there.

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The Legionary | 194 comments As Aeroth had slept in his armour, he had a rough awakening, although he was used to it. He quickly shuffled around the room for a minute, attempting to find a rag to clean his armor. As he found one, he heard a crowd heading through the streets. Quickly scrubbing his armour and leaving the room, he went outside to see the argonian next to the gates. Looking around further, he saw the crowd heading towards Understone Keep. He did not understand what was going on, and he went to the argonian. ''What's going on?'' Aeroth said with a slightly worried face.

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"Executions of Stormcloak officers and possibly the Jarl. Not entirely sure. But it doesn't concern us, so I recommend we wait at the gates. I'd rather not be stuck in the middle of a brawl when the Stormcloak sympathizers watch the Imperials behead people. Trust me. Last time I was at an Imperial execution, a giant dragon destined to eat the world attacked. This is not a thing we want to be present for." Hal-hem led the horse closer to the gates.

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The Legionary | 194 comments ''So, you were at Helgen?'' Aeroth asked. He also said ''Lets stay away in that case, aswell.''

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"Huh? No. Did something happen at Helgen?" Hal-hem stared at Aeroth, totally oblivious.
For about two seconds. Then he let loose a laugh.
A laugh that involved opening his jaws and revealing his many sharp teeth.
Didn't sound much like a laugh, either.
"Sorry. Yes."

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The Legionary | 194 comments ''Heh. Well, i was passing somewhere by when i saw a giant black winged creature flying towards a town preparing to turn it to ashes like the Red Mountain did to my old home.'' Slightly annoyed at the fact they cannot leave until a bunch of people are killed, he looked at the guard with an annoyed face. ''We have a long trip, essentially travelling across Skyrim. Why do we have to waste time because of your little civil war?''

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AutreMoi (candlehome) "We are just following orders, son." The guard answered with his arms crossed.

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The Legionary | 194 comments ''I hate it when people look down on me. Call me son once more and..ugh.'' annoyed, Aeroth looked around himself looking for a way out.

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"How long does it really take to kill people? Are you giving them a trial over there?"
Hal-hem would have strained his neck to see, were he remotely close to the beheading areas.
"You realize that all the Stormcloak sympathizers will turn this into an all-out brawl," he told RANDOM GUARD NUMBER TWENTY SEVEN.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) The guard rudely moved aside.

"That is the point, don't you see?" And he angrily pointed the rooftops, where many men wearing black robes and steel plate bracers held bows pointing to the multitude as one by one, the soldiers showed up the prisoners.

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The Legionary | 194 comments ''That is not our problem. If it comes to a fight, i will not have mercy for either you or the stormcloaks.''

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"Whoa, we're by the gates. We're here to avoid most of the fight. And it's always our problem to avoid the needless spilling of blood and conflict," Hal-hem pointed out to his new companion.
"You're going to fire into a crowd full of innocent people if some of them turn violent? What in Oblivion is wrong with you guys? I don't have any love for the Stormcloaks, but this..." Hal-hem practically spat at the guard.
"I won't have it."

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AutreMoi (candlehome) "There will be no fight." The guard said. "As long as anyone tries something funny they will notice they are outnumbered. Tease us, you will have an arrow on the knee."

"Just following Legate Casadei's instructions."

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The Legionary | 194 comments ''You imperials are no better than the bandits that slayed my father.'' the Dunmer grunted, trying to find a way to the rooftop. Looking back at the guard, he said ''Oh, and you will fire an arrow into my or my new companion's knee? If that happens, you do not want to know what happens to you.''

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