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Diź (dimal) Hirel arrived on his horse just outside the stables of Riften, he ran into his carriage driver that escaped from their last job on his way here so they went the rest of the way together. He dismounted his horse and gave the reins to his friend for him to take the horse and walked into the city, he wore his black master thief guild armor like he usually did and strolled down the path like he owned the place.

Once he was past the gate and in the middle of the town he took a seat on a bench and looked out at the water flowing under him to pass the time before going home.

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Dark Arrow | 48 comments Miranda wore her light thieves guild armor as she walked in the crowd. She would "accidentally" bump into people, lifting valuables. After finding a near priceless diamond ring, she decided to stop momentarily. Miranda leaned on the railing, looking down at the water below.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Serena Veneri, who had just arrived to the city that same morning, walked on the streets uneasily. She had been there before, and it wasn't a place she ever planned to re-visit. She walked, very concentrated on every citizen she passed by... Fearing to encounter any Member of the thief's guild.

She didn't carry much, though... Just two spell books, her journal, three small potions and no more than 100 septims. The only two things she considered valuable were her special dagger, in which she had a hand, and her Telvanni necklace, which she constantly revised with her other hand... Oh right, she also carried a sweet roll.

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Diź (dimal) Hirel looked up from the water to look around the town and watch the people, something he usually did to find targets amongst newcomers to their town. He sighed, "not many people visiting today" he said and then looked up to the sky.

He looked back down to the city and actually noticed a few things this time, first off a member of the guild was standing not to far off from him looking into the water and then there was an elf, Dunmer to be more exact, walking around. He never saw the elf before so he figured she might be an easy mark and then there was the girl in the guild, he saw her around a few times but never really spot to her. He stood up and began walking around.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) The Dunmer, Serena, walked around the market, but avoiding it, she knew there were the thieves, waiting. She walked towards the stairs that would lead her to the docks of the city, for one moment, she thought she would make it today to her once-house without being robbed.

(it is it, when will be the first to get the price? Who will be the very best thief in the city? Staaaaart... Now)


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Diź (dimal) Hirel followed the new elf as she walked around the market, usually with it being bright daylight out he wouldn't try any thievery but he decided to make an exception for today. He followed her down into the docks, walking as if he wasn't following her and like he had somewhere to be to not arouse suspicion from onlookers and guards.

((lol okay))

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Dark Arrow | 48 comments Miranda watched playfully, but did not partake. If she was caught, her priceless diamond rimg would be taken and returned to the owner. Rather than risk it, she proceeded to go to the Cistern to the guild's fence

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Diź (dimal) Hirel continued walking but picking up his pace, after he got close enough he intentionally bumped into the elf, his hands swung right into her as he picked her pockets. He only got out five of the sovereigns with his left hand but used his right hand for his own immature reasons, squeezing a place on her, he felt it was completely worth doing that instead of picking more money.

"oh I'm sorry lass, I should really watch where I'm going" he said playing it off, he didn't wait for her to reply or anything and just turned away to walk on a different direction than she was already going. He pocketed the money and put his hand in his pocket, as he walked away he examined his right hand, he left it in a holding position ever since he touched her, "so... their about this big huh? not bad at all" he said with a smirk and put his hand in his pocket as he walked back down the path.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Serena glanced angrily at him as he walked away, but she couldn't do anything now.

"Scum!" She yelled at him and recovered her stance.

"Calm down, calm down, just another harmless thief... To touchy this one, but it's okay... That means you may have a fine physic and... Oh right, Check pockets!" She thought to herself.

Noticing her pocket a bit open, yet with some coins still inside she sighed and continued her way, hoping not to be robbed again on the small trip to her house.

(Look, Apex, I know she troubled you earlier but that's no reason to go and make karma by yourself. Hehe, just kidding)

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Diź (dimal) ((lol, not karma, he's jus a really really really sleazy person with no shame. also a constant flirt))

Hirel heard her and could only laugh at what she said, to him it was the truth, he was definitely scum but he was also rich scum and that made this life completely worth living. He turned his head back to her and winced before moving back up the stairs, he weaved his way back into the crowded market where he picked a few more pockets and touched a few more girls before moving over to a bridge and counted his spoils and laughed a but more at what happened earlier with the elf.

Before he could finish counting he noticed the thief girl from earlier walking into the Cistern. He also noticed the elf girl again walking up to a house, "does she live here?" he asked himself. "she must be new" he said, he knew everyone that lived in Riften, because he stole from them at some point in his career and he couldn't remember ever stealing from her... until now of course.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Serena, however, wasn't completely new. A few years ago she had lived in the city after her Telvanni settlement was raised by the Argonians. She didn't make it here though, the thieves guild literally had stolen everything she had and she had moved out as soon as she moved in. Sad... She didn't had anyone to protect her, so she wandered around Skyrim looking a place to live. Until she was accidentally bit by a vampire who tricked her in the most pathetic way possible.

And she was now here again... Looking for something she had left behind. She only hoped it was still there... We're she had hidden it. She entered the house.

(The house is The one you can purchase in Riften. No need to follow if you don't want. She will eventually come out)

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Diź (dimal) When she walked into one of the houses he realized which one it was and he was confused, he remembered it belonged to someone years ago that was house was one if his friends targets, he cleaned up and made enough for a really early retirement and lives up in Solitude now.

He also remembered its been abandoned ever since and had nothing in it, hell he even used the place to store a few crates of skooma he was smuggling a few months back because nobody ever went in there. As far he knew there wasn't anything else worth taking in there and couldn't think of why she would go in that house so he shrugged it off and continued counting his gold.


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AutreMoi (candlehome) ***
Later that night, The door of the house opened again, Serena went out of the house while everyone else were on their houses. She had found what she was looking for, now... A little trip to Falkearth.


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Dark Arrow | 48 comments Mi4anda, wearing a black dress that failed to identify her as a member of the thieves guild, walked down a dark alley. In doing so, a group of men -whom she had swindled gold from- began following her. When out of sight of the main street, they snuck upon her and pinned her to the wall forcefully.

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Diź (dimal) Thaenz was walking through Riften, he had come into town the morning before at the request of the Jarl to help investigate a skooma den and help clean it up. It wasn't happening for another day so he decided to go for night walk.

As he walked down the paths of Riften he heard a noise coming from an alleyway a house ahead of him and a collection of shadows moving. He placed his hand on his sword hilt and made his way towards the alley to see what was wrong.

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Dark Arrow | 48 comments "You think you could steal from us?" The man demanded as he began to move her dress strap to its side.

Miranda squirmed, but even with all the fighting experience, she was screwed. Miranda would scream, but her mouth was covered.

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Diź (dimal) He turned around the corner and paused to see what was happening, after a few moments of his eyes adjusting to the light he could clearly tell what was happening.

"hey!" he yelled down the alley at them and made his way towards them at a brisk pace as he pulled out his sword, "let the lady go!" he told them.

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Dark Arrow | 48 comments Miranda broke loose, and punches the man who grabbed her. Then she quickly moved behind Thaenez.

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Diź (dimal) He nodded at the girl then turned back to the other men, "now I want all of you to get get out of here" he told them

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Dark Arrow | 48 comments Miranda pulled a knife out of her dress leg. She held it, ready to put up a fight if the men wanted a fight. However, the men seemed to scatter after he put up a fight. Miranda re-sheathed her blade, biting her lip. She felt like she owed this mysterious stranger some kind of reward

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Diź (dimal) He waited till the men had left around the corner and were completely out of view before he turned towards the girl. "Are you alright? did they hurt you in anyway?" he asked her. he sheathed his sword and let his arms hang at his side.

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Dark Arrow | 48 comments Miranda nodded, biting her lip as she watched his eyes. "I- I'm good." She thought for a moment, before speaking. "Is there any way in which I can repay you?"

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Diź (dimal) he shook his head, "no need to reward me with anything" he told her, "it's more than enough knowing your safe and out of harms way" he told her

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Dark Arrow | 48 comments Miranda shook her head. "We can clearly see that they were going to-." She cut her sentence off, not wanting to say it out loud. Miranda tried to think of what to say.

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Diź (dimal) he noticed what she was going to say and waved his hand, "yes... but your out of that situation now and their gone" he told her, "I'll go after them another day so they won't attack you or anyone again" he said with confidence that would be able to do it.

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Dark Arrow | 48 comments Miranda put her hand on her hip, her face and self shining well in the moonlight. Despite being a thief, she wants to keep a sense of honor. "No, i have to at least pay supper for you."

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Diź (dimal) at first he was captivated by her beautiful figure and all around beauty, he snapped out of it after a few moments. "supper?" he said, "okay, we can have supper together if you wish" he told her

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Dark Arrow | 48 comments Miranda smiled brightly, loving the fact he was warming up to her. "What do you want to eat?" She reached for his hand, wabting to guide him to wherever he wanted to eat.

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Diź (dimal) "I'm new to this place... I've only just arrived this morning" he told her, "I don't have a clue where anything is" he informed her.

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Dark Arrow | 48 comments Miranda held his hand, leading to a tavern. "What do you want to eat?" She led him to a booth.

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Diź (dimal) "meat" he answered simply as he followed behind her and she lead on forward. As they walked he kept his eyes on her but also kept a look out for anything else around them.

((change to a tavern topic soon?))

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Dark Arrow | 48 comments Miranda squuezed his hand, "Tell me, who are you?" She asked politely, and waits for his answer. ((Can you do that?))

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Diź (dimal) ((just did))

"My name is Thaenz" he told her. he was always proud of his name growing up. "and whats your name?" he asked her as they continued walking to the tavern.

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The Legionary | 194 comments As time passed, Aeroth and Hal-Hem had gone past Snow-Shod farm and Riften was in sight. Aeroth looked at Hal-Hem. ''Well, here we are.'' he said. ''Do we really need to restock though? We're stocked up already. Should we keep moving or..?'' he said to Hal-Hem.

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
"We keep going, I think. We should warn them about a powerful necromancer. Those were all thralls, there was no time limit on them or some would have disintegrated during the battle. No one can have more than two thralls at a time, and if there's an army of undead out there..." Hal-hem let that hang in the air and pulled on the reins a bit tighter.

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The Legionary | 194 comments ''Alright.'' Aeroth began running, as they neared Dayspring Canyon. ''So..lets go inside, shall we?''

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Kendra (madamejade) | 847 comments Mod
((New topic is up. I won't be able to post for a few more minutes, shouldn't be too long.))

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The Legionary | 194 comments Not wasting any time, Aeroth ran towards the city and was there shortly.

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