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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments Sahqogeyol ruffled his wings as he scanned his surroundings while flying. His serpentine eyes confirmed what he had seen from up above his cave: a deer. He felt pleased as he prepared to throw himself at it. A dinner always sounded good, for his stomach at least.

He threw his nose downwards and started to take speed, the ground closing in fast. The deer never saw it coming...

His claws struck flesh, killing the deer immediately. He flapped hard a few times, slowing to an almost gentile hover right before landing, his prey on his claws. He opened then and the deer fell on the ground, lifeless.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) And... Right in front of him, terrified, a lonely female Dunmer stood completely paralyzed because of the fear.

She had just got off the road she had been wandering when she saw the powerful beast land in front of her.

"D-d-d-d-dragon..." She muttered scared.

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments Sahqogeyol was about to lift flight again when he noticed the Dunmer. His eyes slowly locked into hers, his cold expression studying her.

He slowly cursed inside. Had he gotten so close to the city? Was this one another adventorous one? So many questions and not one answer. He was almost certain he hadn't gotten close to the city or any other inhabited place...

Unless he had miscalculated; that meant he probably was closer... There was a road nearby, he had seen it but hadn't thought about it. How careles of him.

He slowly turned his whole body at her.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) "I-i-i..." Said the Dunmer before moving nervously some steps back... She couldn't run. She couldn't run!

She started to panic. There was a way to escape from a dragon? She doubt so. She started wondering what would happen? Would the dragon just eat her like that? She couldn't allow herself to die now! Being a vampire, and un-dead, would mean to be sent to oblivion. She didn't wanted to go to Oblivion! Everything was so scaring. Her eyes, vampiric, glowed in Orange more than they did ever.

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments He moved his head back slightly after seeing the glow. So she was a vampire... He hadn't seen one in a long time, and the last one hadn't tasted good... No, he didn't wanted to experience that again. Those vampires weren't viable food.

So, what if he just killed her. It would be easy and no witnesses. Still, he could also talk... Yes, talk wouldn't be bad. He hadn't done so in at least ten years.

He cleared his throat, proving his voice. It felt good to speak again. "Well, what would a vampire be doing wandering alone near my territory?" he asked, using his usual way of presenting himself; he also liked a lot the reactions the others tended to give at that remark.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) The vampire heard the voice of the dragon... So scary too... Was he just playing with his food? She managed to give some words after a few seconds.

"I... It was an experiment! I shouldn't have turned to a vampire... It was fault of the guards!" She said, nervously.

"Believe me, you wouldn't like to know how does a Dunmer tastes! We- we taste like ash! Yes, only ashes! And even a-a vampire... Worst! So pale! I don't have a flavor! Please... Don't... Eat... Me..." She squealed as she bumped to a tree while walking backwards. She felt lost.

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments The dragon almost chuckled... almost. His usual bored feeling started to fade away though. She seemed funny enough, and probably it owuld be interesting to talk to her.

"Yes, you vampires aren't tasty..." he said. H wondered what she had meant by an experiment though. "What about an experiment you just mentioned? guards?" he said trying to make his voice sound less intimidating. That was useless when trying to talk, or at least he wasn't sure why creatures tended to be scared of it...

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AutreMoi (candlehome) For some reason, she felt se needed to tell the truth to the dragon... Maybe he was testing her... If she said something wrong he would eat her.

"Me- me? I... Was trying to trust a vampire... But she bit me! Oh, I am so foolish! Who I am trying to fool? I was fooled... So easy... So easy... She only told me to get closer, to see my "nice" neck... I felt so... Attractive... She bit me! Then she cursed me!" She lamented.

"There you have it! That is the truth! The truth no one else had heard! But what do I will tell my family? They are so... So. I ran, I hid in the first place I found and I was thrown in prison because of my eyes... Because of my eyes!" She confessed. Her heart beating so fast she felt like aging.

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments Sahqogeyol looked at her interested. That was... new. He hadn't Heard a story like such in... ever. It made him have a thought he hadn't have in a long time: take her to his cave and speak more seriously. That used to lift his own spirits ad break the usual routine... and maybe even play some board games!

Yes, he'd like that.

"Well, that sounds... unfortunate." He looked around to make sure no one was around. "Is there any other bipedals around here?" he saked. He needed to make sure...

Or maybe this was a trap and she was just tricking him! Vampires weren't the most truthful of all. He'd have to be prepared; he wasn't going to give her full trust.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) "Bipedals? Bi-pe-dals? Oh! Bi-pedals! Two feet! Right!" She said nervously. Oh! Why does the dragon speaker in so a language! Was it part of the test?

"No... Not any more, no! Only me... I was alone... I am always alone! Well, except you now..." She said.

She cursed mentally, why she was speaking so... Scared? She was Serena Veneri! Member of house Telvanni! She shouldn't be afraid!

"Well... Except for the hunters that were there a moment ago... Of course." She shrugged as some arrows impacted against the Dragon. Behind, a group of Forsworn (barbarians) threw rocks at the dragon and attacked him.

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments Sahqogeyol suddenly turned. He was an idiot! Of course he had been betryed by the Vampiress... He was an idiot!

He roared and immediately turned to face the barbarians. His thousands of years of experience gave him an advantage over them in ways that no one alive (except for another dragon or someone really rare) had as well. His skills had been perfected...

But he wasn't much into fighting shape. Still, a bunch of barbarians weren't enough to cause him much. His scales were healthy and managed to stop most of the arrows; only two managed to penétrate, and even then they did not cause damage at all, having penetrated his outer skin. It only cause him to get more angry though.

He growled and prepared to blast them all with fire. The rocks bounced harmlessly off his scales just as a ject of bright red and gold flames angulfed the first barbarians. his tailed moves around like a whip, ready to hit anyone that dared approach him from behind or from his sides. He flared open his wings to look bigger and to be ready to fly away in case something went wrong and he started to lose.

((how many barbarians are there?))

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AutreMoi (candlehome) (Let's say... 6)

They carried their swords and spears. They attacked the dragon by throwing them at him first and then attacking in a group but a bit separated one from another.

Serena, on the other side, was just paralyzed, again.

"What was happening?" She thought. She hid behind the tree, but her legs couldn't take her further away.

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments He growled and lashed his tail again, hitting and wounding badly one of them. He used his wings to try to keep them away.

He analyzed the situation. They knew he could throw fire, which made them cautious when attacking and made it harder for Sahqogeyol to kill them. He used his tail more, trying to keep them in front facing him and not letting them near his back.

He wondered how he could take them rapidly. Fire wasn't very viable, but he saw it as an oportunity to lift off and attack from the air. He would have advantage there.

He opened his mouth and blasted another jet of red flame at them, trying to blow it in a circle around him.

A few of the spears had managed to stick against his scales, which cause a few jolts of pain to bother him as he moved, but he managed to ignore them.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) The forsworn retreated from the flames. The one wounded died eventually because of the fire and the wound. The other five moved around, holding between the trees, two of them throwing arrows to make the beast descend. He would be a nice trophy.

While they moved, one of them found Serena in the floor behind the tree. She shrugged, smiling nervously. The barbarian, who saw all civilized people as an enemy, rose his sowed and swans it over Serena, she moved, not receiving a fatal wound, but the sword did cut her skin. She crawled to the next tree, but the forsworn was behind her.

The other 4 continued throwing arrows and some few destruction spells, like fire bolts.

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments Sahqogeyol suddenly growled more angrily tan before. "Alright, this IS IT!" he exclaimed with a thunderous voice that sounded more like a snarl. He looked down just as he prepared it; a last jet of flame that would end all life within a ten meter radius and would surely burn a good part of the forest afterwards...

Then he noticed Serena... and the one attacking her. The she wasn't really with them. That made a sudden change of plans.

Ignoring the arrows that stuck through his scales, he flung himself in the air towards the one attacking serena. He landed with his front legs on top of him, crushing his skull. He looked at Serena. "Stay behind me," he ordered. He turned at the barbarians just as he opened his mouth.

A bright jet of Golden and red flames arupted from his mouth. Thi was different from the others though; the flames burned from metters away, and if Sahqogeyol hadn't been between Serena and the flames, they would have burned her skin.

The flames burned everything, envolving the rest of the barbarians in a fire cover. Sahqogeyol stopped; the only thing left of the barbarians was a pile of ashes.

The fire had begun to spread.

He turned to her. "Come with me and live, or stay and perish. Your choice." He tried to sound as less threatening as he could, but somehow his voice seemed to always sound commanding and powerful...

He liked that.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Serena stood up difficultly, the wound slightly bothering her. She looked at the dragon. She felt very weak.

"I go. I think?"

She said and clutched her wound. Almost no blood came out, yet it felt really bad.

"How do I...?" She intended to question.

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments He simply flapped once and took to the air. At the last second, he grabber her with his claws, careful not to hurt her. He flapped another time and then used a few currents to lift up. He looked down and saw as some trees kept catching fire.

He flew higher and higher, the ground falling farther below as he flew upwards.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat are you doiiiiing?" She shouted.

"Oh no! Don't eat me! Please! Don't let me fall! I am not a good meal! Pleeeease! Free me! No! Thinking about it... Let me go! Safely! In the ground! Pleeeeease?" She shouted as she thought the dragon would eat her, again.

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments He didnt answered as they kept going higher and higher until they where above the clouds. He could see the mountain his cave was located in.

Hi wings beated gently as he steadied himself, directing over to the mouth of his cavern home. He reached it and landed gently, making sure Serena landed gantly as well. He let her go and then placed all his legs on the floor. He turned to her.

"I guess introductions are in order, or at least that's how I think you bipedals do it. My name is Sahqogeyol and this is my home," he said trying to sound cassually.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Serena ran a few steps away. She looked at the dragon, then, at the clouds below. She was too far away from her road. She stopped and looked at the dragon. He wasn't attacking. What was he waiting? Had he just introduced himself? Was this still part of the test? Better answer him, she didn't wanted to angry the dragon.

"M-my name-e is Se-Serena Veneri, of the mighty house Telvanni, t-to serve the Nine, temporaly to Molag-Bal, and y-you," she said, making a small reverence.

"Please... I don't want to be the dinner,"

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments Sahqogeyol felt amused. He hadn't felt like that in a long time. He found her scared expression amusing, and her thinking he was going to eat her...

Well, maybe that was not very amusing, it being the logical though. Still, he smiled inside. He slowly laid down on top of his belly.

"Eat you? No. You Vampires are a very bad dinner; you said right when saying you taste like ash, but one covered in dark magic..." He jerked his head back amused. "So you can stop looking down like if thinking of jumping. I actually wanted just to have a simple... Talk with you. You seem interesting enough." He ruffled his wings once and then tucked them against his sides.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) "We-well, yeah... A talk? What does dragons even talk about? Well..." She doubted.

She make sure she had everything, luckily, nothing had fell from her bag. She still had the scroll.

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments Sahqogeyol shrugged. "How is the land of sky rims this times. It's been many years since I left this area and my knowledge of present times is a little limited." He saw her bag, wondering what could be inside. He would ask her after some time.

He had not seen much of skyrim lately, except for the are near his cave. He had followed his low-profile policy more than ever, after hearing everything that had transpired lately, and then there was that prophecy...

No, he wouldn't think of that. He wouldn't be involved in anything; dragons tended to lose when they did. His experience ha taught him that.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) "Skyrim? Well... I have been traveling, it is... Rude. At war, they are not nice anymore... I fear," was what she answered.

The sun bothered her, and she still had the wound of the sword. It should have been better by now... But under the sun.... Luckily, she had her spell.

Serena used the fast healing spell, which drained her one third of her magika. The wound closed. Better than those healing potions.

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments He nodded and the. Saw... Felt the magic. He recognized the signs, she was during her wound. Maybe he should have offered her to enter the cave and cure herself in there...

"Well, skyrim is a wild place... Serena," he said recalling her name. "You are from the house of Telvani. What is a member if it traveling alone, and a vampire no less."

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AutreMoi (candlehome) "Well... The argonians raided my tower... Have ever you seen a Telvanni tower? They are like nothing in the world! They are big! Tall! They are colorful, full of life! They are the true beauty of my land... But the those lizards set mine on fire... I escaped, but accidentally ended up far from home, from Morrowind, I was in Skyrim... Tall, cold land..." She told the Dragon.

"The vampire accident was... Not long ago... Close to Morthal, almost at Solitude,"

The sun, shining over her couldn't let her see properly, and it also made her feel weak. She moved closer to the mouth of the cave, were she could be covered by a shadow.

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments He nodded. Apparently, her story was actually interesting. It felt good not to be disappointed, and he really was not in the humor of eating a vampire... At least he was getting interesting stories. He imagined the tower... They were indeed a sight he enjoyed, but back then he liked more rampage and killing... How could he have been so savage?

"Yes, I've seen those towers," he said. "Long time ago. I feel we should take this talk somewhere were sun does not bother, since I know your kind dislikes the light of the sun." He turned towards the cave.

He wasn't very keen in allowing bipedals, or any sort of creature at all, inside, but he liked to do the casual exception; it also allowed him to snare them when he didn't wanted them to escape for when he wanted to eat them, but this time he felt that would not be necessary. He had started to like that vampiress, mostly due to the fact that her scared attitude amused him somewhat.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Sarena doubted a moment. Entering the cave? What if there was met escape? How could she trust the dragon?

"Of-of course... You first?" She asked nervously. She didn't wanted the dragon to knew she distrusted him.

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Imador (someoneoncered) | 327 comments Sahqogeyol groaned a little. Why had she asked that? He hadn't even though if something like that. He probably should go in after her for... safety measures. Still, she really seemed scared which maybe would calm her if he did entered first...

He turned and walked inside. "Come."

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Serena walked carefully behind him, opening at the sun before entering the cave.

(We need a thread for the cavern)

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AutreMoi (candlehome) ***

The imperial garrison marched in a column through to the road. Two drums marked every step and alerted the population that they were there, just the legate wanted. The legate, and the part of his men that were mounted on horses (and Aeline) were in the front, two by two, leading the line.

As they entered the forests of Falkearth, the sun too, entered the horizon, the last lights of sun lighted the mountains in Orange and the twin moons covered the sky with the northern lights.

"That is... That. What I like from Skyrim the most," said the Legate to Aeline.

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Diź (dimal) Aelaine was partly still half asleep from riding most of the night without sleep, she personally didn't like all the loud drumming but learned to tune most of it out halfway through the travel.

she let out a large yawn, "yeah... there isn't much Skyrim has to offer so i can understand what you mean" she said. she let out another yawn and took out her water to splash on her face to wake her up, "by the nine!" she nearly shouted and her eyes popped wide open, she wasn't expecting it to be as freezing as it was.

she also slashed more than expected so she wiped it off as best she could. "why are we here again Casadei?" she asked him, she started using this name during the trip in preference to Legate, since she only heard other imperial soldiers call him that, she didn't know if it was his first or last name however.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) Legate Casadei was surprised someone would actually call him by his name, even if it was his last name.

"We are going to help the garrison there, but I think they won't need to much help, just to scare the rebels... If that happens then we will proceed to Riften then," he answered to Aeline.

"We are going to be there soon..."

Two farmers ran through the road in opposite direction, they were escaping.

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Diź (dimal) She nodded and stretched in her seat on top her horse, "roger that" she said, "if we're not needed will we simply move on or..." she was asking him a question when was distracted by the two running farmers. she didn't know what it was about but also found it suspicious.

she pointed a finger over to them, "...hey, is it me or are they running from something?" she asked Casadei.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) "Wait a moment..." He said and left the line. He galloped to cut the road for them. The Farmers stopped, he asked them. We he had finished he returned to the line, but in front.

"The rebels are at Falkearth! The city is on fire! Quickly! Horses, with me! We will help them first, the rest, move faster, you will catch us there!" He commanded to his most high-ranked men. He returned to the line with Aeline.

"Hope you aren't to tired for a small fight." He said, with an unnoticeable smile.

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Diź (dimal) "a small fight? I can win a small fight in my sleep by myself" she told him in a playful bragging way. she kicked her horse into a fast gallop and followed him as they all raced down the path.

she had already pulled out of of her swords to be prepared wondering if the rebels where just normal people or stormcloaks again, she shook the thought out of her head as they approached it.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) The Legate too, galloped along with her and his horse soldiers. Including Aeline, they were 9 men. They left behind the foot troops as they approached the city. Casadei knew he won't be able to make Aeline follow his commands, even though she should, so he decided not to give orders to her and leave her to cause as much damage to the rebels as she could.

He took out his long sword with one hand. They got closer to the walls of the city, indeed, they were on fire, but they were the only building burning. Outside, guards and the other garrison held a fight against the Stormcloaks, who came out from the forests.

The Legate galloped fast and impaled one of the rebels with the Longsword. He had to left it behind as he continued moving. He took out other sword, a normal one. The rest of the men outraged(?) the Stormcloaks from behind... But they quickly got surrounded by the another wave of attackers who got out of the forests.

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Diź (dimal) Aelaine came flying in on her horse at a blurring speed, she ran over a few soldiers with the horse before she rolled off and landed on a stormcloak with her sword impaling him. She quickly pulled the sword out and made her way deeper into the city, slashing away at her foes, dodging and blocking the best she could as the fight raged on.

during her own fight she could see the other men get surrounded by attackers from the forest so she killed another around her and tried making her way over to them.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) From the horses, the legate and his men easily eliminated some of the attackers, however, two of his men were brought down by archers from the forests. He rode his sword and commanded his men to take cover from the archers inside the city, yet the fight was also in the streets of the same.

"Hold the fight! Reinforcements are on their way!" He shouted to the garrison there. It was only matter of time.

One arrow impacted his horse, and it moved making Casadei fall.

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Diź (dimal) Aelaine rushed on over to their aid, she ran in front of Casadei, standing between him and the arrows with her shield raised and blocking the arrows. She waited for the shower to slow down and end before moving again, she grabbed his arm and helped him up, "we need to fall back some, let them come to us so they'll be trapped on both sides when your foot soldiers get her!" she said to him, shouting over all the loud noises around them from the battle

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AutreMoi (candlehome) He didn't understood, he was confused because of the fall, but he nodded, he decided to trust. One of his men helped him to walk as they retreated were Aeline said.

"Thank you," he said between metallic breaths.

"Shield wall!" He commanded. The imperial-Falkearth forces difficultly obeyed.

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Diź (dimal) Aelaine looked at him, "don't mention it" she said with a nod. She moved back with them luckily not getting hit with any arrows on the way. She stood with the rest of them and sheathed her sword so she could pick up a second shield in her other hand, as she did so she heard him tell everyone to put up a wall and she cringed at how difficult it was for them to follow that order.

She put the second shield over her own to make a make-shift bigger shield and continued walking backwards with them up so she wouldn't get hit. "oh come on, you lot call yourself men and warriors? i know housemaids that put up a wall faster than that!" she yelled, "now your belly aching and put up those walls and hold it!" she barked at them.

after she yelled she continued walking backwards and she had to admit, she was actually having fun, she couldn't remember the last time she was in a situation like this and she was having a blast.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) The men joined the wall and walked backwards. But as they went closer to the gate, Stormcloak archers came out from the forests and shoot arrows to them.

Luckily for them, Casadei's foot soldiers arrived and killed the archers as they joined the other men. He smiled and joined them too with his shield.

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Diź (dimal) Aelaine lowered her shields and dropped the one she picked from earlier to put hers back on her back. "just in time" she said panting a little from the fight, she stood where she was and stretched out her arms and legs since she had to time and was actually off the horse now and could.

She walked to a tree near where everyone was meeting up and she sat down under it for a short break for now, hoping they could put out the fires in the city without her help for now.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) The reinforcements, combined with the rest of the garrison quickly made the rebel retreat back to the forests. Easy, as the Legate had hoped.

Once the last Stormcloack had fled the guards closed the small gates and helped to put down the fires. The garrisons regrouped in front of the Jarl's long house.

Both legates of both garrisons had a meeting with the Jarl, a few minutes later, they come out.

"Come on, the battle for Falkearth is not over yet. The Stormcloaks failed to take the city but they still have the fort nearby. We will attack soon." Announced the Legate.

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Diź (dimal) Aelaine heard the announcement from where she was sitting and slowly stood up, she stretched and walked over to where everyone else was preparing for the raid on the fort. She walked around till she found her horse from earlier, happy that it survived the battle, she adjusted the saddle on its back and added a few things to the side for it to carry.

once she had prepared her horse she climbed up on top and took it for a little ride in a circle to see if everything was in order. after she confirmed it was she tied the horse up and walked into guards barracks, hoping to grab a quick meal before they set off again.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) The Legate walked among his men, who were gathering close to the wall. He looked at their faces, ignoring the snow that started to fall. He felt something was wrong.

"Be prepared, everyone. Fort Neugard is not far away, and we can't wait for the Stormcloaks to be prepared to launch another offensive or to wait us prepared at the fort," he said. The two garrisons were now to his command, as the other legate was going to remain at the city with just a bunch of his men and the guards.

His men were ready, they were prepared to attack, the night was already upon them, and the wind was become cold.

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Diź (dimal) Aelaine had finished her meal sitting in the barracks messhall by herself, "finally, real food and not rations" she said after eating every scrap. She stood up and was preparing to leave when three members of the guard walked in, "there she is" one of them said.

she continued walking and stopped in front of them, "something you need?" she asked them. "the troops are heading out you better hurry or you'll miss them" one said and stepped aside. Aelaine said nothing and walked by them, "thanks" she said as she walked out the door.

Aelaine went into a brisk jog till she found her horse and mounted it, riding it till she met up with everyone else just as they were leaving. "what did i miss Casadei?" she asked him as she pulled up beside him.

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AutreMoi (candlehome) The legate turned to her. "Not very much, the men are ready. If we take the advantage of having them unprepared our triumph will be as fast as a lightning," he said confidently as he mounted another horse.

"Let's finish this quickly. If we return before midnight I will pay the first round," he said, rising his sword command his men to take formation and follow him, which they did quickly.

Just then, at that moment, a roar sounded across the mountains with the wind.

"A dragon!" someone shouted as, indeed, a great, ancient blue and silver dragon, soared across the sky.

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