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The Winner's Curse (The Winner's Trilogy, #1)
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Brooke | 86 comments Mod
Our February book is The Winner's Curse and we'll also be moving our planned discussion for Grasshopper Jungle to the February meeting as well (although based on some of our reviews, that may be a kvetching rather than a discussion).

Let me know your availability at this Doodle poll - I know you may not know your schedule this far in advance, but I wanted to be a little more proactive than I was in January (I honestly still can't believe the first month of the year is almost over already).

I picked the last week of Feb to give us time to read it, but if something else works better, or if you know one day doesn't work but don't know about the rest yet, go ahead and post in this thread!

Lori (loriwritingmyownfairytale) | 26 comments Mod
I filled out the doodle thing. The last week of February works pretty well for me! I hope others can make it too!

Brooke | 86 comments Mod
Thanks, Lori!

As I mentioned in the group broadcast I just sent out, everyone who is interested in coming should complete the poll by the end of Thursday the 19th and I'll pick the date after that.

I'm #2 in line for 4 copies on the library's ebook site and I'm starting to get a little nervous - I will have to visit the library for a paper copy if it's not in by this weekend!

Brooke | 86 comments Mod
Let's plan on Wednesday the 25th! Even before I saw Molly's note about was thinking of suggesting meeting a little later, say 7:00, somewhere like a coffee place for an after-dinner drink and discussion. Does anyone have any ideas? I'll pick the location this weekend.

Brooke | 86 comments Mod
I just sent out an invite - I'm proposing that we meet at the same Starbucks we went to at our first meeting after seeing Mindy McGinnis at Cover to Cover books at 7:00! Hope to see everyone there!

Molly | 4 comments Is this the starbucks at broadway and high?

Brooke | 86 comments Mod
It is!

Brooke | 86 comments Mod
Sorry - I'm just now realizing that putting the address on the event invite alone may not show up for everyone depending on how your notifications are set. It's at the corner of N Broadway and High St. 3416 N High St.

For anyone new joining us, I have long, dark red hair and I'm wearing my glasses today. I will probably still be wearing my blue cardigan sweater that looks like a blanket tonight but I will update you if I happen to spill something on myself between now and then!

Brooke | 86 comments Mod
Just an update for any newbies - I switched to a purple hoodie. :)

Hope to see everyone in a bit!

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Molly | 4 comments I'm so sorry, I had to stay late at work unexpectedly and had to miss the discussion:(

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