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ugh i have an oc but i am changing it give me a bit

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Name:Beast Girl
Other:Hates having to pick up after her big brother...but looks up to him

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Name: Black dove
Other: a couple years older then her brother and keeps an eye on him for their adoptive father

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:) )) okay chu start please))

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((not really in the middle of looking at collage courses))

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oh okay))

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((can u))

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okay)) Beast girl was in her room drawing and listening to music

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black dove was writing some things down

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Her brother ran through and destroyed her room then ran out "GAHHH BEAST BOOOOOOOOY!"

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(( Im sorry if I'm intruding but may I join in?))

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(yeah i guess)

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black dove sighed and went to see what was going on "beast boy"

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Name: Kylie Crows
Gender: F
Other: She is happy and upbeat unlike her cousin Raven

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"What?" He said iniccently Beast girl came out with paint covering her she ran at him and turned wolf and attacked him

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Kylie came skipping in, feeling happy, she looked at Beast boy, " Hey Beast Boy," Kylie said as she past him.

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black dove sighed "stop it now" she said to beast boy and beast girl

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Beast Girl tackled him "YOU WILL FIX MY ROOM UNDERSTAND" she said through gritted teeth holding him in the mercy hold "MERCY AND YES!!!!!!!!!!!!" she let go of him "Good" she snorted "im getting a shower" she said then walked into the bathroom

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Kylie looked at Black Dove, " I'm surprised they haven't killed each other yet," Kylie said.

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Beast girl came back in and went into her room she hugged her brother

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she shrugged "I'm surpried robin hasn't done it yet"

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Kylie giggled, that's when Raven came in, Kylie shut her mouth shut.

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Beats girl and Beast boy walked in "Hey Raven" BB said "hey Rave" BG said

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black dove sighed

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" Don't call me Rave beast boy, and hey," Raven said as she floated past them to her room. Kylie watched , making sure her cousin actualy went into her room, Kylie skipped into the kitchen and sat next to Cyborg, not really wanting to talk to him at that moment.

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Beast Girl got food and BB and her watched tv

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"But i didn't call her Rave" Beast boy said "yeah i know i did huh oh well" beast girl said

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" Sometimes she forgets who's who," Kylie replied from next to Cyborg.

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"hm" BG said then watched tv

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" Forgets what?" asked Raven as she floated in.
" Who's who," Kylie answered.
" BG and BB?" Raven asked.
" Yeah," Kylie replied.

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They wave not looking at her

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Raven sighed and paid attention to Kylie, who was simply looking at Robin.
Raven scoffed and floated into a corner.

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BB was poking BG she growled at him and he sat still

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black dove sighed and went into the rafters and kept an eye on robin

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Kylie stared at Robin, she liked him but didn't know if he liked her.

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Robin is a girl not a guy or do you mean Cyborg?))

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robin was looking out the window

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(( Blah actually I'm going to make her have a crush on beast boy Instead))

Kylie was too foucused on Robin, wondering what was wrong with her, she the looked over at BB who was still watching TV with BG.

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okay)) BB was picking on his sister again BG paid no attention to hi though

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" You know you shouldn't rile her up BB," Kyile said, not really caring. Raven covered her mouth with a ghostly black hand, Kylie looked over at Raven.
" Stop talking your annoying," Raven said blankly and then she took the hand away.

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BG had had enough she grebbed his hand before her peoke her again and twisted it "OW OW WOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWOW!" "THEN KNOCK IT OFF" she let go he ran off BG rolled her eyes "Boys"

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Kylie nodded, but she followed BB.

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beast girl lookes like a normal human))))

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Kyile looked for BB in his messy room.

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He was sitting by the tv

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" Hey BB," Kylie said walking over and sitting next to BB.

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