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This is a huge garden that some of the gods, mortals, and demigods like to tend to. Thee are flowers and tress everywhere, the air is fresh, and the weather never seems to be bad.

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Hopex sat down on a bench in the flower gardens. It was nice to visit a place like this once in a while...but Hopex still didn't like it very much.

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Hopex noticed the girl. Should she say hi? She wasn't sure.

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Hopex snorted. "Didn't see that?" she asked.

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"The sign. Do not pick the flowers?" Hopex replied.

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"Jeez, you must be having a bad day." Hopex said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

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"Meaning before I started talking? Yeah, I get that a lot." Hopex said.

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"Good." Hopex said. "I'm Hopex, by the way."

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"Good. What are you doing here?" Hopex asked.

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"I'm a hobo." Hopex said casually.

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"Nope." Hopex said. "Dad's insane, mom's dead, not that much I can do. What's your story?"

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"Oh." Hopex said. She wasn't sure what to say. "You come here often?"

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"I come here sometimes. Are you a demigod or human?"

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"I'm pretty sure this is more then two minutes, Paigy." Hopex said.

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"You don't like Paigy?" Hopex asked sweetly.

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"Well, why not?" Hopex queried.

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"I think it's a nickname." Hopex said.

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"And what about Hopex?"

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"Yes. A combination of my names." Hopex said, getting annoyed.

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"Fine. But you never told me whether or not you're a demigod." Hopex pointed out.

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"No, I'm just curious. Who's your godly parent?" Hopex asked.

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Hopex nodded. "Lotsa deliveries, huh? Have you met him much?"

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"I've only met a few demigods before, not any superpowerful ones." Hopex said. "I thought it might be cool if you were one."

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"Well, not really, cuz then we could talk about which gods we hated." Hopex said.

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"I hate some of the gods and goddesses." Hopex said.

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"Artemis, Aphrodite." Hopex said. "And that's only a couple. If there were a god of men, I would hate him. I guess I hate Ares, him being the god of war and all."

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"Huh. Not even Zeus?" Hopex asked. "Or Hera?"

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Hopex smirked. "I think he just zaps them out of the sky. It's Hera who does the gory stuff."

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"I'm kind of a hobo." Hopex said, a little hesitantly.

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"I just stay wherever I want. Sometimes I sleep in that old abandoned house, sometimes I sleep underneath a tree. I'm gonna get a job though." Hopex said.

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"Thanks. And I'm not allergic to ferrets. You got one?" Hopex asked. She was grateful that Paige had said that though.

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"Cool." Hopex grinned.

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((Okay, I'll make Hopex go.))
Hopex stood up. "I have to go now." she said. "But it was nice to meet you."

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"Thanks." Hopex said, walking away.

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