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I Remeber watching this all the time when I was little!

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i know right!

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I'm the Pink Girl.

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Stingy,Sportagus,Robby Rotten,Ziggy,and Mayor are the only ones i really remember

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Stephenie(Pink Girl)

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yeah her i like her can create your won char too you know)

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other:arrives in the the beging of rp)) newst person of Lazy town

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Name: Gideon Reid
Gender: F
Other: Newest member, and her father is a genius FBI Proflier

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( who starts?)

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(( I guess anyone can ))

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Mia had just arrived into a new town she smiled looking around

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Gideon was getting off a airplane at the Lazytown airport.

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"i think i'll like it here" Mia said then she tripped Robby Rotten was laughing at her she got up "Hey it's not funny!"

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Gideon had walked out and had saw someone trip someone, " Now that's not nice, but then again no one really is," Gideon said and she shrugged.

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He continued to laugh at her she took a deep breath and continued walking "well that's one guy i already don't like"

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all it did was take me to youtube

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Me too.

Gideon walked past the guy, she wanted to see what she could teach the litte sucker.

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Seth W | 66 comments Mod should have taken u to the video on utube

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Seth W | 66 comments Mod
Did it work

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still doesnt work
He smiled thinking of new ways to irritate the LazyTown people
Mia walked to a wall and sat down leaning against it

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Gideon walked past him, she waited to see what he would do, she held her bag in her left hand and her coat in her other.

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aww that is so cute to see how Ziggy looks up to sportagas)) he snuck up on Mia and played a trick on her

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That's when Gideon noticed the guy sneaking up behind the same girl he tripped, she smirked and walked over she tiptoed behind him , softly so that he wouldn't hear her footsteps, she then yelled boo into his ear.

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that scared Mia She looked up and Saw Robby he fell over the wall and landed in front of her with a moan "you okay?" she asked holding out her hand "I'm fine leave me alone!" he said pushing her hand away "...i was just trying to help" "I don't need your help!" he stormed off into his lair

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Seth W | 66 comments Mod
Did it work?))))

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(( Yes Seth it did!))

Gideon smirked, she heard a lot about Robbie and she couldn't believe it worked. " Hey don't let Robbie get to yah, he's just a big fat meanie," Gideon said to Mia.

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Seth W | 66 comments Mod

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"you know him?"

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" Heard of him," Gideon corrected.

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"I'm Mia" she said holding out her hand "uh...where is everyone else?"

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" I'm Gideon, and probably at home or somewhere else," Gideon replied shaking Mia's hand.

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"...Nice to meet you" Mia said "So what do you all do here in this"

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" Well they're into sports I remeber that much from my childhood, and I think they still are," Gideon replied.

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"hmm okay? do you know of a place i can stay?" (Who is sportagus?)

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" you can stay with me at my house," Gidoen offered.

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"thanks" Mia said with a smile

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" Your welcome, let's go, that way you can get settled in, I do gotta warn you that the room you'll be sleeping in might be too blue and too bright," Gideon said as she started walking.

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"it's okay i like blue"

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" Mostly everything inside the room is blue, " Gideon said.

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Mia smiled "Thanks" she put her things down "Going for a jog" she said walking outside (you be sportacas please)

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(( Okay ))

Gideon nodded, " Becareful, because Sportacus will be up and about," Gideon said.

Sportacus was on his blimp, eating his healthy breakfast, his watched beeped, he rinsed his empty bowl and glass. He then drove his blimp downward and pressed autopilot, using his rope he slid down it and landed on the ground.

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"uh okay?" Mia ran past him listening to music

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Sportacus noticed this mystery woman come out of Mr. Gideon's old house, he shrugged and just followed the girl, he began to run at the same pace as her.

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she turned the corned and ran into Robbie "Sorry" She said backing up and going around him

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He glared at her then turned around only to see Sportacus Mia gained speed and did a flipp over some trash cans and landed on the wall she ran along that until it ran out

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