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Tris and Uriah?
Llama Senpai Llama Senpai Jan 29, 2015 04:23PM
How would you feel if Tris was with Uriah instead of Tobias?

In the last book I kinda saw Christina and Uriah. I don't really know if I could see Tris and Uriah as a couple. I guess it'd be interesting though.

Tris with Uriah? I don't see it happening because as much as I love Uriah, he's so funny and laid-back and Tris is so serious and it just wouldn't work. But omg, was anyone else mad that he wasn't in the movie? He was like my favorite character

I feel like that would be a better person for Tris than Four. Uriah's more kindhearted and would even Tris out. Tris is too suicidal and she probably wouldn't be doing these things if Uriah was with her. URIAH'S MY FAVORITE!!!

Anyone is better than Tris and Tobias. Literally, they're allllllwwwaaaaayyyyyseeee mad at each other for something, and then kissing. I HATE them together, every time they're together I want to throw up. Tris and President Snow from the hunger games would be a better match.

Sierra Mitchell THANK YOU. I wanted Tris and Tobias to break up so bad. I don't understand why they were together! They acted like they hated each other the majority ...more
Feb 04, 2015 07:42AM

i'm always one for putting together patches that weren't intended originally and i think that this could be one of those that works. i think about how Tris and Four really balanced each other out in the way that made the most sense for them, but i think that there could have been something good between Tris and Uriah as well - since there's something to be said about having someone high strung and tense like tris with someone who is her polar opposite.

I would have loved to see that happen!! I totally like Uriah more than Tobias sooooo..... i would have also liked to see something between Will and Tris! that would have been fun!

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