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Madeleine | 95 comments ********unedited, under full copyright by Alanea Alder 2015********
She pushed against his chest and stepped back. “You weren’t an asshole in my dreams,” she said bluntly.
He grinned. She was spunky. “And you weren’t a prickly bitch in my dreams either.”
Her mouth dropped and she just stared at him. Seconds went by before she began to smile. “I can’t believe you said that. Aren’t you going to try to woo me or sweep me off my feet?”
He shrugged. “Something tells me you’re not the type of woman that wants to be swept off her feet. In fact, I’m willing to put money on the fact that you’re the type of woman that likes to be in charge.”
She winced. “Actually, yeah.” She squinted up at him. “And you’re okay with that? Most men like meek women.”
He gave her his most wolfish grin. He was pleased when he saw her eyes lighten in amusement. “I don’t have to be in charge, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dominant.” He leaned in and buried his nose where her neck and shoulder met. He inhaled deeply shuddering at her scent. He bit down lightly and heard her gasp. Almost instantly he could smell her arousal. He whispered, letting his lips dance on her skin. “Just because I’m not always in charge, doesn’t mean I’m not an Alpha.”

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Kim Rose | 153 comments Mod
Fabulous little teaser! I can't wait to see more! Colton's other half sounds like a strong chick!

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Madeleine | 95 comments Oh yeah, I think she'll give him a run for his money... But what I can't wait to see is the guys with a little girl.....

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Kim Rose | 153 comments Mod
Teaser 2:(unedited and under full copyright of Alanea Alder 2015)

Rheia chuckled at the memory of Colton’s mother telling her the story. “Colton’s father is an international business guru, he can turn dirt into profits. Anyway, he was overseas a few weeks before Colton was due, despite Alice begging him to stay home. After being home alone for so long, Alice got tired of being bored. So she got in her carriage and went to visit Adelaide for tea. She was just getting ready to leave when her water broke. In the end Marius delivered Colton and much to Robert’s chagrin, she gave Colton, Marius as a middle name.”

“It’s why he feeds me. My father always hated visiting the McKenzies, Marius would spoil me rotten. My mother unwittingly created quite a scandal naming me after House McKenzie’s squire.” Colton chuckled as he swaggered down the hallway. He held out his finger pouting. “I have a boo boo.”

Beth and Meryn went ‘awwww’ and Rheia rolled her eyes. Careful of their cups Colton laid out on the floor between the three women and soaked up their attention. Beth dropped small chocolates in his mouth and Meryn offered him her tea. Rheia kissed his finger and shook her head at his antics.

Aiden came around the corner covered in flecks of paint.

“Colton! Get your mangy ass away from my mate and get back to your station. We’re almost done. I’d like to be able to air out the room before Meryn has to sleep in here tonight,” Aiden roared.

Colton hopped up and gave the women a salute. “Coming, fearless leader. Keep your fur on, because according to Meryn, you are fugly without it.”

“Colton!” Aiden barked.

Rheia turned to Meryn. “Is it true that you hit Aiden over the head with the back of his toilet?”

Meryn nodded. Beth stared at her wide eyed. “I K’O’d his ass the first day I met him.”

Rheia laughed. “Didn’t you hurt him?”

Meryn shook her head and lowered her voice. “He liked it. Secretly he’s a… a… mannequin… a machinist… Beth what word am I trying to say?”

Beth was laughing too hard to answer.

“Meryn! Quit telling them I’m a masochist and come check out this paint color for the nursery.” Aiden yelled from down the hall.

Rheia laughed along with Beth, Meryn was absolutely crazy, but that was part of her charm. Meryn got up and then whispered down at them. “Whoo Cha.” She pulled her hand back and made a whipping motion.

“Meryn!” Aiden yelled again.

Meryn stood up straight. “That is Mistress to you, slave.”

Colton’s head popped around the corner, with the biggest grin Rheia had ever seen on his face. “Hey babe, Aiden is turning purple, that can’t be healthy.”

Meryn walked past him. “He’ll be fine. He’s such a drama bear.”

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Madeleine | 95 comments Omg this is hilarious.. Only 4 days, 12 hours, 25 min, 34 sec
Not that I counting or anything. Lol

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