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Game-book characters

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message 1: by Soy.b (new)

Soy.b | 279 comments Mod
so we all know the bed/wed/kill. So it's exactly the same. You have to decide out of three characters(could be books,movies,series) which one u would bed,which one u would like to kill and whic one u would like for eternity,which one u wpuld wed. So I'll give three characters(plz define where the characters are from)
Jacob(Twilight),Percy Jackson(Percy Jackson and the lightning thief),Harry Potter(Obvioulsy from the harry potter series)

message 2: by Belle (new)

Belle | 5 comments bed: Patch (hush hush series)
wed: Patch (hush hush series)
Kill: Sebastian (The immortal Cup series)

message 3: by Soy.b (new)

Soy.b | 279 comments Mod
yeah and which 3 characters do u challenge the next one to decide which one he'll bed,he'll wed and wich one he'll kill?

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