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Katie Maas (katily17) | 5 comments I am looking for a beta for my 65k romance novel. I'd say it's a romantic comedy really. I need content and grammar primarily. It's still a bit rough, but I'm too caught up in it and need some outside prospective.

Quick blurb:
Cali is a small town girl who returns home to Iowa for a the wedding of her best friend's brother. While there some of her dreams are crushed, while others begin. Swept off her feet by Matt, her friend's law partner, they hatch a plan that in one year they'll contact each other to see if the interest is still there. Will she pine for him or will she find something she didn't even know she was looking for?


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Cassie (cfite) | 165 comments

message 3: by Katie (new)

Katie Maas (katily17) | 5 comments Just sent it to you. Thanks so much for your interest.

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