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Book title 2

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Soy.b | 279 comments Mod
Welli wanred to say that this game came up while i was writing the previous book title game. In this one the first person(yeah yeah once again this would be me) says,well writes actually a book title and the second one reads the previous comment and whichever book/series/movie/song comes to mind writes it underneath and so it goes on. If this game really kicks off I would really appreciate if u could if it a song or a book or a movie or series so as maybe someone who's searching for someone new could find it. So let me show you:
Interview with a vampire-movie
True blood-series
Bad blood-song.
And so it goes on. I say we start with:

message 2: by Belle (new)

Belle | 5 comments hush hush- book

message 3: by Soy.b (new)

Soy.b | 279 comments Mod
hush hush-song

message 4: by Iara (new)

Iara | 2 comments Silence-book

message 5: by Soy.b (new)

Soy.b | 279 comments Mod
silence of the lambs-movie

Hannah (Ivyclad Ideas) The Tiger's Bride - short story in a book

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Soy.b | 279 comments Mod
wedding night-book

Hannah (Ivyclad Ideas) Just Go With It - film

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Soy.b | 279 comments Mod

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