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song-book connecrion

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message 1: by Soy.b (new)

Soy.b | 279 comments Mod
Have u had a moment when u've been reading a book for a while and at the same period of time a song is stuck in ur head and for some reason u end up connecting those two? do i make sense?
well i guess this happened to me with 13 little blue envelopes and the song english love afair by 5sos. anyone else?

message 2: by Belle (new)

Belle | 5 comments reading: Evermore
Song stuck: Safe and Sound

message 3: by Soy.b (new)

Soy.b | 279 comments Mod
and maybe book:marked
song: lips are movin.
I don't know why. This is very confusing eve though I was the one who connected them in the first place

message 4: by Soy.b (new)

Soy.b | 279 comments Mod
dark side of the moon is this like pink floyd?

message 5: by Soy.b (new)

Soy.b | 279 comments Mod
well it's a great band so this album is terrific as well

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