Allegiant (Divergent, #3) Allegiant question

DIY story: After
Llama Senpai Llama Senpai Jan 29, 2015 02:55PM
So this how the game goes....
We start from the end of Allegiant and then you add on to parts of an ending you want!

I`ll start!

Tris is somehow not dead for she is taken away by the people who took Tobias`s mom.

Tobias can hear her, and feel her. She's alive!

And then Tobias wakes up, and it was all a dream... Tris is gone... For good... He has to deal with living without her.

When Four realizes that everyday, Tris is not here, he is so depressed. He quits his job at being a Dauntless leader and ends up being factionless with his mom. Christina, upset at him very much, goes over and starts a whole 'nother war with them. He escapes and runs away to future-day Canada with Natalie Prior, Tris' mother. They do absolutely nothing productive there- Natalie gives her life to God as a sister serving the poor and Four works at a McDonalds serving fries and BigMacs. He dies of old age and Natalie dies of being shot for her good deeds. Later on in twenty years, Pope Something ccanonizes her as a saint.

He gets over it. It's for the best. She would want him to. But he will never ever forget the small but strong abnegation girl who was the first to jump.

The feeling of emptiness is unexplainable. Waking up without her each day is like a punch in the gut.

Then him and Christina get together many years later, Tobias still feels guilty... (put this because of the scene with her convincing him not to erase his memories at the end of the book 3)

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