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{Great place to sleep. Buy and sell? Not so much. The store is empty, everything taken after the disease hit. Go on in. It might be haunted...}

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((perffect! :) ))

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Luke tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge

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September bit her lip. "Where are we?"

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"Some store? It doesn't look anyone's been here for a while"

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"Go around to the back. There's a window. It looks like it's covered with wood from the inside, but it swings on hinges. The store has a coke sign, right?"

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"Uh," Luke looks up. "yeah. Okay one sec." Luke went to the back and opened the window. "It opened."

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"Okay, crawl through there. I used to come here with my sister Jenna. When she..uh...When she hung out with friends."

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"Oh uh alright." he decided not to ask since it didn't seem like she wanted to elaborate. He crawled though window and landed with a thud.

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She bit her lip, running her hand along until she found the window, then tried to jump through, tumbling over the edge. "Humph..." she gasped. "Ouch..."

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Luke inhaled sharply. "fu** You okay?"

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He stepped to her and took her hand.

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She smiled slightly, standing. "Thanks."

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"Sure." Luke looked around. "It's uh dusty"

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"I know, probably even worse than back in the day, but it outta do."

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Luke blows on a counter and dust flies. "Eck..." He moves around the room and looks at the old bottles and spider web covered decor.

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She smiled, hearing him.

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Luke picked up a bottle. "This stuff is kind of cool..." he blew the dust off of it and looked inside to find a little spider. "AH!" He screamed and dropped the bottle.

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"You're afraid of spiders."

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"No...maybe..." he said as he backed away from his mess. He wanted to burn the whole place down but he resisted.

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"It's okay."

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Luke walked back to her and took her hand in his.

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She smiled, giving his hand a gentle squeeze.

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"I guess we'll have to sleep here tonight..." he looked around.

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"That's okay. I'll protect you."

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Luke laughed lightly. "thank you." he kissed her cheek gently.

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She smiled. "Of course."

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Her face blushed a bit.

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He smiled. "Did you guys happen to leave a stash of blankets or anything?"

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"I think there are some in a cupboard on the East side."

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"Okay." Luke moved to the cupboard she mentioned. Inside he found one fleece blanket.

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"It should have two or three unless it was robbed."

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"There's only one..." he picks it up and shakes it for spiders. "I guess we could use it to lie on."

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"Yeah, I guess. Then...for survival purposes if I lie really close we'll stay warm."

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He couldn't feel heat so she'd be the only one warm but the thought of sleeping next to her made him blush. "R-right." he said as he spread out the blanket. "Come here. " he put out his hand for her.

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She moved her fingers through the air, searching.

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He took her hand. "hey."

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She smiled. "Hi."

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He pulled her down lightly.

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She sat, blushing.

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He pushed loose strands of hair behind her ear.

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"Can I tell you something? I'm scared you'll run away."

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Luke put his warm hand on her cheek. "I would never."

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She smiled, biting her lip. "I...I think I have a super power."

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"" he asked dropping his hand.

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"I don't know. It is just recently that it starts. I can see but I...I can't. I'm blind and can't see, my eyes don't work, but my brain can locate everything within a three mile radius."

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"...really? That's actually really good! And amazing.." He took her hand in his.

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"Yeah. I know exactly what you look like, actually. Not your hair color or your eye color, but you."

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"Oh..." he blushed then wondered if she could 'see' that. "what else?"

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