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Hi, so did you happen to have any possible plots? I'm a bit low on ideas. :(

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments Nothing to particular. How about a kind of sci-fi thing. Aliens, space ships, so on. Romance and all other stuff if you want it

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Sure! I haven't done a space rp in a long while. I could create more of a theme off of this if you'd like.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments If you want to you can. May i be the male?

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That's fine! If you give me a minute, I can create more of a plot using the sci-fi theme.

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The human race has left Earth and set out towards settling their race elsewhere. Their large space ship carries several families, all awaiting to see this new planet, this new world. One of the many ship's crew members is the young (Guy A). As word of this new world holds great opportunities for foreigners, Guy A is eager to live out on his own, start anew.

As the ship lands and the human leaders explain the living conditions for the many newcomers, life on this new planet seems all good. Guy A settles into one of the small single living homes. But as comfortable as this new land seems, there is this uneasy feeling.

The new planet resembles Earth very much, with it's streams and vast green landscapes. But Guy A feels like something has lived here once before. And he is right.

A tribe of people called the Rippling lived on the land, and because of the humans settling and the many new bacterias and sickness, this has killed many. One, however, in her stubbornness is demanding to take back what was her's and her families. Late during the night, Girl A, creeps into Guy A's home, attempting to kill him and making him the first of her rebellion. But as she sees him, and his similar features; she sees no difference between her species and his. The two are basically the same. Humans and Rippling.

Girl A continues to visit Guy A, though the two tribes, human and rippling threaten to kill those who disobey this law.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments I like it. Also, it leads to much expand-ability to

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So do you do character bios?

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments You make your's first, and I will try to match the scheme. How is that?

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Name: Rilo
Age: 19 in human years


Personality: Quiet, Soft Spoken, fierce, a quick attacker, stubborn

(*The Rippling race is known for their pale skin and hair because unlike humans, ripplings do not have any blood at all, but rather live off of water that runs through their veins)

*Here's what the planet looks like:

*Here's what their ship looked like:

*Here's what the human home stations look like:

Smaller living homes


Larger family homes and other space stations

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SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments Name: Diabhal "Di" Kezekiah
Age: 18


Personality: Friendly, helpful, curious, shy-ish

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As for the Rippling race and their living conditions,

Their homes:

(*their culture is fond of glass and metals, things that reflect sunlight)

Their people:

(*Though most have very fine white hair, some are known to have dark hair, making them more of higher status)

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Awesome! Would you like me to begin it? Or would you like to start? I'm thinking after the humans have settled on the planet would be a good place to start.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments You start. Ill be right back. Gotta go do something

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The large metal ship hovers down upon the vast green fields. The far off trees shake from the ships breeze. Some of the human leaders had already come to this far off planet, preparing for the others arrival. Homes and some crops already sat among the land. A clean sparkling lake sits between their small but soon to expand village. Each passanger is handed a number, and from it, they will go and find their premade home waiting for them. Diabhal "Di" Kezekiah, on of the young settlers of this new world heads down the ships ramp, following a trail that leads them to were a few tear shaped pods sit. Upon the doors are numbers, indicating who gets which home. Di, number 18, gets a smaller home, it's smooth white walls and small appliances create the atmosphere of a cozy home.

Outside, the small sounds of a birdlike creature echo as children and others laugh in joy as they see their new home. The human race is safe once more and shall be prosperous. That's what the leaders of these human colonies said at least, but many still fear this new world.


Not too far from this new and joyous town are a set of soft colored eyes, watching from a far. The eyes are Rilo's, a young Rippling. She stands, anger in her as she watches these foreigners rejoice. Running quickly back to her home, she goes to warn the others.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments (back)

Di looks from the number he was given to the number on the pod. He opens the door to the pod and steps in, looking at the interior of his new home. Looking from the door to a window, he gazed out upon the landscape of this world. He threw his belongings and possession down upon the bed and switched into a different pair of clothes.

"So this is where I will be living out the rest of my life, huh? Nice place!" He said to himself. He walked outside and looked at the nearby water and trees.

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As Rilo ran back to her home, she began to pause in her tracks till her run came to a stop. Looking back at the small new village, she knew what she had to do. To earn her selfworth in her village, she'd need to take this foreign town out herself. Then, she would be rewarded heavily from her people. And maybe, even win the affection of her village's royalty. Looking back at this unknown town, then back at her own home; she ran quickly to prepare herself for nightfall. Till she defeated this new town, she would keep it a secret from her own.


Evening fell upon the human's establishment, and their small lights shown through their many windows as many prepared for supper and bed.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments Di yawned and stretched as he finished his dinner. After cleaning his dishes and taking a shower he switched into his pajamas and laid down for the night. He thought about his life before the transfer to this planet before finally falling asleep.

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Rilo walked carefully through the thick grass that lead toward the human's village. The closest buildings near the out skirts of the village were small pods. Examining the buildings and the slick doorways, Rilo headed into the closest pod.

It was a tough entrance, being that the door's opening mechanisms were highly more advanced than her own culture's. Once inside, her small feet slid across the smooth floor, a sharp blade in her hand as she approached the bedside. There, she said something in her native tongue before raising her hands high, blade ready to strike.

It was then, she truly noticed the face of her victim. His red hair was wild, going in every which way, his face calm and much more red than her own. She lowered her blade slowly down as her eyes widened in curiousity overtook her. Leaning close over him, she examined his face. It looked a lot like her own kind, but he was so different. Holding out her hand, she slowly began to reach down, stroking his face. Startled by his warmth, she drew back. Backing away slowly, she began to head back out, to uncertain of this species.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments Di slept heavily due to the unnatural comfort of his bed. When her hand touched his face, he rolled onto his side, still deeply asleep. In the discomfort of moving, he rubbed his face with his hand, slowly waking from his slumber. As he sat up in the bed he noticed someone standing in his doorway.

"How did you get into my room?" He asked, still mostly asleep. He began to rub his eyes, trying to think who this person could be, given to the dark though, he could only make out an outline.

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Her heart froze as he spoke, unable to reply. His voice scared her. Walking away slowly, she headed out the door, ignoring his question. Her mission was to get out of this area fast. Once outside she began running, running as fast as her small feet could carry her. Once out of reach, she fell to her knees, out of breath. She panted, her lungs burning from the adrenaline and lack of air. Turning back to where she'd just come from, she sighed, still curious to what she'd just seen.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments After seeing the mysterious person run out of his room. Di got out of the bed and ran outside. He watched as the light of a moon showed a small amount of detail about this person as she ran into the woods. She had a small frame and was very quick. After she disappeared behind the brush, he was left standing out in the field. Deciding it was to dangerous to pursue, he turned and returned to the pod, thinking about this encounter.

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Rilo returned to that same spot the next day on the outskirts of the human's settlement. She watched the young human children run down to the lake near their homes. She squinted at them, not understanding their species or sudden appearance at all. Looking over, she saw the home she'd entered last night.

Her mind remembering the person's hair and their low voice. She wanted to see him again.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments Di walked outside of his pod, just waking up. He continued to dream about the encounter all throughout the night. He shook the dreams out of his head and started to walk around the place. He was asked by several people to do things, which he did. One of which had him carry a tree limb that had fallen over night and that brought him close to the forest. He looked out through the trees but saw nothing, then returned to helping people.

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Rilo saw the man from the night before. She scooted a bit from her sitting spot, watching him closely. He had moved a fallen tree limb over toward the forest where she was. Observing it, then looking back up at him, she walked closely behind, but not too far out that she'd be exposed. She found the boy fascinating, his demenar and difference compared to her people was astonishing. As he faded back into his town, she too began to walk back to her home, pondering her actions for nightfall.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments Di continued to work for the rest of the day. As the sun set he went back to his pod and started making his dinner. After he ate, he took a shower. After all this was done, he climbed into bed and fell asleep.

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(Just a thought, would you like to do doubles? We can play as both races. You could be a Rippling and I could be another human. That way we can have someone for our main characters to communicate with. Hopefully that made sense.)

Rilo was already among the town by this point, carefully hiding between the many pods. She had found herself at the entrance of the same pod from the night before, and though these pod door's were only supposed to open for their owner, Rilo found it to be like childsplay opening the lock. As she made her way inside, she saw the guy with the red hair once again. She crept carefully towards his bed side, rising a bit as she approached him. Slowly she leaned over his limp body, observing his familiar face she gave a slight smile. She knew she had to be quiet because he would wake if she julted too quickly, so carefully, she began on her way out. But as she did, she paused, turning back to him. For some reason, she couldn't pull away, and found herself back at his bedside, where her eyes began to droop slowly until she fell asleep.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments ((Maybe we can add something along those lines later on.))

Di awoke the next morning without realizing Rilo was next to him. He got up and started to get dressed. After finishing putting on his clothes he started heading to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He turned his head in that direction and seen the pale girl. He was slightly startled and jumped back a small bit. "E-Excuse me?" He said, trying to awaken her.

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Slowly Rilo opened her eyes, the shadow of a guy blurred into the figure of the guy she had been watching last night. Her eyes widened in fear as she shuffled back away from him till her back hit the wall. She shuttered and drew out her blade from her side. She said some foreign words out at him as she held her blade out at him. She knew this was bad, this wasn't supposed to have happened. But having this guy's head as a token for her town would most likely give her a higher status.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments "Hey hey hey hey hey. Just calm down. I am not going to hurt you," Di said, putting his hands up in front of him to show her he had no intention of hurting her. He eyed her blade then her. This was bad. How did this person get into his room and why did she fall asleep then suddenly pull a weapon on him?

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She began to squint, unsure of why he was so quick to giving up a fight. While most Ripplings were quite defensefull, this guy was already surrendering. She rose a bit, standing an armslength apart from him. She began placing her blade away, then walked up towards him, inspecting him with her eyes. She dare not touch him, since last time he felt so warm. Seeing that he had no weapons, or at least none she could see, she gave a slight smile.

When he had spoke, she had noticed that he had a distinct language, different from her own. Assuming he would, she had come prepared. Pulling a round stone from her pocket, and then a small sack, she began to pull out a sort of powder from the small bag. Blowing it into his face.

This powder was from a grounded up stone, like the one she carried. When crushed and turned to powder, when inhaled, it could give the person an ear for any language, that is, as long as someone else held the stone. She smiled with excitement, awaiting to hear him speak, and to be able to understand him. "Do you understand me now?" she asked.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments Di stayed still as she inspected him. He eyed her as she pulled out the stone and sack. He watched her as she began to pull the powder out of the sack and blow it in his face. He coughed as the powder entered his lungs and his eyes teared up a bit. After whipping them away, he looked at her.

"You can speak my language?" He asked, looking at her, clearing his throat.

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Rilo smiled, "It's the stones sediments. They allow a person to hear and speak in any tongue." Handing him the remained of the powder and the stone, she continued, "I don't know why you all are here, I want to know why.." she said, staring up at him, "And what are you?" she asked.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments Di looked at her inquisitively. She seemed fascinated by their existence. "We have dubbed ourselves humans. The reason we have came here is because we have overpopulated our own world. We had to leave. Judging by your physic, we may not be that different. Us humans need food, water, and other such things to survive" Di explained.

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She nodded, " I noticed our similarities when I first saw you. But your blood is much thicker, much richer than mine. At least that's what I conquered. Your race's planet was over populated? So you come here to overpopulate our world?" she said, a bit concerned for her race.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments "Not necessarily. We have learned from our mistake, and will keep to a decent enough population. Although, we didn't expect other intelligent life forms. My guess is we will try to live in a co-existence. The blood thing. That is why you are paler and have less colors on your skin. Fascinating!" Di said.

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"Please spare my people then. We will keep silent if your people do the same... in fact I've already ruined our silence with me being here, I should never have come." Hearing his comment about her skin, however, she smiled. She liked him being fascinated with her species. "We.. we live off of water mostly. We have a high demand of needing to stay hydrated."

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments "I will admit that my people waged war constantly on our old planet, but since the overpopulation, we have calmed down a lot more. We might benefit from the meeting of our people though. You can teach us about your world and we can give you so much knowledge about other things."Di said. He realized something in the heat of the moment. "We have't exchanged names have we?" He asked

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"I don't know.. there may be a lot at risk, my people are quite rash when it comes to newcomers." In the midst of this topic, however, she couldn't help but smile when he asked for her name, "It's Rilo. I assume your people have much grander names than mine."

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments "Depends on our parents really. Mine decided my name would be Diabhal Kezekiah. Everyone calls me Di though" He said. He saw her smile and smiled himself. "That is to bad. What is your peoples main diet?" He asked

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"Di." she smiled, "Well it's nice to meet your acquaintance," his question about their main food sources, she replied,"We eat plants mostly, the berries and sweet leaves of mint. Fish on more important days."

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments "Likewise. We eat plants, meat, fish.Hunting actually used to be a past time for our people on our old world"He said. He remembered the powder she blew in his face. "I also see that you have adapted strange, natural ways to communicate" He said

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She nodded, "We use all the resources of nature. We are a colony of miners. Collecting special stones and diamond. We're very fond of the smooth appearance of the diamonds." she said, "What about your race? You live in such odd homes."

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments "We are miners, hunters, gatherers. Everything really. These pods are technologically advanced. We are a very clever species that makes all sort of tech and things to help us and do less work." Di said

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"Oh," she smiled, "Well it appears that you all must be very rich." she said. Hearing noise outside made Rilo on edge. Looking down, then over towards the door she said softly, "I must go." she started towards the door, but paused, looking back at Di, "I trust that you will keep my existence our secret." she said, placing her hood upon her head.

SpartanTurtle-The Ginger Giant | 39 comments (I gtg. Goodnight)

"Not rich at all. Yes, I will."Di said. He stood and waved by to her, smiling. This was incredible! A sentient species on this planet. He hoped that she would visit again

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