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Rise Of The Nephilim
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Pennie (amazoncomauthorpenniecartawick) | 19 comments I have many Sherlock Holmes books and short stories that need reviews, I can do author swaps, or send PDF, Mobi, ePub files to readers also. Please email me at

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Monet (monetp) I'd like to get the word out with reviews of "The Lincoln Spy."

Summary: The year is 2014 and a secret society of time travelers protect the Earth's timeline from rogue travelers who want to manipulate it. This may all seem like fiction to a normal person, but Amelia Raht has been destined for this life since she was born. Amelia is an independent, intelligent, headstrong traveler in training. Amelia and Otto Ray, both traveler teenagers, reluctantly team up on their first mission to change the fates of Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy. Confronted with watches that can halt time and lightning that is used as a weapon, the two agents travel from Washington D.C. to Dallas, trying to catch time on their side.

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