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message 1: by George (last edited Jan 29, 2015 10:12AM) (new)

George | 1 comments Murder Mystery novel, in the closed room subgenre (think And Then There Were None); complete work should be ~55/60k words. Thus, this is about 2/3 of the mystery. Totals about ~40k words. I would like a beta reader for this portion so far, as the latter parts are in need of major editing before I feel satisfied enough to have it beta-read. What's written so far, I think, is adequate.

I am willing to beta-read something in return (no more than 60k words), if you so wish. Let me know if you're interested!

Brief summary: Sixteen individuals find themselves on Isla Beata (known for the art and poetry of the artist 'Beata') for a company retreat; after the first night, murder has been committed, fitting the outline of a poem left by Beata! Murders continue as the remaining individuals engage in a battle of logic, wits and survival with the killer and the disturbing question of whether the killer is among them.

message 2: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Umbaugh | 382 comments Sound fascinating! Still looking for a beta reader? I have an editing service which also includes beta reading. If you would like to exchange details, you can contact me at


message 3: by Aitch (new)

Aitch Diamond | 85 comments Hi I would be interested in giving it a read. Also looking for someone to beta read the first third of my novel. So a swap would be cool.

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