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Well-Intentioned Dragons: Ministering to Problem People in the Church
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Ministering Amidst Conflict

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Eric Black (eric_black) | 11 comments Mod
As I was finishing seminary and beginning my internship, I read Marshall Shelley's book, Well-Intentioned Dragons: Ministering to Problem People in the Church. This book is part of the Leadership Library, which includes Eugene Peterson's book, The Contemplative Pastor.

Well-Intentioned Dragons has had more influence on my ministry than nearly any other book.

I'm thankful I read it as I began my internship because it wasn't long into that training that conflict erupted in the church I was serving...and it was related to me! The pastor had given me the Sunday evening services for 16 weeks. He gave me free reign to introduce the congregation to postmodern ways of worship. Unfortunately, the leading voices of the congregation were afraid the whole church would go postmodern. They missed what was said in the opening service, that this was my training. Eventually, things came to a head, and a "town hall meeting" was called.

Shelley taught me how to love the people and minister to them in light of what was going on, and I've appreciated it ever since. Rather than the conflict "eating my lunch," rather than the people being demonized, Shelley taught me how to humanize them, how to see them through the eyes of Jesus.

I give this book to every new minister I mentor.

What experiences have you had with conflict in the church? How might you and your ministry be saved by having a different perspective of the conflict?

message 2: by Izaiah (new)

Izaiah Dawkins (EagleIProphet) | 4 comments It's a good book,but one will only realize the importance of it when they begin to minister in a crisis . That's why I love the book because it taught me how to have the confidence to deal with conflict, in order to maintain my ministry.

Eric Black (eric_black) | 11 comments Mod
Good point, Izaiah. I'm glad you were strengthened by it and able to persevere through a trying time in ministry. Also glad you joined The Well-Read Minister.

message 4: by Izaiah (new)

Izaiah Dawkins (EagleIProphet) | 4 comments Thanks for the platform to become better ministers and thanks for this opportunity to grow intellectual ministers.

Eric Black (eric_black) | 11 comments Mod
Feel free to invite other ministers you think would enjoy this group. I'd love to know of books you have found helpful, inspiring, and otherwise enriching for you as a person who ministers and for your ministry.

message 6: by Izaiah (new)

Izaiah Dawkins (EagleIProphet) | 4 comments I will thanks again

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