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message 1: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (lovehermadly18) | 6 comments Hello, I am currently writing a Master's thesis on magical realism in postcolonial societies. I would like to feature the work of a woman writer in the genre who comes from a postcolonial country (apart from Isabel Allende). My research has not turned up a lot, but I have found Tea Obreht (author of "The Tiger's Wife"). I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

message 2: by Tom (new)

Tom Seitzinger | 2 comments How about Helen Oyeyemi

message 3: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Vimont (dvimont) | 11 comments You might try "Transcendence", co-written by Amy Krout-Horn: magical realism from a Native American perspective.

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message 5: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay (lovehermadly18) | 6 comments Thanks for the suggestions! I can't believe I forgot about Laura Esquivel. I just found this blog with a pretty extensive list of magical realist authors and their texts- http://magic-realism-books.blogspot.c...

message 6: by Zoe (new)

Zoe Brooks (potok) | 115 comments I am glad you like my blog, Lindsay. Alas the list is out of date, I keep meaning to update it, but haven't got around to it yet. But I will. It's basically a list of the books I have in my collection, which keeps growing.

You might like to join the Magic Realism Books Facebook Group, that I run. We have a lot of discussions over there. It's on

message 8: by Josefin (new)

Josefin | 1 comments I guess thet this is a little late for your thesis, but it's not late for being just a reading-tip - right?

Grace McCleen - The Land of Decoration

message 9: by Peter (new)

Peter Sylvia Moreno-Garcia's Signal to Noise.

message 10: by Sanna (new)

Sanna Hines J.K. Rowling. Her books are classified as magic realism on Amazon.

message 11: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm (malcolm_campbell) | 2 comments Rowling's books are contemporary fantasy, though I can see how--within the scope of the Hogwarts scenes only--one might make a magical realism case. The issue here is, perhaps, not so much which publishers occasionally or frequently publish MR books, but which ones a new writer can approach. Major publishers usually expect agents to handle the submissions. Getting an agent is about as difficult as finding a publisher. So, if this were my book, I'd be asking whether trying to query a major publisher simply because it publishes MR books once in a while is likely to succeed.

message 12: by Natalia (new)

Natalia Iwanyckyj (nataliaerehnah) | 1 comments Ruth Ozeki (A Tale for the Time Being)

message 13: by Giuliana (new)

Giuliana (giulianasica) | 1 comments How about Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni author of "Mistress of Spice"?

message 14: by Faiza (new)

Faiza Sattar (fuzzyrants) I think Louise Erdrich's LaRose would count too. Terrific book.

message 15: by Priscilla (new)

Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1 comments Sherrilyn Keyon's Dark-Hunter book series and Mercedes Lackey books such as the Diana Tregarde series, Bedlam's Bard series, SERRAted Edge series, Doubled Edge series (this is written with true historical facts mixed in with it), might work for you. Both of these writers take what is happening now and add a fantasy twist to it.

message 16: by Anca (new)

Anca (ancas) | 2 comments How about Silvina Ocampo's Thus Were Their Faces? Borges was a fan of her work.

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