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message 1: by amber (new)

amber (thelittlematchgirl) | 25 comments January book of the month.
What did you think?

Stephanie (stephy3232) | 6 comments This is not the kind of book I'd normally pick up but it was easy to get through. I particularly enjoyed the stories of how certain chemicals/ingredients came to be introduced in to our food & how they became so prevalent. I came away from the book with new tidbits of knowledge and facts to share with my family.

The last section of the book kind of dragged for me (maybe I was just so anxious to start making lifestyle changes?). Some of the pages containing lots of facts and figures lost my focus but that's just me.

And I'm now reading the ingredients labels at grocery stores so much more closely! Wow oh wow.

message 3: by Rebecca, the princess of prose (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rebecca Curtis | 70 comments Mod
So I have to just say that I was a little apprehensive to read this, but I have to say I really enjoyed this book. I am not a reader of health books, this one is such an easy read that was so full of factual information that I didn't even mind. I have been doing an evaluation of my health over the last year and after reading this I went through my cupboards and made a plan to be healthier. It really is shocking how much information about the food we eat is not provided to us and we have to actively seek and monitor it. Fat Land is a great addition to my library.

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